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  1. hey, good comment, it is a prototype (for now) so lemme mull it over for awhile. But look at it this way ARMA is not real life it's a game, Artistic liberties can be used, and let's not forget ArmA 3 is set in the 2030s so tech can be more advanced at those levels
  2. Negative, it's only in art form, as mentioned I'm not a modder but I'd like someone to take the position and make it real, Once I get my channel off the ground I'll be piping that income into Youtube and mods mostly... just need commission cash for 2d animator & for the Artist who did my Cartoon face
  3. PART 2 Bonus feature

    Now some are wondering why?! it has aquatic floats and Anti-submarine hardware, well when I play Multiplayer it's mainly OFPS BECTI, as for the Naval warfare aspect, it's as bleak as the few Naval mods out there, SO! I figure there must be some modders out, Vet ot amatuer would do a handful of Submarines Plus my drone. for those unfamilar with BECTI before going to battle, if ya want a vehicle ya gotta buy it and there are certain research levels before you can get an APC, MBT or a CUP Frigate. now for Submarines I figured the ranking should go like this:


    What's aleady in is the good old SDVs and they are level.1;



    Some may find these next choices odd but hear me out, for level 2 of naval factory I'd say the Balao-class & Type VIIc would be good Medium level Subs;

    Type IIV

    ce41afe936c090b900905eed567ae8b1.jpg Balao-class



    Now level 3 is a little more wacked out but so fun ya just gotta say "AH HELL, Why not!?!", and they play a part in my drone design, the first Submarine GIANTS of their time;

    the renowned I-400 class Submarine Aircraft Carrier


    I'd probably upgrade it's AAA to a bofors 37-40mm gun, it should be alble to carry two of my UAVs


    next is a ghost of a Submarine:

    Le Surcouf





    The Surcouf was a Submarine Cruiser, armed with 8" guns and more torpedoes that a Peacock's tail! My interpretation is to have the AA upgraded to a Water-cooled 50.cal mount like this;


    Level 4 we hit big nukes!;

    The Los Angeles


    & the Akula




    not much to say, they make themselves fun to play and juicy target for my drone! Hope to see more Submarines in Ol' ARMA 3!!!!!

    1. scottb613


      Now this is a topic I can sink my teeth into...





    2. Digger James

      Digger James

      Yes, indeed, My favorite is the Surcouf; 8" guns, torpedoes bow & aft, and a hangar for scout plane to direct the 8 inchers! for once the Garlic muchers got something right!

  4. It's a concept that's for a ship launched Drone, not carrier-based, Besides A: The X-47 is technically already in-game as the Jets DLC "UCAV" & the Globehawk is in the USAF mod so thats pointless B: as mentioned at the start I'm no modder, C: all drones you mention don't have M3 50.cals, AIM-9s, Sonar, Torpedoes and so on. Please read the whole thing throughly before jumping to comments mate, though it may look ugly, aesthetics are not important to tactical advantage! Main thing is here that this is just a concept, it's all theory, this is why I posted this...
  5. G'day Blokes and Shelias around the World, today I want share, with you, a little project I've had on the back burner for the last few months, for the Obvious reasons; Lack of funds + absolutely no skills in Modding at all. So the reason I'm revealing it is because I want an Audience's opinion and see if there are Modders who want to give it a crack! be So lets get to the reasons you clicked on this Forum! *But first some Disclaimers; THIS DRONE IS COMPLETE FICTION THAT I CREATED, The other photo shown are taken off google and I don't own them (Obviously) Sencond, Please have leniency for the Concept art since the time it took to slap it together was 1 hour of dreaming it up before bed then 2-3 hours doodling in Microsoft paint* Now, let me introduce you to the MQ-56 Skua, Multi-role Aquatic Scout Drone. Built with the the purpose of handling the standard UAV missions and a little bit more! Armed with the "usual" UAV payloads i.e. GBUs, ATGM Hellfires & Laser designator. But it also comes with Combat Air Patrol capabilities Being the First Fixed-wing Drone with two AN/M3 50.cals, able to shoot as fast as the Infamous MG42, and the option to carry AASR Sidewinders. Let's list the full Payload & Missions it's good for; This Ship-launched drone is capable of the following task; Close Air Support, Combat Air Patrol, Recon, Artillery Observer, Anti-Submarine Warfare. MQ-56 MK1 (Stealth/Regular UAV) Radar 2x AN/M3 50.cals, 1200RPM 1000 rounds per gun Bombay capacity 2x GBU-12 Paveway II 4x AGM-114 Hellfire 2x AIM-9 Sidewinder MQ-56 MK2 (ASW) Airborne Sonar M3 50s, again Hardpoint; MK 46 MOD 5 Homing Torpedo Bombay capacity 2x AN/SSQ-47B Sonobouy 4x AGM-114 4x MK 34 Depth Charges (fictional) Concept art legend Clear cone window containing forward Pilot Cam and Radar Sensors/ Sonar for ASW Variant Air intakes 2x 50.cal AN/M3 (RPM:1200) 1000 rounds per gun Retractable wings that roll foward then fold back along the side of the drone flaps and ailerons Prop Propulsion twin tail rigging Rudder the Aft wing tips, folds vertical 3x Elevators Insignia as example Underbelly 12. Targeting/Gunner Cam 13. Weapons bay 14. engine exhaust 15. landing gear 16. plane floats 17. tail dragger landing gear 18. MK46 Mod 5 Acoustic homing Torpedoe Now how I figure how Sonar should be done is piggyback on the new Sensors Upgrade, futhermore the MK2s onboard sonar would be weak in strength but can be bolster when paired with some Bouys since they are stationary and transmit via radio, you get the idea, and most know how a bouy works; [see photo]. Anyway thats my pet project, well part one of it! (part 2 will go on my public feed) Hope everyone has enjoyed my ideas & I hope to get good reviews and critiques of my UAV design! (excuse any grammar that I missed, I'm picky about that) With Regards Digger James
  6. Faces of War [WW2]

    AH! and here come the Andrew Sisters, in snappy uniforms mind you!
  7. Faces of War [WW2]

    Ah yes, now some sound! HIT IT MR. MILLER!!!!
  8. Very awesome as always, lads, you never cease to amaze! but while I don't want to come off as a whinny b*tch, I'm just to damn curious on whether or not SD2 Butteryfly Bomb are physically possible, like I mentioned before... the possible uses for the grand-daddy of cluster munitions are just too tasty to ignore!
  9. @Evil Organ @AIF_Infantrymen, Lads please, I'm still trying to get through the Intrepid tales of Silent Service series, now I got another thing to check off the list lol! (Side note youtube has muddle up the # order so be aware)
  10. Hey devs, just theorising (not requesting), but with the Law of War DLC also come scripts for Cluster Bombs and UXO, now with that as a template, would it be possible for the addition of SD2 & SD10 Butterfly Bomblets? Having a Stuka or FockeWulf rain AP mines from above can really hold up an allied advance quite spectacularly!!!
  11. Faces of War [WW2]

    Ah, toche' my dear!
  12. Faces of War [WW2]

    well lets not forget the most important (and most awesome) variant of the Amtrac... the LVT(A)-4 with a low velocity 75mm howitzer for short ranged fire support! besides the LVT would be good not just for the Pacific; listen to Wikipedia has to say, "In Europe LVTs were mainly used for landings and river crossing operations as well as assaults in swampy zones. By the end of 1943, 200 LVT-1 had been delivered to the British Army for training, in preparation for future operations in Europe. The U.S., British and Canadian armies used the Buffalo in the Battle of the Scheldt (1944), during the Operation Plunder crossing of the Rhine, along the Po River in Italy, across the river Elbe, and in a number of other river crossing operations."
  13. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!.... idk... makes me sound like I'm Twitting during sex like "Omg, omg, ZZZZZZ" and thats just rude right? LMAO
  14. 234 series, Wepse and MORE!?! Permission to squeal like a girl, Sir!!!