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  1. Tac-Ops Mission Pack Military Operations

    HA was just testing this mission on dev branch and thought to myself. sheet if they don't have the new physics improvements on the rc or release of tac ops some peoples gonna be hitting orbit.
  2. General Discussion (dev branch)

    hmmm I am using different computers in different locations so can't be 100% sure on that . probably was as think I changed the afm dials around on that one. Butttt when going to dev branch at above date, I lost all my game profile settings from character to control mappings on the profile I was using. note to self save a copy of my totally remapped keybindings . note tested further on other pc. custom layout indeed resets going to dev branch. leading to just explanation markers where panels/gps is. testing on todays dev as of 13:00.
  3. Are you giving feedback on the changes. Oe Have you not tried dev branch? There are already changes to the tanks on there. As boom noted. The gunner indicators are there.
  4. General Discussion (dev branch)

    cheers green just after I posted. then I remembered that happens. was in doing it, thanks again.
  5. General Discussion (dev branch)

    anyone have an issue with the panels not showing up or gps on dev branch? just before i revert may have been corrupted on download integrity says it ok but it not.
  6. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Pretty sure this has happened with most dlc release for the edition owners
  7. LoW DLC stuck at supply drop mission

    Did you start from scratch? may have unintentionally saved the mishap. I am not on linux port. but I think iirc I had something like this while testing on dev branch before low release. . it then went away. hopefully this is the case for you.
  8. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Yes I think jsrs sound mod is superior to vanilla. But that is opinion. Not fact. While I believe jsrs is good many might not. If there is a component of the audio broken fair enough. Help them help you fix it. You say "what do you expect me to do". How about not make proper testing an afterthought? see if it is in fact broken before posting your findings.not do it the otherway around?. Hell in that case " what do you expect the devs to do"???
  9. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    If you are indeed following the series series since way back when. You think you'd be used to the disappointment. Your anguish is glaringly ugly. your uppity "rant" and I call it a rant because even if you had any valid points. this is a development branch thread. Not general discussion. You provided no proof of your issue. Then went on a oh by the way "rant". I even personally believe the sound is below expectations and I'll even use comparison from the game itself. the sound mod jsrs. All around brings the battlefield alive. . That guy is killing it. But alot of even his mod is only possible with changes the audio them have provided wrestling with the ageing engine arma 3 is on.
  10. General Discussion (dev branch)

    booooo . haha thanks for info.
  11. General Discussion (dev branch)

    hey now. I never have need of this. don't you go projecting on me Tankbuster just because your crotch no doubt resembles Auschwitz . The decay and smell of death still lingering decades later. ok wayy off topic all in good jest. can't imagine tac ops dropping this week I'm pretty sure they said something about testing on dev first.
  12. General Discussion (dev branch)

    To quote Icarus's father. don't fly too close to the sun boy. the thermal changes are for a reason. kinda like when a guy sprays his junk with aftershave before a date.
  13. General Discussion (dev branch)

    How will the stealth tank sound compared to the regular ones distance wise.
  14. Tank drivers interior

    some really nice suggestions there NOR.
  15. Squad radar improvement

    ugh this was a piss take. a great suggestion to helps sell more dlc but a piss take. no word on the sq radar in some time.