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  1. Deleted. Apparently embedding a photo from a phone is pretty impossible!
  2. @bekTHANK YOU! Double clicking and clicking ok on every AFRF asset in the editor fixed the script errors in both of my missions made with the previous version of RHS! I can't even begin to tell you how much time you saved me. I really appreciate it!!!
  3. @tupolov Regarding that fix for civ spawns, should we expect more civs to spawn with our current settings on all maps or was this just to address a rare bug? Just curious if I'll need to rebalance my civ recruitment center settings in Assymetric mode on maps that seemed to spawn civs fine like Takistan/Sangin/Reshmaan/etc. Also, I don't see it in the changelog, was that bug with Logistics and Real Weather effecting persistent data squashed here too?
  4. Check the very bottom of this page: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Custom_Blacklists
  5. That's an awesome idea! Thanks. And thanks for asking around for me! Do I need to either do this or replace all assets with USAF only missions as well? I don't get any script errors in US missions (the only problem I had was disappearing M2 Snorkels) but I definitely prefer to have things as clean as possible and to avoid having issues down the road.
  6. @bekThanks for offering to look at the error rpt. I get the script errors second I open the editor, and also a similar batch on the mission load screen. And again, as soon as I delete every AFRF asset (unit, ammo box, vehicle, etc), the errors stop. It's probably just a slight backwards compatibility issue but for the life of me I can't figure out which asset or assets is causing it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyaqh8q7lv6jr08/rhs_error_report.rpt?dl=0
  7. I was wondering if anyone had a sec, if you could help me out with pointing me in a direction to look towards with these script errors I'm getting? When loading a previously made AFRF mission, I'm getting variations of this error I've never had before in the editor and on mission start, and I can't for the life of me narrow down which asset or assets could be causing it. If I delete all of the AFRF stuff from the missions, the errors goes away. So I have that much locked down. However, trying to narrow down which assets it could be so I don't have to make the missions all over again is proving like finding a needle in a haystack. Does anyone have any idea which AFRF asset being updated could cause this? USAF missions when all by itself seems to be working with old missions just fine (aside from any pre-placed M2 Snorkles disappearing) FWIW.
  8. GREF, not to mention a current chunk of AFRF and USAF factions, is not currently ALiVE compatible. I'm thinking someone may be working on a GREF compatibility mod though. Come by here and look through the ORBAT sticky. http://alivemod.com/forum/
  9. And hello to 800 to 1,000 hour of absolute joy. I'm a glass half full guy and this is a fair trade! :)
  10. See! You found the Arma hype again. :)
  11. Yes! Damn I love that video and am stupidly excited about the vehicle in vehicle addition with the HEMTT. That should make strategically traversing places like the harsh mountains of FATA/Clafghan/Tora Bora that much more rewarding and convenient now that you can stick the new all-terrain vehicle in the back. Superb work RHS team. I can't wait to get home and give this baby a spin!
  12. Yes please do. This has been a nagging issue for months. EDIT: Here's a REALLY REALLY unfortunately named ticket on the grass thing. I wonder if that's why it hasn't been fixed. I embedded some links of other people talking about it there. This has nothing to do with the GTX 970: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T120361 EDIT 2: I found a video for you so don't worry about making your own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUI8c94eYNI
  13. I have no idea man. Over in Addons & Mods Complete I remember one time they shut down some thread once it was clear the author wasn't supporting the mod anymore (was it AiA maybe?). I'm not trying to be mean or even telling you what to do or not do (by all means, I'm sure some old gems still work fine!). I'm just saying, as a mission maker myself, I have a hard enough time keeping things up-to-date even between individual platform updates, which are basically every 6 weeks. Most of my "old" missions (that I never released) won't even open in the editor anymore due to errors. I know it's sad but with an ever-evolving game like Arma, which is highly unique in that sense, mods and missions just die and trust me, it kills me too. We've lost some good ones (WLA, Hunter Six, CAF Aggressors, etc).
  14. @mathias_eichinger As much as I love seeing bug reports on these forums, I've seen several from you recently for various missions that haven't been updated in 2-3 years. Even missions not supported as of 6 months ago would likely have problems. As sad as it is for missions to die because authors have moved on, it's an unfortunate part of the platform we have to accept.
  15. Someone did open a ticket so sorry for assuming it might be your mod. https://feedback.bistudio.com/T121950