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  1. The squad radar is going to be tied to spec ops glasses in the tac ops dlc. It will only be available for people who paid for the dlc. Anyone else can use the modded versions that are freely available.
  2. It may well be some issue with changing key binding that's causing it. But I know for sure this issue was reported (I also experienced it)on development branch during testing of laws of war dlc before release .
  3. As far as I'm aware the panel options only appear in the action menu if in your control options you DO NOT HAVE IT BINDED TO A SET KEY.
  4. This for me is the more interesting aspect. The crossroad where immersion meets gameplay. Example : someone with recon uniform a light vest and rifle moving around a house downstairs trying to clear it making little noise. compared to a guy with all the gear on an rpg, 7 nades 10 mags almost over encumbered making the same noise. It adds another layer to the selective loadout process.
  5. This is video of a guy playing arma3 using the laptop you are considering. Maybe it gives you an idea.
  6. This is a shame. Because I was hoping to get a bigger holster for my magnum. If you catch my subtle drift. If not then I'm talking about my monster dong. if it's a toss up between nothing or more options but sometimes with certain combinations clipping gonna happen? I'll take the latter all day. Appreciate the straight forward honesty.
  7. Moricky I failed the unlock the Rotten Bastard achievement.
  8. Please do try go balls deep on this one DnA . Arma 3 looks pretty damn good. as far as visual glitches go , the pop in on the clutter it is an immersion killer.
  9. Like I said default your settings in the parameter. leave on default 64 bit. But do not set any other settings. I know it seems counter intuitive but leave all others not ticked. This was advised by devs themselves.
  10. I think they should lock it behind the pay wall. anyone that don't pay keeps the shitty letter box. Be greedy for a change. Fuck it. Winters coming.
  11. If the dlc was just about the campaign I'd agree no problem. But It adds new assets, weapons, functions,a campaign a showcase with 3 separate sections. Then the idap showcase. I'd say it is reasonable in length all things considered. The dlc bundle 2 is a bargain. For reference. H1z1 charge 5 euro for a hoody with your countries flag on it. I shit you not.
  12. Ok I use them too sometimes. And mostly 60 fps then like you it drops fire fights what not. To around 40 fps. Lowest perhaps in escape Tanoa. Hits 30 fps driving through tanoa jungle on a gtx 970. Thats on 1080p. But I'm pretty sure it is better using the 1070 on 1440p it stays above this. What resolution are you on? Have you changed any start up parameters? It is recommended to leave on 64 bit default. and not not tick anything else. Have you changed anything in the nvidia panel? You are not using upscale or anything? Go in and default the nvidia panel and change only gpu power to max performance .
  13. something is a miss here. what mission and what server seem to me more the factor here. you have not said what you are getting in Arma showcases or campaign.
  14. Ryan there is a tutorial on youtube . it is well done out. take note of the drop when you hit 140. you need to prepare for this. some practice you'll be flying again.
  15. Have not seen it reported. but did some tests after seeing yours. they are pretty formidable being used as a weapon. 2 will take out an Arti M4 Scorcher . tracks red/turret red. 3 will totally disable a slammer. tracks red/ turret red/ being dropped center of mass from direct above. edit the civi drones also seem indestructible when it comes to ramming into people(darter will hit one maybe 2 if you lucky. I set up 15 civis cut them all down flying through them. not even a go fast sticker fell off. same with a squad of soldiers fully protected. it will bounce off them but you can kill with no damage sustained from impacts. Might have found a bug(think it might be set to lock you out of the terminal upon friendly fire) or i'm doing something wrong. as a drone op civi or army. you can no longer connect to a drone after killing someone (of the same faction)at all via any method . it makes you unable to use drone unless you were connected to one before you killed. but after this drone you won't be able to connect to another. I'm in editor so might be to do with this. don't remember being locked out of terminal after a friendly fire incident.