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  1. 3den Enhanced

    Will upgrading from v.1.9 (I think) have me needing to redo random patrol settings and the like if I update to the latest?
  2. ARMSCor Mod

    This is a very unique faction for Arma, makes for some interesting scenarios on the few African maps we have, and I love the feel and look of the vehicles. Will you be using some custom models or perhaps the vanilla BDU model for the modern army troops? I feel the default 'NATO/US' model is a bit too futuristic, unless that's what you're going for? Will definitely be following this! :) Just a suggestion, perhaps making an option for the main menu edits and music?
  3. German Armed Forces Mod

    Sounds awesome, I'm currently reading Red Storm Rising and it is increasing my wish for Cold War goodness haha! Someone else asked I think, but will the units be released before, or at the same time as the map?
  4. AI takeoff from USS Freedom

    With that script, I assume I write "this execVM "script.sqf""; in a trigger and disableAI "MOVE"; in the init of the jet? After take off will it follow waypoints as normal?
  5. Vortorsk Terrain

    A simple one to use could be the statue of the Soviet troops or the T-34 statue from Chernarus. I'm sure I've seen a Lenin statue floating around somewhere too.
  6. German Armed Forces Mod

    God I'm so ready for this haha. I enjoy seeing the word 'soon' about anything in your post! :D
  7. So the FIA overhaul doesn't necessarily require the SFF vehicles? Everything will function correctly, such as FIA vehicles used in the campaign or other missions?
  8. Really enjoying your units, especially the Syndikat overhaul and the Abu Sayyaf units, makes for some plausible modern scenarios on Tanoa. Have you considered perhaps making a version of the FIA overhaul that uses the RHS vehicles (Or vanilla, like your Syndikat) instead of the SFF vehicles?
  9. Afghan National Army Add-on

    Since the MGP seems to be at a stable, non changing status now, have you considered updating this? It seems to have flown under the radar, but I was making use of them in a few missions!
  10. Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    I hope there is a way to get them to move without player intervention! I never thought I'd see trains in Arma! If there is a way to have AI drive them, will there be ways to 'stop' the train as a mission objective, etc?
  11. [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Has anyone else experienced an issue where the doors will not open on houses? I've not tested it on 100% of all the buildings, but the ones I've noticed seem to be all the Takistan buildings.
  12. Caucasus Insurgency

    I'm having a bit of an issue with something, and probably not this addon specifically, but this is being effected and I'm curious as to if anyone else has experienced it. I'm finding some factions are spawning with random head/face gear, and not just balaclavas, etc, but ridiculous things like hair or gas masks from other mods. As an example, the Russians in this addon will do this, and another faction I've seen effected are the Serbian units from RHS SAF. I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this on these (or other) units too?
  13. Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    ^ That's what I thought in regards to the SSh68, since you're using GREF it may be worthwhile to use their woodland camo and the new woodland PAGST helmet for the SAA.
  14. Caucasus Insurgency

    I thought there was a 6b7 already in RHS? It might be a 6b7-1m, however, so I'm not sure how different the 1m is from the regular 6b7.
  15. Caucasus Insurgency

    Are the flora units considered late war, if so, that'd be roughly 2007 right? Have you considered using the 6b7 for some of those units if they are in fact late war? As in a lot of photos I see of 07-12, it seems infantry used the 6b7 with the painted camo, or was the SSh68 really still that widespread at that point?