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  1. The hints are mainly an indicator of whether you are doing anything that gives you away, rather than whether your cover is intact (it needs some work and is earmarked for the next update whenever I get the time). If in doubt, use debug and see what it says. This will give you a real indication if your cover is blown or not. As far as I know, there haven't been many instances of the script not working as intended in this regard. The only exception being a couple of reported cases where the game engine changed a unit's side to civilian and therefore stopped all enemies acting hostile towards it even when the unit wasn't in disguise. The guys who reported it weren't able to repro it however, so no idea if it was my script or not.
  2. Hi shoxerr, it really depends how much you look like the enemy as to how sensitive it is. If you are dressed in the same stuff, carry the same weapons and equipment and are walking with your weapon down and not pointing at the enemy and either have the same ethnicity or have covered your face then it's nearly impossible for them to tell you aren't who you're pretending to be. Have a read through the readme if you haven't already as there are ways to make it more or less sensitive depending on your preferences. I'm not really able to do any development for the foreseeable future unfortunately but all the stuff you need to tone it down should be there already. Any specific questions feel free to ask away!
  3. Hi tourist, it does sound like there's something weird going on with your setup. Also bear in mind that you can be compromised and remembered by enemy forces without the hints changing, so they will see you as a threat even though the hints tell you your disguise is intact. I'm hoping to change this with a UI disguise setting later on but I'm not really Arma'ing much at all right now. Is this the only faction you've tried? I'd suggest making sure vanilla works first if so. If not, all I can suggest is to keep playing and maybe have a go with debug mode on and tell me what you see.
  4. Somewhere on the iniDBi thread there's a 64bit dll - I've been using it for a while and it works pretty well! Also, make sure you have the latest version from the GitHub (I did a quiet update a while back). Should be some useful stuff on there.
  5. Sorry dudes, I've been out of the loop for a few weeks. @Nichols I'll take a look at the github, cheers for reporting it! @zagor64bz, I'm already hoping to do something like that in the next version as it got requested a while back. Just haven't had the time as I'm not really around Arma much these days. But if that changes it'll be the next feature on the list (although any bugs will take priority obviously).
  6. Really? One of my test missions is on Zargabad so it should work... that being said, I don't remember if I checked for that specifically on Zargabad so you may well be right. I can't verify this for a few weeks but if that is the case, thanks for the heads up.
  7. Thanks! I have no idea unfortunately, never really looked into insignias. I can try to look into it but it may take a few months as I'll be away from Arma for a while. The script is open source though so feel free to fork it on GitHub if you can find a way (this goes for anyone else who wants to do something with the script too - no permission necessary!).
  8. Don't scare me like that!
  9. Also.... Version 1.1 is out! Release highlights: Rewrote script for full MP compatibility Reduced radio trigger usage in favour of "CAS Interact" menu Added status report option All units can interact with CAS provided they have necessary item Fixed: JIP issues Fixed: player leaving during CAS request would make script hang Fixed: script hanging if player leaves after a strike request Made script more robust overall (should prevent issues where CAS apparently remains active despite players not being able to use it) CAS status now remote to server, strikes still local to client Removed superfluous game objects Reduced time between choosing to mark with laser and confirming mark All variables now synchronise properly across clients and server Increased airpower engaging timeout Added the ability to use the action menu to interact with CAS rather than Radio Charlie. This should help mitigate conflicts with certain addons/scripts (thanks to law-giver for the feedback)
  10. No worries mate, hope you enjoy it! Cheers for the feedback.
  11. If the ambient CIV_F cars are duplicates made by the Orbatrator, they will have different classnames so that would have been a possibility but I'm guessing when you say you've deconflicted, you've done a vanilla run right? As in, just CBA, ACE and ALiVE - no custom factions? I've got a test mission with CIV_F as the civilian faction and ALiVE ambient civilian vehicles and it all works as it should so it does normally work, as far as I know, and ALiVE is compatible (the script was built for ALiVE in fact) but there could be an issue with static data in your particular mission perhaps... Can you share your settings for undercover? And also PM me your mission and I'll take a quick look at it to see if there's anything obviously wrong? Also, can you run the mission with debug mode on and shoot me your RPT? This will give me a list of all the vehicles it thinks are civilian.
  12. Can you be a bit more specific? What doesn't work? Faction? How the vehicles are generated won't make any difference, it could just be that you need to manually enter the vehicle classnames in the setup.sqf if autodetection doesn't pick them up. For vehicles, it should pick them up fine though.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I've been thinking of ways of doing this using a hidden aircraft object to achieve this but I've got to find the time to get it working well enough that it doesn't sound silly or do Arma AI. I don't particularly want to mess about with static sound files too much either. The primary goal was to simulate drone use which doesn't really make much noise at ground level as far as I know. I'll keep it in mind but wouldn't expect anything for the upcoming release. Also, for anyone interested in testing this further, here's Release Candidate 2. This adds the ability to interact with CAS using just the action menu (which should help mitigate any issues in missions with conflicting radio triggers). Set _useRadioTriggers in the setup file to false to use this method. This is pretty much good to go now, it's spend a fair bit of time in testing and with the exception of a couple of missions with the radio trigger incompatibility, we're (as far as is possible to tell) bug free and MP / dedicated ready. Expect a fully release of V1.1 in the next few days. Update: @road runner, I've added your suggestion to GitHub here so it's on the cards, just got to figure the best way to do it first.
  14. Yup, the more enclosed the vehicle, the less this will be an issue. In a tank or APC, it won't matter at all (unless you're turned out). The recruitment functions are now completely independent of ALiVE too. There's not really a hard limit if I remember but probably after about 10-12 units it gets much harder to recruit any more. If you more them into High Command groups (with C2 for instance) then you'd be able to recruit more. I'm not familiar with doing UI stuff just yet but that's a good idea. I was trying to keep it as un-gamey as possible but a bit of feedback is probably warranted. I might just have an addaction that appears after opening your inventory or something for a few seconds that will give you a hint if your disguise is working or not. I'll probably not be around Arma much soon so me learning new stuff is unlikely!
  15. Mad cheese, just thought I'd drop a comment to say how awesome the latest version is. Had a bit of a lull from actually playing Arma for a while and came back to a whole host of really cool stuff. It's an essential mod. Thanks buddy!