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  1. Mostly because that guy can reliably gather 5 or 6 friends to play Arma, doesn't want to do very large scale and as such he doesn't need a clan.
  2. Yes, my best advice would be to keep a firm grip on reality.
  3. Just literally f-ing imagine what people would do if there were women in the game, not to even mention it's not worth the effort. It's not like vanilla arma even has civilian interaction.
  4. They would be if there was some sort of a quickdraw option to take it out WITHOUT PUTTING THE RIFLE ON YOUR BACK FIRST. That's the #1 reason I get killed when out of ammo, I try to switch to the pistol.
  5. Pistols: The only real reason to use them is if you're carrying a full sniper rifle or a heavy weapon and don't expect direct contact.
  6. Straight lines need to become vanilla, or rather vanilla needs straight lines.
  7. All servers have all the DLCs required. You don't need any to join, I don't know why this happens.
  8. @maquez how is the stamina even related to making an unarmored helicopter resistant to (relatively) large amounts of explosives? Not to even mention some would argue that the stamina is rather "gamey", more so than the old system.
  9. Understandable. There is also the matter of it looking good. I kinda feel the Freedom's different proportions make it look nicer (the red line is closer to the island because the ship is narrower [I think].). Plus, as stated above, copyright.
  10. @darksidesixofficialI think he started playing KOTH after the Jets DLC came out and thinks it changed the AA or made the humming less explosive resistant? But it isn't clear to me either.
  11. As it has been said many times before, counter them with infantry first. Or AT explosives. Also remember that it isn't BI's problem that a gamemode the gaem was not intended for has questionable balancing issues because of realism. This game strives to be closer to real life than most others, so if you don't like balancing, think about whether it would make sense to use helicopters in an area full of enemy AA in real life.
  12. Arma is a very unbalanced game. NATO and CSAT are vastly superior to the AAF who are in turn vastly superior to the FIA. You would't expect guerillas to have attack helicopters, would you? It's realistic. Same goes for AA: a littlebird can actually be brought quite easily, anything explosive will completely wreck it.
  13. Slight misunderstanding. I'm all for the way things currently are with DLCs, but I still think one should only buy them if they want to support the development further because they're not necessary.
  14. Yep. The DLCs (with the possible exception of Apex) in this game are cash grabs. If you do get them, you're not much better of than if you don't and they certainly don't give you an advantage.
  15. This game is built around things not being a very unrealistic way. IRL, a single AA heatseeker missile can bring down (or irreparably damage) pretty much anything.