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  1. http://alivemod.com/forum/3023-military-air-component-commander
  2. Wow. He should have called this thread "climb over stuff" then. Yikes. I don't think he's asking for us to prance around the battlefield. Just a way to get over a low sandbag wall or something like that. And I agree. Why would anyone disapprove of this? It's madness.
  3. I opened a ticket over two years ago on this. At this point I highly doubt it's going to get fixed unless someone has very easy to repro step by step instructions. One of the devs wrote me a program to run while running the launcher and of course it never happened. They tried their best but couldn't see it. People have been reporting this ever since but it seems so random and spontaneous.
  4. No! Lol. I had no idea I had to do this. Figured this was subscribe and play and the plugin would be recognized by default (or could be enabled easily by default). No one on the server last night had any idea how to get me going. Thanks so much for the help.
  5. Would anyone be willing to quickly take me under their wing, and help me get TFAR playing nicely with Teamspeak? I have the Workshop version of TFAR, but in the plugins area in Teamspeak, TFAR shows up but it's grayed out. I'd love to be able to play with my buddies again if anyone has a second to get me going with this. I'd appreciate any help I could get.
  6. Not abandon-ware my good sir (unless you're talking about you which oh my goodness no!) :) Just logged off an op using this mod. It is great. You're doing excellent work and we all appreciate it and thanks for everything.
  7. How do you install the spying microphone? Are you just supposed to drop it from your inventory and then leave the area for the mission to complete? Or is there a scroll wheel option within the task area on an object to "install" it that maybe I'm missing? Just wondering if someone can help me understand how to beat this task.
  8. If I understand it, reading back through the thread, the enlist option is so players have the choice of High Command or group control. If they were automatically grouped, you wouldn't have High Command options for recruited squads and everyone you recruited could only be directly in your group, which has limited slots. I like this addition myself. :) Freedom is good. Bigger battles are good.
  9. Ok so a few quick things: 1. Is there a fully autonomous AI driven transport chopper to fly us to missions at all? As in, is there a pre-placed one somewhere in the base with an AI already in it, or one we can purchase? Or are we supposed to fly/command grouped AI to fly ourselves? I tried requesting support but in the base it was denied (which doesn't surprise me, just curious). 1a. In the Lythium version, grouped AI totally refuse to go inside the heliport. They just will not do it. At least not for me last night. You could see how this might be a problem relating to #1. If there is no autonomous transport, and AI won't go in the heliport, the only option is to leave them outside, grab your own chopper and move it outside the heliport, then command them to get in to have a chopper full of you and your grouped AI. 2. I think I agree with the post above about the time acceleration. A night op I went on turned into a day op so it's tough to plan on what gear to take. Personally I'd like to see it on a real 1:1 time scale, with an option to sleep/rest to fast forward, but if time acceleration is important to the mission functions (or easier), I'd love to see it halved. 3. This mission is pretty epic. I see it uses vanilla saving/loading in SP. Over multiple sessions as the data increases, is the mission still working ok for everyone? I want this to never end basically. :) Is vanilla saving ok for this? 4. When arresting a civ and putting him in jail, should I just leave him standing there with his hands bound? I haven't loaded my save so I have no idea if there's a clean up function. Just wondering the proper way to stuff this place full of bad guys. :) 5. Is there any way to teleport AI if they get stuck? I thought this was added. I just can't figure out how to execute it. I'll probably have some other questions as they come to me. Again, amazing stuff Gemini.
  10. Gemini, I know I've said this in the past, but it needs to be said again. This is the single greatest thing I have EVER seen in Arma. Check that. This may be the single greatest thing I have EVER seen in any shooter game ever. It's a milestone accomplishment for what this engine is capable of. I just requested a hostage rescue mission. I had the description (guy with red or blue hat), and the details (he may be helping the insurgents with placing explosives). So we fly to the village area. I search a few people and there is Mr. Blue-hat. And sure enough he has explosive planting material in his inventory. So I arrest him. Slowly escort him to our chopper (I love the slow walk of shame through the village! It's awesome!), board him up, bring him to the detention center, and accomplish my objective without a single shot fired! What a thrill! I have a couple questions/ suggestions/bugs to report, but I will post about those tomorrow. I just want to enjoy the high OPEX has given me before getting into the nitty-gritty. Excellent job, Gemini! Some studio should gobble you up. Or selfishly, the A3 ALiVE team. I'd love to see you do some work for them. :) Thanks so much for the mission.
  11. You have AI commands bound to the controller? Like regroup, move, etc? You know what I mean, like either ~ for commanding the entire group, and Fkey for individuals? Basic commands like that? I'd like to know how you did this, if so.
  12. Me too. I have over 2000 hours, all with a controller thanks to Xpadder. I can do just about everything imaginable (infantry, vehicles, helicopter flying, advanced stances, and on and on). The only thing I still use a K+M for is giving AI unit commands.
  13. Although we're very happy you found it, why do you feel like it's not appropriate to point out where? You know, incase someone else can't find it. This is pretty standard forum etiquette and keeps the place tidy so we avoid duplicate threads. Where was the file located?
  14. Hi everyone. My brother recently picked up Arma and I recommended this mission to him. I'm a bit busy to check on this myself, but I was wondering if you could help me out. He's trying to play the FATA version. He sent me a screenshot showing me he has no recruiter guy standing near where you spawn (near the TV). He sent me a screenshot of this area so I can see he is not there like he was the last time I played this mission. How do you recruit AI in OPEX these days? Is it from an object?
  15. Yeah it's on Steam but one of the mods needed to play it was DMCA'd I think and taken off of Steam. I believe you can download it off some Russian site though. Not sure myself, I haven't tried it but the mission was pretty well rated before the takedown notice for one of its dependencies.