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  1. opfor

    Hey guys, quick question. I don't pretend to be a gear expert by any stretch of the imagination. So, for the OPFOR Middle East Militia, are they in any way equipped to have any sort of possibility (even remotely) of taking down or attacking an A10 CAS plane? I just added one to my insurgency missions (because limited planes support is cool), but it just occurred to me, was doing that essentially me cheating? If they do have some assets that can they'll at least attempt to shoot a plane out of the sky with, would one of you guys mind telling me the exact weapon(s) they'd need access to? Would their AA static weapons or RPG's, for example, be enough?
  2. In preparation for the upcoming ALiVE and 3CB updates, my insurgencies have been updated (Inshallah, Prophet, The Beginning of the End and Battle of Sangin). Though let's keep discussion of the missions themselves in their respective threads. When applicable, I've added an A10 CAS plane for CAS support on all missions with the space for a runway, increased the speed at which the insurgency can grow (slightly), and given all CAS support 1 respawn. Though note, planes may have a difficult time taking off due to a bug in the current ALiVE build. This will be fixed in their next update. Also, CUP Terrains CWA is now a requirement for all of these missions. All changelogs have been updated.
  3. @dy_dead Thanks for the kind words. Depending on your machine, TADST should do a fine job performance-wise. Especially in these smaller scale insurgencies. The choker here I really do believe is Sangin (and for that matter, Diyala) itself. I get very high frames on Reshmaan, for example. And most places on Takistan. Depending on how 64-bit pans out, I definitely plan on continuing to make performance adjustments so stay tuned for sure. So I think I was a little bit unclear on how reinforcements are capable of working with ALiVE. It is very much possible for me to set up a high priority Military HQ objective somewhere off the map so they don't initially spawn within the main AO. It's just I've never had any luck getting it to work the way I wanted, and this still doesn't prevent them from reinforcing a large amount profiles all at the same time (so I don't think me trying to set this up would necessarily resolve your frustration with it). Though I'll take another look-see and see what I can come up with. What I would personally like to see is reinforcements coming in much smaller numbers (to keep performance in check), but more frequently. This is how I technically have it setup, BTW but it's never functioned the way it would in my wildest dreams. Not to go all inside baseball, but I currently have Logistics set to resupply at the highest possible frequency, at 90% of our initial strength. So for example, let's say we begin with 50 friendly profiles (which is about right for this mission). Technically, this means we *should* see reinforcements come in once we're at around 45 friendly profiles, and logistics should give us 5 back. So in theory, not bad, right? My experience is this never actually happens, and my best guess is this is because the OPCOM Commander cycles happen too slowly. So by the time LOGCOM can actually replenish us with troops, it's usually a much higher number than the settings I have in place. All in all this is a relatively minor issue, all things considered, but again, I do hope to see refinements as ALiVE continues to update and grow. Regarding insurgencies, one thing that's important for me to balance isn't necessarily giving them heavy machinery, but by allowing them to overwhelm us with their numbers and with pure brute force if they play their cards right. The danger should come in their hit and run tactics, and through suicide bombers and IED's and RPG's. This is a balancing act on my end, though remember, regardless of improvements I can make, it will still take a few hours before the Taliban commanders can get to this point, so saving and loading in some capacity will always get you the best experience. One neat thing coming in the next ALiVE update is a setting for CQB units to man static weapons on rooftops. Lol. Which is pretty cool. So soon you'll have a new threat to worry about. :) I have a couple other missions in mind. One is a potential winter op on Thirsk with Russia fighting US commandos. Also, don't forget about my October Skies mission on Chernarus if you want to try something more conventional (it's the Russian army versus Ukraine). It doesn't have auto-tasking (though you can still request tasks in the Commander Tablet) but I could always add it if you want. Anyway, sorry for the long-winded reply. Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback. And once I feel the balancing is ok-ish, I'll have the first draft of the op on CLAFHAN out here pretty soon.
  4. Private deep_Enough isn't a terrible username!
  5. Updated. Aside from the MRAP change made in the post above, I've also implemented some minor performance adjustments. Full notes are in the changelog.
  6. Ok so I was bored and figured I'd just go ahead and push a quick update. I didn't see an RG-33L, but I assumed since you basically were asking for a more IED protectant 6x6 MRAP, the Army M1232 and M1237's would do. I actually like these a lot better than the smaller RG33's I was using so thanks for the suggestion. I'm just packing up the PBO as we speak so I'll bump the thread and update the changelog here in a sec once the update is live.
  7. But what about the Isla Duala index tho...
  8. It should. The changelog only lists the changes between the last RC and this one, not all the changes made between the last official release and now.
  9. Thanks, PuFu. I was stupidly running -nologs yesterday so I'll see if I can repro and get your team a rpt. I appreciate it.
  10. Yeah sure I'll take a look. I have a plan to update this mission, but I'm waiting for 64-bit to see how much I need to focus on performance related tweaks. If anyone has any additional requests in the meantime, I'm all ears.
  11. Thanks. I've never seen anything like this, ever. It took me almost 5 minutes just to get back into the editor once my system went bonkers. And that error message is new. I don't see how it isn't related to yesterday's RHS update but I guess a dev would know better than me.
  12. Like GaZthme, I'm very very hopeful SP saving will be possible once 64-bit releases. I plan on experimenting with it so I'll let you guys know how it goes. If it seems ok, I'll edit the mission to allow it (I currently disable SP saves for the reasons described above), but for now, a dedicated server is really the only choice. The red squares are called TRACE squares, and yeah I agree, I love them. Unfortunately, they do not persist state between persistent dedicated server sessions (I have a feature request open for that), so what I like to do, at the end of every session before I "server save and exit," is manually mark the areas I patrolled myself with ALiVE advanced markers (left ctrl + alt + left click).
  13. I'm getting a new pop up error since yesterday's update relating to unit hitpoints, which is causing my system to drop to sub 1 FPS. I'm using RHS USAF and AFRF along with Project OPFOR. I'm going to try and isolate the exact cause, but would one of you guys mind taking a peak at the screenshot? I can't quite tell currently if a change you guys made is causing the error itself, or if a change you guys made needs to be accounted for by Keeway of Project OPFOR?
  14. Very nice. :) And thanks for donating the Foxhound to the 3CB team. I love it enormously and utilize it in all my 3CB ops (I pretty much patrol exclusively with it now), so it'll be nice to have the dependency directly in their pack.
  15. http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ALiVE_Data Here are some instructions for setting up your own locally hosted dedicated server using the community made TADST tool.