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  1. M1025A2 (M2) destroyed vehicles appear unable to be towed. We tried towing it with the M2A2, M1078A1P2-A, M1017A1P2-B and another M1025A2 and none were able to tow it. The undamaged ones were able to be towed by all vehicles. Could you please take a look. Thanks Eric
  2. Forgot to post last night that the ammo cache spawned on the logistic point. We moved it and blew it up and everything seems cleared up now. Thanks for the help. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Here is the rpt entry when the mission is loaded "btc_fnc_mil_create_hideout: _this = [[5175.67,21990,0.221649],0,0,9412.42,46,[]] ; POS [5175.67,21990,0.221649] ID 0" "btc_fnc_mil_create_hideout: _this = [[14601.1,22009.6,0.0314331],1,0,9412.42,59,[]] ; POS [14601.1,22009.6,0.0314331] ID 1" "btc_fnc_mil_create_hideout: _this = [[5241.58,14952.6,0.164188],2,0,9412.42,75,[]] ; POS [5241.58,14952.6,0.164188] ID 2" "btc_fnc_mil_create_hideout: _this = [[21248.9,10402.2,0.196405],3,0,9412.42,126,[[[21036.1,10102.1,0],""4000m""],[[22322.6,10580.8,0],""4000m""],[[20412.6,9812.32,0],""4000m""],[[21060.8,10459.1,0],""4000m""]]] ; POS [21248.9,10402.2,0.196405] ID 3" "btc_fnc_mil_create_hideout: _this = [[22432.5,6808.38,0.0381393],4,0,9412.42,122,[]] ; POS [22432.5,6808.38,0.0381393] ID 4" "CACHE SPAWNED: ID 1 POS [17949.6,15265,-70198.6]" No cache at the mark. And here is the rpt entry after I execute the command.. "CACHE SPAWNED: ID 1 POS [17949.6,15265,-70198.6]" Still no Cache at the mark Is that underground? We are using the RHS Insurgents. Anyway to delete that cache completely and generate the next one? Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks Eric Additional info Restarted server and got the same rpt entry when the mission loaded.. "CACHE SPAWNED: ID 1 POS [17949.6,15265,-70198.6]" but got a different entry after I ran the commands you gave me.. "CACHE SPAWNED: ID 1 POS [8323.16,10113.1,0]"
  4. Ammo cache not there. Playing on Altis have been running into this issue on several occasions. Last night had the issue after we destroyed first cache. Got intel until we had about 6 ?100m markers. We searched every building and no cache was located. We saved mission and restarted in debug mode, went to the cache marker and nothing was there? Is there a console command we can use to eliminate that cache along with its intel ?'s marks. Thanks Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Ok I'll test it again just to see if I have something strange happening on my server. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Non-Destroyed Vehicles left outside of the base area Got out of my vehicle to defuse a suspected IED and a suicide bomber ran up on me and killed me and set off the IED. My vehicle was quite a ways away from the IED so I know it was not destroyed. It was late so I decided to do a save and log off for the night. When I logged back in tonight and had a squad mate drive me over to where I left the vehivle it was not there. Should non destroyed vehicle locations be saved? Thanks Eric
  7. Ammo caches... "They have also ammo caches in various locations, destroy them to weaken its power" Can you elaborate some on how it weakens them? Thanks Eric
  8. Helicopter crashes in deep water. Is there anyway to get it out?
  9. Gameplay question. While testing the mission out we set it to 1 hideout. We destroyed it and got the new task of clearing the rest of the island with circular markers on a bunch of cities/towns/places to clear. Prior to destroying the final hideout if we clear a town/city of insurgents will the continue to respawn there when we leave the area and the pass thru it again later or will it remain cleared? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. When trying to attach the ropes to the destroyed vehicle the ropes just drop to the ground.
  11. Is there a way to attach the ropes to a totally destroyed vehicle? Thanks Eric
  12. Will do the modification. Thx again!!!! My group is addicted to your mission. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Are all destroyed vehicles able to be sling loaded/towed? Have not been able to tow or sling That single heavy apc (think it's a M2A2) in destroyed or working status. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Skill settings question. You skill settings go from 0 to 10. I'm used to the BI settings that go from 0 to 1.0, can you explain like what your numbers are related to? Like is your setting of 10 the same as the BI setting of 1? Thanks Eric
  15. Pretty sure that's what my problem was, was looking at the wreck and didn't see the charge. Great mission!!! My small group have been having a blast playing it.