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  1. We are usually a 3 man team that plays and we use a drone to keep the zone active. Can an empty vehicle also keep a zone active? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The Nato HEMTT ammo vehicle was able to rearm after I made the classname change. Could you please tell me what file to add the new classname to so it will be saved at the FOB. Thanks Eric Note: This was on dedicated server. The new vehicle saved at the FOB without any other changes.
  3. Just ran a test using the NATO HEMTT Ammo vehicle and am able to rearm the RHS vehicles. I'll try switching the classname.
  4. RHS Ammo vehicle not working. Using the RHS/ACE preset. Seems either the last ACE or game update has caused something go wrong with the M977A4-B Ammo vehicle which causes it not to have the rearm interaction. The fuel and repair mobile vehicles work fine. Question is can we replace it with the nato HEMTT Ammo vechile without messing up our current campaign? Or is there an easy way to add it to the BUILD menu until it gets fixed? Thanks Eric
  5. Waiting on your next GitHub update!!'n Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Possible logistic issue Using the 0.954 version with the RHS/ACE preset and with the AI Logistics Module enabled. Connected to the server and the first thing I did was check the Logistic Overview. Our few towns/factories all had AI routes set to deliver stuff to my one FOB. Later in the evening we lost one of our towns (Almyra, the last town we had captured) and I was expecting to see in the Logistics Overview that the HOTEL route would be Status:Standby but it was somehow set to deliver the same as my GOLF route. I know you can't set 2 routes to the same places but this is what I had in my Logistics Overview. Golf - Destination A (Gatolia) - Destination B (FOB Alpha) Ammo -87900 Hotel - Destination A (Gatolia) - Destination B (FOB Alpha) Ammo - 89300 Before we lost the town the Hotel route was Destination A (Almyra) - Destination B (FOB) Alpha. If you need any more info just let me know. Thanks Eric
  7. No problem ill test it again just to verify.
  8. AR-2 DARTER We have built the flight control and the helipad. I purchased an AR-2 Darter used it on a mission and flew it back to the FOB, Had to restart the dedicated server and when I reconnected the DArter was not there. Should it have been saved? Thanks Eric
  9. Thx. We have the difficulty and aggression turned up and we also are using ACE. I'll post a suggestion shortly.
  10. My guys are reallying enjoying your mission and have 2 questions.. 1 - We flew the CH-47F off the carrier to our FOB. Later on the FOB got attacked and during the battle the CH-47F was destroyed. The next day when we started the mission back up there was a new CH-47F on the carrier. Are the helicopters on the carrier set to respawn on their own? 2 - My guys like a challenge. Right now they feel there is not enough of a penalty for respawning/death. We saw you have a few things in the works for you next version are there any plans on some type of death/respawn penalty? Thanks Eric
  11. Correction!!! Had a chance to run a few missions without Vcomm running and still run into the issue of not being able to drag at random times. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Do you recover more using the salvage depot compared to using the "recycle" option off the mouse scroll wheel? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Salvage Depot - What exactly will this allow us to do? Thanks Eric
  14. Thx, will continue in the "continue thread". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Is there any type of penalty for killing civillians?