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  1. I've had this happen to me too. I'm going to assume they'll need a new ticket and repro steps. Just to be sure what we're seeing is the same thing, what happens for me is, the AI in my group stop following a regroup order and just stand in place. They'll move to a specific spot when individually given a move order, but regroup stops working entirely, both when commanded as a group and individually, and they'll just stand still until the mission is restarted. As you can imagine, this immediately breaks the mission. Is this the behavior you're describing?
  2. wild west

    What about the other way around and you having access to their assets on your map?
  3. I asked the lead ALiVE devs about this, and they said two things: 1. If it occurs, try exiting the mission (without saving), and starting it again (meaning, loading the mission again) and seeing if the markers load on a second attempt. 2. They can't fix it without a rpt file. No biggie if you don't have anything useful to send me. Just keep the stuff above in mind the next time you see it occur and I'll pass the rpt's along. If you do have them, feel free to send them to me (best thing to do would be to put the files directly on Dropbox and give me the Dropbox links).
  4. All of this is on LAN, correct? So the issue being markers fail on certain missions/maps and not on others, while all other factors are identical? Are you playing alone or with someone else hosting? Would you happen to have a rpt file from a time where you saved the mission with markers, and then a rpt file from the same mission loaded without markers? Rpt files are stored in user\appdata\local\low\arma 3
  5. I appreciate the kind words! Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! Yes, these HQ's are to be blown up. This is at the very heart of how to play insurgency mode. Blowing up these resources slow down the progression and resources for the insurgents. Just make sure to escort any civilians out of the immediate area before setting off the explosives. As far as I'm aware, there is no benefit in talking to a civilian more than once, regardless of what his response is. In fact, asking him a question more than once can increase his hostility (to replicate 'bothering or annoying' the locals). So just talk to them once and move on. And yes, talking to them can reduce tensions. I don't know the exact formula though. Just talk to each civ once (assuming they have the option) and move on. This is a known issue with the release build in ALiVE. I can't recall offhand if this is fixed or refined in the test build or not. I'll have to look or ask. I was under the impression this bug was only there on a dedicated server (cloudDB) save/load only, so I'll pass this along that it impacts local saving too. Building damage state is not persistent. However, HQ state is. Meaning, if you blow up an HQ, when you load your save, it should stay gone. This is what's most important. Although the physical building itself will look rebuilt (it's a limitation of persistent saving), the HQ will still be considered destroyed (which you can see if you debug OPCOM Installations).
  6. Why not? If you were a zombie and wanted to eat flesh, wouldn't you walk from the military base you got infected in to the woods if people to chomp on might be there? :)
  7. New ALiVE test release if anyone feels like trying it out (I'd still recommend playing a different mission though. Lythium hasn't been reindexed yet): https://github.com/ALiVEOS/ALiVE.OS/releases/tag/v1.3.7.1708111
  8. @R3vo I always love your feedback and want to make sure it gets seen. We have two dev created stickies for this DLC up top. This one should probably be closed.
  9. Are there any systems in place for mission-makers/mod makers to utilize the humanitarian aid protocols? I'm just wondering if dropping leaflets, not destroying humanitarian assets, killing or not killing civs, delivering supplies to civs (etc) would have any in-game impact (aside from us manually making game over screens or what have you)? Or is this for all intents and purposes for role-play only? Just trying to wrap my head around all this.
  10. I appreciate all the helpful replies to the questions this morning guys. Not really much for me to add here, other than to add a note about the way insurgency mode initializes. Upon spawning in, it takes approximately 2-3 minutes for insurgency to init and create enemy HQ's, etc. During this process, performance can be dreadful (which is normal), but everything should smooth itself out after the process completes. Regarding spawning in alone, drdetroit is correct, this is intentional. To recruit AI to join you, go to the recruitment center at any of the bases, or alternatively open the ALiVE menu, go to Logistics, and request a group be delivered to you (there is an option to have them join player group). Further how to play instructions are in the diary records on the map screen. I'd say most of my other insurgencies should play ok. Lythium needs a new Indexing for ALiVE. Greenberet40 sent me the new unblocked PBO yesterday, so now it's just a matter of indexing it and getting it into a future ALiVE update. In fact, the next ALiVE update should improve things a lot all around for all missions, so stay tuned for that. Shouldn't be long now.
  11. Are you using Enhanced Movement or any AI mods at all? EDIT: Taken to PM and will post the solution once we figure it out.
  12. I doubt it's your computer. Windows or Linux? I have Windows 10 and I'll take a look tonight and get back to you.
  13. Weird. I'll take a look later. So, are you saying that when you approach an area and a Project OPFOR Taliban enemy spawns, they all are stuck in place and don't move? I don't see why this would be happening suddenly. I haven't played in a few weeks but it was fine. So everything is up to date? Is your Arma itself up to date?
  14. I doubt it. I'm gonna need a little more info from you. Are you using any mods not listed on the first page? Are they all from Steam Workshop (meaning are they up to date?)? Are you launching in local MP? Are you on a dedicated server using headless client? Can you describe the behavior of them not moving in detail?
  15. That sounds like a run-of-the-mill bug. An unpleasant and unfortunate one but still. But AI precision not having any impact when adjusted in the difficulty menu, if true, is a HUGE deal and needs to be fixed ASAP if so. That's like on a whole other plain of bugginess and makes any difficulty testing comepletely moot.