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  1. Thanks for the continued support. Great mod appreciate it. :D So much fun playing with this mod!
  2. Gotcha. I will run the test again and provide a list of mods this occurs on.
  3. When it's loaded. Can't hear gunshots from other players who don't have it loaded and vice versa... When all 3cb mods loaded, can't hear other players shooting and guns using CBA functions like RHS bolt action rifles can't be heard on remote clients/server...
  4. @defk0n_NL Hey, this is a great mod. Fixes a very important issue. Thanks a lot. You are awesome! :D Could you upload this to steam? Could I upload this to steam?
  5. Great mod. Thank you, I really appreciate this. @ruPal Is it ok for me to upload this to the steam workshop?
  6. I would like to argue that the actor who was recorded on the squad video acted very unnaturally and fast. I kind of liked the heaviness of arma 2's movement (nostalgic goggles). Arma 3 infantry movement feels a bit too light. It's probably illegal if you copy them straight from squad. The effects in those games feel a lot more 2Dish than 3D, especially dirt from hits / grenades, they kind of look like combat footage is copy-pasted over the game footage.
  7. @blackpixxel I would like to edit this mod and use assets from it. Would you be willing give me permissions to do so and upload the resulting mod on steamworkshop?
  8. You can set max desync and ping on your server. This will autokick people who lag!
  9. There are some things that many AI mods do that should be options / modules for vanilla. AI communicate targets to other nearby groups (radio) Bounding which can be done by half a squad, battlebuddies or pairs of battle buddies (depending on distance to targets) / more complex tactics Finding overwatch / other positions on their own, ex. MG would find a better overwatch positions and lay down more fire and take bigger leaps when moving. MG / AT assistants that stay with MG and actually resupply them AI planting mines AI Clearing buildings in a somewhat tactical manner (as much as possible), some ai mods do this decently with a fire team entering together and looping through all the building positions I find it hard not to play arma 3 without an ai mod/script that will make them a bit more interesting. It feels like some of the functionality of mods like VCOM, ASR AI, bCombat, etc. could be added to the main game with a few modules, or commands to go with them to allow disabling and changing them. SKILL For as far as skill goes, a command to disable the interpolation is needed. Some missions might require certain skill. Or some units. Doing this on a global and unit basis would be really great. Giving more freedom for mission makers to portray the mission that they have in their minds. Maybe script a sniper to be max skill to take one shot and once that's done make him normal again to provide a experience where the player team always takes a hit. Maybe script some vehicles to be less accurate to give the feeling that you are constantly under fire. More power to mission makers to craft whatever they want :)
  10. MinErrorToSendNear Means // ((distance ^ 2) * METS / 20)max METSN // 1000m with default METS and METSN (1000^2)*0.001/20=50 max 0.01; // ~50 m is the minimum error to send for 0.001 MinErrorToSend in 1000m // 100m with default METS and METSN (100^2)*0.001/20=0.5 max 0.01; // ~0.5 m is the minimum error to send in 100m // 10m with default METS and METSN (10^2)*0.001/20=0.005 max 0.01; // ~5 cm is the minimum error to send in 10m // 1m with default METS and METSN (1^2)*0.001/20=0.00005 max 0.01; // ~1 cm is the minimum error to send in 1m All this does is limit the minimum amount of error required to send. 1 cm is small. Try to move 1 cm in-game... Best idea would be to test how much is the minimum amount you move by tapping W. That would reveal how big this value could be. But the question still remains, how does this value matter when rotation comes to play. Because it's important to see
  11. Today the members of Arma Coalition of Groups Will grab their turbans, nades and guns to prepare for an eternal night of fun!
  12. I love what you are doing here. The way to go is inner scope real and outer scope PiP. It looks so nice. I really hope you can keep this project up and it takes off to insane places. I do enjoy pretty visuals a lot. Keep it real, thanks for your mods :)
  13. I am more interested in the internal workings of the mortars, which mortar script does it use? Is it available on github?
  14. How do the mortars in 3cb work?