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  1. The description.ext error is probably harmless. I have no clue why it would error out but could be the mission itself.
  2. @Evil Organ How would you feel about opening a ticket on the exact models suffering from this? Here's what I'm thinking. All other reports on this have been real rough around the edges and have lacked real specifics. And BI devs seem to get assigned to all tickets I've seen recently. Seeing as you know the exact models, now seems like a good time to get a good ticket out there. For instance, I just downloaded the new (and freaking unbelievable) Lythium map from the FFAA team. Well, it suffers from the same bug so obviously your mod won't work. This issue is astounding. I can't believe we are even discussing this. It's so obvious I don't see how BI could not be aware. That said, I do think a proper ticket couldn't hurt. Your mod has shown which models are effected. Surely BI has never had it put on a silver platter like this the way you have. What do you think? Perhaps a detailed ticket with the exact troubled models and a dev assigned could see this fixed for good?
  3. @wendyvonbraun Thanks! Nice screens too! Yeah I've been using Project OPFOR's Ukrainian Army, but watching some recent videos of the Ukrainian fighters, Project OPFOR's camo patterns and helmets and stuff don't really look right. Not based on the video's I've seen. I just looked at GREF and looked at CDF and that looked much more accurate but since they didn't say "Ukraine" in the title I wasn't really sure so I figured I'd ask. Thanks for the reply!!! EDIT: Keeway does AMAZING work. His mod is one of my favorites and he's a super nice guy too. So fair warning, I have no idea what I'm taking about and he might have nailed it. It's just looking more closely I wasn't sure. I appreciate you pointing me in the right directions!
  4. ^^^ There's a description.ext error there too. Hmm. Perhaps you aren't loading the mission correctly? How are you loading it? With LAN directly from the default Steam location? Or are you using a separate link for the mission PBO that you placed in your MP Missions folder manually?
  5. Hmm. Not sure man. The error says you're missing some RHS assets. I've been super busy mainly in my free time just doing testing and stuff for the ALiVE team so I haven't had a chance to sit down and play any of his recent missions. This one included. Double check you have all of the mods listed on his Workshop page (there are a bunch, double and triple check) and then maybe reach out to him on his steam page. He's much more active there than here. Its actually possible something within RHS itself has changed. The next ALiVE release will see some fixes with RHS factions (especially RUS, GREF and SAF) so you may need to wait. Tough to say. See what AuTigerGrad has to say over on Steam once you verify all the mods are correct.
  6. Hi everyone. Sorry for the stupid question, but which faction (if any) within the family of RHS mods would most resemble the Ukrainian's currently trying to protect their own land IRL? I've seen quite a bit of footage online (sad stuff really), and I have an idea which factions most reflect the current gear and stuff, but rather than assuming, because I really know next to nothing about real life conflicts, I'd prefer to ask the experts if any of them were designed (or could pass) for them.
  7. It's linked directly on his Workshop page for the mission. No better place to grab it then from there. I just noticed it wasn't listed in your server mods screenshot. You definitely need it and the errors seem to indicate this is why it's erroring out.
  8. @linuxmaster9 You're missing the RHS GREF ALiVE compatibility mod.
  9. Hi FFAA team. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the ALiVE mod, but I do map indexing for them to ensure their mod is compatible with community maps. Unfortunately, it appears to me your team has decided to "obfuscate" or block the PBO's. Specifically "lythium.pbo." This is preventing me from making your map compatible with ALiVE. Would it be possible to send me an unblocked version of the map (in a PM, which of course I'll keep private) or that PBO so I can index your beautiful map for ALiVE for the community? Thanks for the hard work. I just took a walk around Lythium and it's glorious.
  10. @maquez I know you're upset but you might want to clean up your post a bit. The last RHS update saw a regression in ALiVE. It seems to me the RHS devs use custom config classes, which ALiVE doesn't recognize. This is being worked on and corrected internally for ALiVE purposes, and if all goes according to plan, *should...no promises* be fixed in the next ALiVE release. Please keep in mind, RHS always worked this way. The only reason it ever worked with ALiVE is because the "correct" classes were added directly to the ALiVE mod. Though I know you are aware of that fact (not really sure why you're asking the question here TBH), others might not be so I figure it's worth pointing that out. Long story short: It's being worked on by the ALiVE team and *should...no promises* be addressed very soon.
  11. Minor update. Simulation further tested and tweaked. Some other small changes. The mission should now be ready for a Workshop release once the next ALiVE update releases.
  12. Update. Some small adjustments have been made to balancing, as well as some common sense edits (re-positioning of one of the AI recruitment centers to minimize the chance of spawned AI getting stuck, etc).
  13. So there a quite a few reports now that there is no AI pathfinding on the carrier (ordering AI into helo and plane results in them walking off the side of the ship). Is that totally out of the question at this point in time? I hope this question doesn't come across as being ungrateful for the free content. I am grateful. It's just I only play Arma with grouped AI. If they can't board vehicles on command on this thing, I don't see how I (and a lot of people I know) can even begin using it.
  14. Oh sweet I was able to add Camp Conway back. :) I managed to somehow fix the issue with transport choppers not landing there. Yay. Updated. I've edited a few other things, and also tested the simulation for a few hours (similar to what I did with Battle of Sangin). Looks good. Shouldn't be long now for the Workshop release. Just waiting on the local saving option to go live in ALiVE. EDIT: OOOPS. I forgot one thing. BRB with another update. EDIT2: Ok. Updated.
  15. That's Kunduz that's being handed off to CUP (Kunduz is amazing too. Can't wait for that!). Don't be scared off too bad by the performance on Sangin. It can dip low, but for me it's playable. Not sure if you've played this one ever, but this is my best performing version of the mission. Aside from the 4 bases and a couple small Taliban outposts, it's primarily the map itself and ALiVE's simulation (and virtual profiles) doing all the work here. Very similar to Inshallah, with a bit more enemies to start (though not by much), but made more conservatively with civilians and CQB and (and other performance killing) stuff. If you'd still like me to optimize it further, there are a couple other things I can do (for instance, I can drop Taliban CQB another 5%, etc). I left myself a little wiggle room, but for me it's enjoyable. Let me know.