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  1. sry :D can a mod move the topic ?
  2. Hi im using the tool GameQ for my webseit to get the number of players on my server. But i dont know witch port arma uses for game quarry information. I have tested the ports 2303-2305 and every one of them is in the firewall. I cant get a connection with the webserver to the arma server via telnet
  3. hmm thats same unpractical as placing post its on the screen :D
  4. i use the import funktion to reedit the gui, but thats not my question. If I importet the gui there are no textures in it but i need the background texture to move the controles to the right point, so i thougt if i create the dialog in the background of the editor i have both. The original version with textures and in front the editor too edit the gui parts.
  5. Is it possible to open a gui while I am in the GUI editor ? I want to edit my already done gui and therefore i need the background texture of the done gui to move the controls to the right position.
  6. hm maybe i get somthing wrong with the nohq and nopx, where is the diffrent between them ? i only have nopx (with you say its a nohq) and the normal paa.
  7. hm i createt the nopx with a specail tool (cant remeber the name atm need to lokk it up) it looks like this: http://antivirus-gaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/test1.jpg
  8. dont know found it online
  9. @Cosmo_D41 no nothing changed there, satelliteNormalBlendStart = 10; satelliteNormalBlendEnd = 100;
  10. Not all ground textures are that dark, and the circle is over every ground texture.But i use at the moment a green sat map. the.rvmat looks like this. ambient[]={1.5,1.5,1.5,1}; diffuse[]={0.5,0.5,0.5,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,0}; emmisive[]={0,0,0,0}; specular[]={0,0,0,0}; specularPower=1; PixelShaderID="NormalMapDiffuse"; VertexShaderID="NormalMapDiffuseAlpha"; class Stage1 { texture="at\at_atom\data\t1_nopx.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={10,0,0}; up[]={0,10,0}; dir[]={0,0,10}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture="at\at_atom\data\t1.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={10,0,0}; up[]={0,10,0}; dir[]={0,0,10}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; and an example of the grass looks like this http://antivirus-gaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/t1.jpg
  11. i changed the values to terrainBlendMaxDarkenCoef = "0.85f"; terrainBlendMaxBrightenCoef = "0.15f" but getting the same black circle. :/
  12. @zgmrvn i changed the values (tested: terrainBlendMaxDarkenCoef = "0.0f"; terrainBlendMaxBrightenCoef = "1.0f";) but getting the sameblack circle result. i thing it get generally brighter and darker.
  13. i just tryed a darker sat map an a non edited version of the HDRNewPars and the black circle is still there.
  14. @Cosmo_D41 yes i use the HDRNewPars
  15. @richie there is nothing at the mask at this area, the circle moves with the player (camera). @RoFthanks, i will try this, atm my sat map is completly green for test reasons.