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  1. Forums Upgrade

    Someone please! 502 Bad Gateway over and over and over...
  2. Ravage Mod

    I do think if anyone has a decent melee option, these items ideally would probably need to also be added to the loot spawn table somehow. Hmm. Interested to see any missions you guys end up coming with. Quick question, and apologies if Ravage addresses this, I haven’t played it at night in a bit. Is there a flashlight available? Looking around the forums, fairly sure word on the street is RDS Civilians might be the only mod that has this. Would that be correct?
  3. Ravage Mod

    Phronk is a nice guy! Yes please ask you never know! It can’t hurt to try.
  4. Ravage Mod

    Oh wow. Too bad no one adopted this and maintained it (and integrated it officially into Ravage. Heh ;) ). Man. Now I want to get my TWD Rick on. I’ve been stalking around the DayZ standalone forums so it’s at least good to see Enfusion handles this nicely. At least in A4 we won’t have to rely on ancient non-maintained scripts to do this natively in next gen Ravage. Or at least I hope! Thanks for the link.
  5. Ravage Mod

    Melee script?
  6. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium [Insurgency]

    Removing 3CB to the point of actually removing all of their assets to take out the dependency would probably take awhile, mainly because I place a lot of objects from the mod at the bases. That said, another person I’m talking to is in the process of replacing them with Spanish Army units so it can be done. As far as I’ve seen (been playing some other missions of mine), this index is much much better. Maybe not perfect under wicked close inspection due to JBAD buildings but from what I’ve seen it’s quite good and honestly even if it’s not (which it seems to be fine) there’s nothing ALiVE can do to make the index better. But compared to where it was with the last index it’s way way better IMO.
  7. Ravage Mod

    I’m sure I’m reading too much into this. Could this mean something? Hmmm...
  8. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Hmm for whatever reason the CUP Terrains update changed the mission start time to near dusk which is not how I had it. Decided to set it to 11 AM. Updated.
  9. @lordprimate Seeing it since the release of Malden is not useful information because this issue is supposed to have been fixed just recently in the newest version of ALiVE. If it’s occuring now, yes it is a problem. Should be easy enough to remove those clientside mods and post the mission for review if you’re still seeing it. I know it’s frustrating, but the lead devs that can actually fix this stuff get bombarded with issue reports and tickets, and it’s so often the case the problem is caused by a mod that isn’t ALiVE, due to time constraints and plain old common sense, issues with just ALiVE and CBA only have to take a front seat over the other ones, because these issues are generally pretty simple to isolate and in turn, fix. Example. I submitted a bug report the other day. The problem had been in ALiVE for forever but I never bothered to repro with just vanilla and the devs had never seen it themselves. Finally I got sick of it, spent the time setting up a vanilla repro, reported it, and it was fixed internally the same day, and my guess was this problem had been in ALiVE for YEARS. ALiVE and CBA only repros are really the best way to demonstrate problems the team has control over. They have so much to do, troubleshooting problems they don’t have control over is just a simple waste of resources.
  10. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Yeah thanks I do my best. :) There are a couple of small-ish ALiVE issues I just caught (and reported), but all in all they should be relatively enjoyable examples of ALiVE’s various modes for sure. Have fun man and its good to see you on the forums again.
  11. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Kinda. On my Workshop page (link in my signature), I have a short op on Thirsk Winter (not Middle East obviously, but is US) where you need to destroy a few towers, and a hostage rescue mission on Zargabad you could try. For full map persistent ops, I have one on CLAFGHAN, but the only reason I haven’t changed it to something else or put it on Steam is because last I checked, the map crashes with ALiVE stable on init (fix is in dev version though). But otherwise I made the decision to drop RHS in my counter-insurgency missions because, well, it just has too many issues to be enjoyable IMO. From their implementation of their own group types (which means constant babysitting on ALiVE’s side...a lot of which I’ve done myself), to units not using their launchers and lots of other odd stuff, not to mention Project OPFOR which is a mess as well, I personally prefer things working, and respecting the player’s time, and you can’t beat 3CB and CUP for that IMO. Though feel free to edit any of my ops in any way you’d like. I’ll consider some additional US ops, probably using CUP or Project Zenith when it comes out or something, but any ops I do in the near future, unless a new amazing map comes out or I think of one, will be smaller in scale (single objective ops). AuTigerGrad’s Univited Guests mission is a good example of the kind of things I want to make. Though my feelings on mission making change daily so you never know. I may do another full map op, like Nam, or Battle of Fallujah when it comes out (or even regular Fallujah) or something, but tough to say.
  12. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Updated. With today's CUP Units update, which added CUP Takistani civilians directly into their mod, I've removed the standalone Taki Civs dependency from all my CUP insurgencies (Inshallah, Prophet, Battle of Sangin, Battle of FATA and Battle of Lythium).
  13. Ravage Mod

    I don’t want to veer offtopic, but because it relates to this, just wanted to say I’ve recently I’ve sunk 5-6 hours into Exile on a zombie survival server, and I really adore how all the crafting, resource gathering and base building mechanics all tie in. It’s really exceptionally great. The only reason I mention it, is because a few months back I played Desolation Redux (and mentioned it here), who’s elements now seem strikingly similar to what Exile has. The files of which for Desolation Redux I think are now open source? I know since Ravage is a one man gig, integrating open source material might not be a terrible idea if this kind of stuff is in the cards for Ravage in the future. So figured I’d just mention there are excellent systems out there that would tie into the world real well I think if writing something new is out of the question. Though whatever Haleks chooses to do I’ll be pleased with. He’s a coding genius madman. :)
  14. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    Right I know. I just assumed they had authority to manage how players utilize their IP, regardless of where the content was posted.
  15. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    Or how about this, what about someone pinging a developer and letting them decide? Surly they have some authority here or am I wrong on that? @ineptaphid ? Thoughts?