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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1096204347&tscn=1502572681 found a good place for testing stuff! Naval VR map Depth: 200m
  2. How they suvived and didn't blow up is miracle beyond my comprehension of ARMA PhysX!!!
  3. I do love me a SMLE No.1 Mk.III with "Sword Style" Bayonet... gaaah! *shivers* I LOVE THAT RIFLE!!!! I also love the Lewis LMG!!! older version with radiator, Barrel shroud and flash hider!!!
  4. thank you for the courteuos reply
  5. that too plz! XD
  6. if the M2 Flamethower is in WIP, any chance the Flammenwerfer 35 (and/or) 41 will be a thing for Pioneers down the track?
  7. still post-war, don't get me wrong, wouldn't mind seeing "if WW2 went on" be explored/turned into a mod.
  8. Eh!?! Put a prototype Bullpup Rifle from the 50's into a WW2 mod?!? You Loco Man?!
  9. survival

    skimmed through the blogs and gotta say... AWESOME! I hope there's more attention to details like shown above with stuff like FM Radios & Megaphones, and other smaller overlooked items!
  10. Yea, like how Hell in the Pacific team folded into the Faces of War team
  11. Hey Ceaser, since your starting from scratch how will you go about Chemical Warfare, Gas & the like, Delivery systems; Cylinders pouring into no man's land, "Five-nines" shelling, or even the Livens Projecters maybe? and not just the gas itself but defenses like Masks?
  12. is that gonna have both the MG34/MG42 light and 2cm KwK variants, or how bout the 223? same chassis but with a LR radio
  13. Maybe ya need to devote some effort to a recruitment campaign of sorts to get more help... I don't know, it's 11:30pm and I'm just tiredly throwing ideas in the air!
  14. I hope one day we'll see early 20th century navy ships from auxillary troopships to cruiser to even the mighty Dreadnoughts! also I was thinking on how communication could be a thing if working along with TFAR & ACE3; still keep it traditional to the times with crank phones you wind to get the other guys attention, and have breakable phonelines that engineers have to find and fix! OH and how about runners with written messages (could go in inventory under Misc. like the FAKs) Man... milsim stuff based on those 2 things would be SO COOL!!! (and the navy stuff too. I Hope one day I make my own clan based on naval warfare!)