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  1. Hey, problem with disapearing particles while looking/zooming at them is back.
  2. Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Maybe just make match rankings? (dont know if its the right word) So every high skill (level) player will play only with other high skill players? I dont get why someone wo is good enough must suffer beacuse of he is good. Thats stupid and irracional. Just create algoritm that will choose and mix players with same skills.
  3. I can undesrand pretty much everything, but one thing is unclear for me - why they (Russians) have HEAT warheads? I was using them normally when i was empty of guided rockets for destroying/damaging armored vehicles. On stable branch (first iteration of dispersion) it works perfect - there is dispersion, but not as big as in devbranch (second iteration). These were very usefull specially when modded SACLOS missiles are usually missing their targets (AI control)
  4. Forums Upgrade

    I also had multiple 502 gateways error yesterday. (opera browser, windows 10 64 bits)
  5. Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    Youre fast and good player thats all. If someone is on lover level in skills (allso in behavior) he will allways call you cheater. had exacly same situation in BF3, when friendly units was taking jeeps, driving fast in my direction and getting off vehicle - empty vehicle can kill you in BF3. This is when i stopped playing Multi (year ago or more). Dont worry and do your thing.
  6. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Saint words, but from my experience i can say we can moan here forever and this will give us nothing. Nothing beacuse lack of manpower in BIS.
  7. I was trying to edit my post but i had 502 gateway errors. I tried also MI-28, MI-24 from RHS, goodluck with trying to hit anything at 200-300 meters. Dispersion is terrible, before that tweaking it was perfect. No need to increase it more.
  8. Tweaked: Further adjustments to vehicle weapons dispersion and AI usage (bursts and fire rates across various ranges) I think its overdone now. I checked it on Commanche and tried to fire up ungiuded rockets to single 200M - rockets dispersion is WAY too big now.
  9. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I fell this too, but as BIS have no AI programmers, we cannot expect to have it fixed in next months. But there is some move in right direction in BIS, that can handle those issues at least in some way - they opened doors to third party studios for premium DLC, keeping old rule - content (vehicles, weapons for $, features and mechanics for free with platform update). Thats some oportunity to get some Ai programmers that can release DLC (for example) "AI command tactics" which will improve basic functions (searching houses, walking off the streets, driving improvements) for free, and add some command features for $. I know i'm dreaming, but as Aerosmith was singing "dream till the dream come true". Yes, they wasted much time by spending manpower into other projects like for example Visual Update, which is serious mistake and messed up lighting in day/night. I dont know when AI programmers have left BIS precise, but as they were employed, chiefs could make some push for fixing those issues - for example driving "improvement" project could start much earlier. Now as theyre gone chance is lost and lot of things is messed up/left unfinished. This is pure example of wrong planing roadmap and milestones. If i would be director of BIS i would dismiss people responsible for letting that situation to happen.
  10. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    After seeing this video from above, i really dont understand, why this whole Update was so necessary. For Tanoa? So if someone didnt buyed APEX, he got all stuff messed up. Those who have apex, have ONE map correctly lighted, and rest messed up. I dont get it - they sacrifice all modded terrains, 2 vanilla maps to get ONE (Tanoa) working? Who had such idea?
  11. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1110

    There is also one thing that can be added to the list - Turret servo sound REMOVAL(turret rotation sound on T-90, T-72B3, BMP's, BMD's). Its much better in default RHS, as from JSRS it better fit future vehicles and its way too loud.
  12. Same for me. optional file could be ideal solution.
  13. Enhanced Movement

    You cant do this in real life, dont expect this in game :D
  14. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Old problems are still present. Writing "improvement" i was meaning overall reaction time in controlling tank. I just saw sometimes stopping the tank is very hard, but mostly on modded content, and this is not yed updated to dev branch standards.
  15. JSRS SOUNDMOD 6.17.1110

    Addon "JSRS_SOUNDMOD_MRZR" requires addon "JSRS_SOUNDMOD_Prowler" Also i wonder why in RHS, as well in vanilla (tanks) when i use 1p camera, and engine is on idle i hear something like engine of other tank passing by. Maybe its missmathed files for idle vehicle (those sound like accelerating vehicle)?