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  1. @raptoer I'm getting this error: "...his,_dangerCausedBy, _dangerCause] call asr_ai3_main_fnc_pt_reactDanger; Error Undefined variable in expression: asr_ai3_main_fnc_pt_reactdanger
  2. This is an old problem, I managed to get rid of it changing the number of audio channels from audio card or headphone settings, from 8 channels to 6 or 4.
  3. @rsoftokz I played for a while Taunus version, I've had no crash just some freezes. It's a huge map and this is why the enemies are rare, but I think this is not a problem considering that the map itself is already very performance demanding. Regarding the issue mentioned by @alky_lee, it is possible that somewhere to be forgotten changing the name RYD_JR_boat with RYD_JR_car, perhaps the vehicle itself in the editor (is just an opinion, maybe it's something else). I really like Taunus map, but poor performance it spoil for me the joy of playing... Anyway, today I had some free time, and I managed to port Pilgrimage on the United Sahrani map, and discovered that it is quite suitable, I like it. If you want to try, I will put a link in my signature, you can modify it as you wish or release it, I ported with great pleasure, because I like @Rydygier's work.
  4. Great job @rsoftokz! It is only a test version, I think some things need to be adjusted, such as "Strongholds" positions even "checkpoints" and other things that will occur on the way; I'm glad that you released for testing. I tested it briefly two months ago, I will try it again today. I like this idea, in my opinion would not alter the original story: but several new additions to the story is a refresh and increase the "replayability".
  5. I ported on Taunus a test version with the help of @rsoftokz, Taunus map is very "performance hungry", but in principle it works. I replaced the boat with a quadbike and start positions are in some roads ends on the map edge, I think there should be some adjustments and updated to version 1.95, but for now .... I have no time ... and I would be very happy to see a Pilgrimage Taunus version by Rydygier, would have that "original touch".
  6. Same problem for me, I managed to "fix" this by changing the number of audio channels, from 8 channels into 4 or 2. (if you have a sound card or such settings for headphones)
  7. Thanks @nanucq, congratulations!
  8. Thank @Redphoenix, this is a great addition
  9. I spent about two hours to watch the entries, I chose to start with those that have more "artistic" titles and it seems that was not a bad idea, because it turned out to have a more quality content, in my opinion of course.
  10. audio dlc

    Congratulations on the release, I appreciate your hard work into this Weapons with supressors they have sound echo, it is intentionally?
  11. Thanks, this is great news, I use this mod from the beginning without problems
  12. Looking forward to the new update, it's my favorite weapons mod . Thanks. How about the "R3F AiComTarget"? any improvements?
  13. With a simple script, packed in pbo. format; and the problem disappears.
  14. Tweaked: The enableEnvironment script command was extended to allow separate control over ambient life and ambient sound ( This is awesome BI, thanks Goodbye bunnies ...
  15. Sorry @pvt. partz It is not my topic. Just change this part from quotation with @rsoftokz It is his work. In the post above, I was talking about "NoFatigue", It is a script that I packed in pbo. format for disabling fatique effect.