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  1. Is there a driver in the vehicle? Did you use any mods?
  2. Don't believe anyone who says A3 is unoptimized. The lag supression deserves a separate mention - I can play with 135 ping just fine.
  3. I might have been a bit unclear. In my book, that's not milsim, that's realism (I play like that). In my point of view, milsim is when you have to call everyone with a higher rank than you "sir" and are free to insult anyone with a lower rank.
  4. People taking this game too seriously (this applies pretty much to every true milsim group). It's a game and I don't want to be yelled at by a virtual drill sergeant who in reality is a 15-year-old or to be told that I have to play it in 6-hour shifts, whenever someone tells me to.
  5. Do you have the scenario saved? If not, try to do that.
  6. Player count always depends on what you're playing. You'll have trouble finding public coop with actual players in the room, King of the Hill (a MANW - winning MP gamemode that recently became vanilla) has a large population, and it's still best to play with a group that has set event times so that the turnout is high.
  7. Save the loadout to get Dressing Doll and remote control a unit in Zeus for Pupeteer if i'm not mistaken.
  8. I've got a strange issue where if I try to join a modded server through the launcher, it gives me a signature mismatch (doesn't allow to join without unloading mods), but if I join from in-game, everything works fine. Just annoying and strange, I haven't noticed any other effect.
  9. You got ripped off. I can run it fine on a console-price PC.
  10. It's just impossible. The controls are too complicated for a controller. Not to even mention that Arma is a very niche game and the release costs to go on console probably won't pay. And the devs are already busy porting it to Mac and Linux.
  11. Would be interesting to do it without ACE.
  12. Wow. Can you publish the script by any chance? This might not be what you're looking for, but I'd guess putting the soundtrack files in folders by mood and selecting a random one from each folder to play when you need it to? Not sure if this is possible.
  13. What do you want it for? If it's the skip mission and such, you don't need console.
  14. This thread led me to some interesting ideas about world-sized maps in A3. Currently I think loading chunks about the size of Altis that together form a world map is the best option possible. However, there are some problems with this, such as chunk to chunk visibility. Any thoughts and/or ideas you have?
  15. I don't undersand dedicated servers running Apex Protocol, but otherwise it's either a pick-up-and-play or a PVP. The first is useful for new players, the second is hard to find.