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  1. i now but i can try ahaha
  2. so what about these?? and maybe if i add pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease and yes i now its ZZ400
  3. hey guys is there any chance of getting green Army versions of the Wildcats. Would love to have them On another note i can appreciate what im about to ask for to be way down on your list of shiz to do but with regards to the Apache, is there a chance of only have the cannon move when it is selected, so that it isnt on the move when other weapons or none at all are selected??
  4. hope this is good enough gents
  5. any body got any pictures of the assets? just curious for a looky before downloading
  6. shes beautiful bud very much looking forward to flying her..... and shooting her down
  7. im very much looking forward to the jets DLC.. come to daddy
  8. hey bud any chance of adding a towbar so vehicles can be both towed in reverse and pulled forward?
  9. currently that is an issue within the mod itself your pressing the right key your not doing anything wrong
  10. cheers james
  11. im allowed to voice my opinions bro.... respect my option to voice my opinion
  12. But... http://www.army.mod.uk/equipment/23222.aspx.... its right there... on the army website
  13. fair point my line of thinking would be calling the main rifle the SA80A2 then SA80A2-UGL and SA80A2 Carbine and SA80A2 LSW
  14. do you guys think youll ever change the name from l85 to SA80 series instead??
  15. can confirm crashing game when entering camera for eurofighter