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  1. Im excited, model looks great! But why on earth would you ask for the opinion on someone that works on those systems!?!? :P Jk, that will probably make it a lot better ;)
  2. I dont have the issue where it shoots you on the side of the carrier, all catapults work as fine, but i cant detach from the one i lanched from, and the blast deflector stays up.
  3. This was an issue in my first session, but a few hours later when i tried i didn't have this issue. Mabye the game was just bugged for me. Not sure. Very happy with the carrier, even tho them catapult issues are annoying.
  4. I can't seem to detach from the catapult, if i have launched from one, i cant attach to another one and launch again.
  5. Hmm, seems like they forgot some geo lods on thje left and rear parts of the island and the stairs inside.
  6. Damnm, thats rough. Takes 10 min for me to downlaod dev. BUT THE CARRIER! OH MY.
  7. Thank you! I meant the Nasams truck ;) but i figured out how. About the guns, thanks! ;)
  8. Hey, awesome mod ! The details, i'm thoroughly impressed. A few things tho, the lights on the B.A.M at night, damn thats bright, can barely see anything. The NASAMS, is there a way to load that back onto the truck? And a question, there are two canons on the sides of the BAM, Bushmaster ish guns. How do you use them? Or are they not functional? Anyways, great mod, love it!
  9. Doubt it
  10. I see you got some options for the panels and sutff there, i dont have that when i fly the planes? :/ Like that "Right panel next" and such.
  11. @r8gato If you look at the windows on the island, it looks like there might be some sort of interior. Or it is just an open space with no way to get up there because it looks better than having a window texture.
  12. The Carrier is free for everyone ;)
  13. @darksidesixofficial I kinda feel like it is only on the carrier, and we wont be able to place it, but i have my hopes up.
  14. v Im so excited!
  15. Its confirmed!!