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  1. Hallelujah! Any chance for Workshop mirror?
  2. I play only in SP too, so you can create 3 versions of mod, so everyone can enjoy their favourite version. No need to rush, i'll wait patiently ;) I can assure You, crashes was not beacuse your mod, but beacuse new game update (also in Profiling Branch).
  3. So, should I prepare petition for everyone to sign to get this documenatation? Is any game developer reading this? Last time, when there was posts-storm about documentation was around 3 months ago, and still noone reacted? Please.... Who i shall contact to ask for this documantation?
  4. Oh, man, its finally happens! Please, after releaseing update, try to create documentation what need to be changed for current vehicle configuration. I'm really happy man now, keep up the good work!
  5. I had it binded to [\], but now changed to [T]. Problem is, i was standing still and was trying to lase target 300-500M from me (stationary targets). And yes, it was Slammer.
  6. Lot of "arma3.exe stopped reposnding", i'll send you in PM logs @dwarden edit: Damm it, i got no logs :( edit 2: Logs sent.
  7. Mod is not showing on mod list in launcher, but i dropped .pbo file in arma 3/addons directory and game stopped reponding.
  8. I still got it, try re-download CBA and Enhanced movement (from Steam Workshop).
  9. Its a real shame how developing of this game is going (without documentation of such major changes), But isnt there any possibility to create something like... ENB or smth similiar to add some filter on the image to recreate pre-Visual Update look? Did someone tried it already? If not, i can try ..... But it will take much time.
  10. Why you need ace 3? VTN have almost every important module like ace itself, you can delete some of ace features and use VTN instead. Also you can ask ACE developers for such compatibility.
  11. Well, currently i'm playing at aiming accuracy 0.05, and they still taking me down with first shot in smallest part of body that extends out of cover in almost every range up to 300M. I know what is propably the problem - i''m playing campaign "red hammer" created BEFORE AI SKILL CHANGES, and this is how it ends, many users was writing about, how it will change already created scenarios, nightmare have become true.
  12. OK after quick testing it seem humve's had no inventory lock, but GAZ-66 have it. Myabe its beacuse AFRF was released earlier and some things changed til today, and inventory have been locked for some reason?
  13. Agree. Maybe not unplayable, but way too uber sometimes
  14. Totaly agree, but problem is, they (AI) wont use medikits by themselves.
  15. OK, i'll try to redownload mod.