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  1. Can one of you guys explain what this means? I'm assuming this has to do with my router?
  2. So cool. I got two hours with this version on the server yesterday and things are looking nice. The northern part of the map still has some Taliban cells and the south at this point is a stronghold for them, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I logged 16 kills, though I didn't encounter any installations (in debug, the south is stuffed with them, which is also good). I had to take out a landrover of civs about an hour in. I was near the central mosque and they were charging straight at me and wouldn't stop. Lol. I searched the vehicle and saw no explosives or anything so I guess that was a war crime but you can't be too careful. I died twice, the second being as I tried to enter the stronghold area when I was promptly obliterated by a (newly featured) rooftop mortar. This is exactly what I was hoping for, with occupied areas being dangerous, which I hope will make players consider going in strategically (using recon; perhaps grabbing a UAV from the Arsenal, or going in through the mountains and taking the mortars out from a good vantage point, or maybe even doing an air assault before charging in, etc). Anyway, this is all good. I hope to get at least two more solid sessions in before assessing and pushing to Steam. The true balancing test generally comes at around the 5 hour mark. I did notice while playing that my friendlies didn't mark/reveal any installations on the map for me in this playthrough though, and I'm honestly not sure why. I'll investigate. So all in all, we're looking good here. The real test is coming though. The Taliban have just established themselves so the next few hours will certainly shine a light on the balancing. But seeing as I've increased the playable slots, combat support respawn, and have continually given the player new tools, I want it to get pretty hard in some areas so the players have to think, and so far that seems to be happening in the central/south. Very nice.
  3. Recently, with 64-bit on 1.68?
  4. Thanks. Yeah I don't know what's wrong for me then. I can see his server in the server list no problem. And he's running a mission I made so I know the mods I'm using are right. Its just I get "connecting failed!" when I try to join him. I asked him to go over his port forwarding and firewall again so we'll try it again soon.
  5. Sorry I wasn't clear. I can join my own server hosted on my own PC without problems. I just can't join my friend's when he hosts his on his PC. Is anyone else able to join you? I'm specifically looking to make sure people not playing on the host PC are able to join TADST servers right now.
  6. What do you mean it doesn't work? I'm actually having a problem joining my buddy's TADST server ("connecting failed!), and I have zero clue why, but I couldn't even see his server until he checked the UPNP checkbox. Now I can see it, but I can't join. Is anyone else able to join a TADST server right now?
  7. @JayS_NL Sorry you're having problems. It has to be because you are using bad/old versions of the 3CB mods. Do me a favor, and subscribe to Workshop for all the possible mods, and for 3CB Units, 3CB Vehicles, 3CB Weapons, and 3CB Equipment please use the Google Drive versions hosted directly by the 3CB team on the first page of their respective BI forums pages. Sites like Armaholic and especially Play with Six aren't guaranteed to be up to date so grab the official 3CB dev hosted downloads. Otherwise, make sure you're running 1.68 Arma stable (and not an older version and not dev branch) and it will work. I had this mission on my server the day before last without problems, and please for now only use the required mods until we can make sure the mission is working for you.
  8. Oh please please please be civilian based. That's such a good interpretation and an area sorely lacking in the platform right now. I really hope you are right. :) EDIT: I just scrolled up and see theories it may be related to a war correspondent. That would be sweet too.
  9. Does this mean friendly AI can revive friendly humans now? Or perhaps it's the starting of the foundation of this being possibly implemented?
  10. Update. Additional Taliban groups have been added to the northern half of the map, insurgency proliferation speed has been ever-so-slightly increased, and performance has been slightly increased by reducing the profile spawn distance.
  11. It means the PBO's for the map are protected by the author and the map can't be indexed. Your best bet is to PM the map author directly as ask if they can send you an unobfuscated version of the map for private use so you can index it and then you can share that index with the ALiVE team. The map PBO's don't need to be unobfuscated for missions to work. But you need them unblocked for the indexing process.
  12. @Train111 Thanks! Useful stuff! So you mentioned using the A2 Darter to laze targets in advance. Am I understanding you correctly, if that I take the Darter out on recon myself, laze a target, if I then get in a chopper those targets will still be lazed for me even if the Darter isn't active anymore? Or do I literally need a human using the Darter on the ground while I'm flying? I'm playing solo (without humans but with AI), so can the Darter still be useful to me? I hear you on auto-hover. It simply will not even let me angle my nose downwards towards the ground anyway, because the choppers even out and correct themselves when tilting, which means unless I have a target directly in front of me far away on the horizon, it's pretty much useless, especially for ground infantry. But my problem is, when I take auto hover off, my choppers start to pick up speed like nobody's business! Yesterday I was messing around, and within about 10 seconds from disengaging auto-hover, I'd be up to about 100KM per hr again which is too fast. Then it's a game for me, pulling the throttle up, then down, which slows my speed but the second I level out again, my speed picks up. So I'm constantly dancing this dance. Is there anyway to "auto-hover," or rather, hover in place, without auto-hover on? I think once I can learn to control my speed manually, half of my problems will go away. Also, do you know offhand what automatic fire means? I say auto fire, but what I mean is, the mode that isn't manual fire. What is it supposed to do exactly? When I'm not in manual fire, it seems to me the chopper simply can't shoot anything. Surely I'm missing something here.
  13. Quick status report. I'm at the point where I'm feeling pretty good with the general layout and feature set here, so my intention is to bring my missions one by one to Workshop, as I put each through 5-10 hours of persistent dedicated server sessions, making sure the balancing is as tight as I want it. I played this for about 90 minutes yesterday and it's looking good. The area furthest away from the Taliban Commander module, so the northern part of the map, is getting a little too barren too quickly, so tonight I'll likely push an update here with a few more groups up that way (the south looks great), and with a slight increase in Taliban recruitment as well. Once I get 5-10 more hours of persistence online with it, assuming it's where I expect it to be, I'll push this to Steam and move onto the next mission.
  14. I just tried launching a TADST server with 64-bit and ALiVE and it seems to work fine, just change the exe on the first tab to the 64-bit server exe and it will work (by default it will select the 32-bit server exe).
  15. Here's the ALiVE wiki entry on how to setup persistent data with TADST. Bare in mind if you're using 64-bit you'll need to use the 64-bit armaserver.exe in TADST. http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/ALiVE_Data