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  1. Yes the uploads are still going up on google drive, fresh links and changelogs will be updated as soon as possible.
  2. CUPREP #0006: MY SENSORS ARE TINGLING The CUP Team is happy to announce the release of the 1.9.1 patch for Weapons, Units and Vehicles! You can find the downloads on our Download page and Steam Workshop. Change logs will follow shortly. Jets DLC update is here! This patch brings in dynamic loadouts and advanced sensors for all compatible CUP vehicles and weapons. We used values that are roughly comparable to vanilla ones to streamline the experience but that might change depending on the feedback we get from the community. Also a new UH60 variant joins our vehicle lineup, this time featuring M3M door guns, new nose radar, fuel probe and a US Navy livery to work as a bigger brother to the old MH60 Seahawk from Arma 2 in case some of you want more bang for the buck. New jets hitpoints are unfortunately still being worked on however you can expect them to be added sometime later (hopefully soon!) this year. On the other hand there has been some movement in the AFM department thanks to Jonpas, as this patch brings AFM compatibility for the new Littlebirds. We also would like to take advantage of this occasion and remind you that we have launched a new CUP DEV Branch on steam! Just like vanilla DEV Branch, our DEV is intended for advanced users and communities who want the latest hotfixes and/or help out development with feedback. Because of how Steam works and how we want to keep more control on who has access to this separate version, you need to befriend the CUP Team Steam account to see it. Drop us a message on our Discord Chat ( to let us know who you are and we'll make sure to give you access. As usual we remind you that we have a feedback tracker you can use if you find issues with our content and ease our life: This is all for now, enjoy! =)
  3. Thanks to all the people that reported it, it's not corrected.
  4. CUPREP #0005: CUPDATE Time (redux) Fellow Arma 3 players, The CUP Team is happy to announce the release of the 1.9.0 patch for Weapons, Units and Vehicles! You can find the downloads on our Download page. Change logs are available here: Weapons (ACE specific changes) Units Vehicles (ACE specific changes) Along with the usual round of fixes this patch brings along a few neat changes that will surely be appreciated by the community! First and foremost, the old Littlebird models have been canned and replaced with brand new, much better looking ones! In the process, a few extra variants have also been added featuring a new GAU-19 pod and a new ION PMC livery. This brings us to the next big addition, which is the ION PMC faction. All uniform and vest models have been made from scratch, adding a lot of variation to the general look of the units and providing also more sandbox content in case you like to mix equipment on your character. Other additions worth mentioning are the M76A6 rocket launcher (courtesy of the Canadian Armed Forces mod), the Tatra T-810 transport truck for the Army of the Czech Republic, a new Humvee SOV variant featuring an M2 machinegun and FFV seats, improved animations and turn out capability for the LAV-25, MH-60L DAP with various loadouts and some brand new textures for the M113 and M1 Abrams. Extra work has also been put into a general re-balance of vehicle armor to make the behavior more in line with what you’d expect from the real life counterpart. This should have us covered until BI reveals what new amazing tech they have for the upcoming Tanks DLC. Now that the obligatory list of fancy new toys is out of the way we can move on to the real reason why we have this lengthy blog post accompanying our release (as you may have noticed it’s not something we’re used to do, which means this is a special occasion!). If you are a regular on our BI Forums threads or on our Discord chat, you probably know a couple weeks ago we deployed a custom DEV branch of our mod on Steam (more details on how to get access can be found below). We have two main reasons why we decided to have this: the first and more obvious one is to seek for additional help debugging our mod, the second and probably less obvious one is to provide a steady stream of updates and fixes. We usually don’t have a set goal for patches, we release a patch whenever we feel like we have made enough changes to justify it. Sometimes that takes just a few weeks, sometimes it takes several months (for example the patch before this was released the first week of January, the one before that came out mid-November). This combined with the ever-changing nature of Arma 3 means that getting out to the public a simple change or a fix for something breaking unexpectedly is not always easy. With this new DEV branch instead you can get access to the latest changes in a timely fashion without being bound to the public branch releases. This extra benefit however doesn’t come without drawbacks! Much like Arma 3 official DEV Branch, this is a snapshot of our development process and sometimes things might not be up to speed or come with odd errors. That almost never translates into major game-breaking issues but if you decide to take up on this for whatever reason, you should be aware of the risks. Also goes without saying that if you decide to join this, you’re expected to help us clean out issues, so communicating with us is paramount. In addition to our feedback tracker we’ll soon be restructuring our Discord channels to add a new Tester group and dedicated channel where we’ll be able to communicate directly in a more focused environment. So how do you get access to this new DEV branch? Well it’s very simple, all you have to do is add the CUP Team steam account to your friends list. Once your friendship request has been accepted you’ll find all the DEV mods among our workshop items. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know who you are if you add our account, we’re not in the habit of accepting random friend requests for various reasons, so unless you want your request to be trashed leave us a message on the BI Forums or Discord to let us know it’s you. DEV branch updates are expected to come once a week, that may vary depending on whether we’re getting closer to a public branch release. This concludes our presentation for this Splendid new patch. Hoping to hear back from you, bye for now!
  5. It's unfortunately been awhile since our last update, but we've accomplished a lot during that time. With this update we have decided to split CWA (also known as Cold War Rearmed²) into its own package, separate from Core and Maps. CWA will use our new CUP-L license. After consultation with our contributors, we are also taking this opporunity to allow the use of CUP Terrains Core and Maps (not CWA) on servers that are approved by BI for monetization. We reiterate, you may ONLY use CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Maps packages on monetized servers if you follow the rules of monetization and your server is on Bohemia Interactive's list of approved servers. Google Drive, Armaholic, and SteamWS. PWS may follow shortly as well. You can find the links here on our website. To recap what the packages encompass: CUP Terrains Core - A1 & A2 buildings and objects - no required addons CUP Terrains Maps - A1 & A2 maps - requires CUP Terrains Core CUP Terrains CWA - CWR² buildings, objects and maps - requires CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Maps CUP Terrains Complete - contains the previous mentioned packages (Core, Maps, and CWA) all in one download Here are the changelogs:
  6. CUPdate v1.8.1 is released! CUP Weapons v1.8.1 on Google Drive CUP Units v1.8.1 on Google Drive CUP Vehicles v1.8.1 on Google Drive CUP Weapons v1.8.1 on Steam Workshop CUP Units v1.8.1 on Steam Worshop CUP Vehicles v1.8.1 on Steam Workshop Releases on PWS, Armaholic and an updated Website will follow soon. Changelogs:
  7. CUPREP #0004: November Rain CUPDATE It's the time of the year again, time for another CUPDATE. As usual, if you find any issues, let us know (links in the first post) IMPORTANT: Starting with Version 1.8.0, CUP is published under a different license. (NOTE: Version numbers on the web page might still show 1.7.1 until our web master updates them. Currently only Google Drive files are updated, other sources will follow tomorrow. Check the version numbers. They should be 1.8.0) Download: CUP Weapons 1.8.0 CUP Units 1.8.0 CUP Vehicles 1.8.0 ACE Compatibility: Weapons ​Vehicles Changelog Weapons: Changelog Units: Changelog Vehicles ACE Compatibility
  8. CUPREP #0003: APEX Update Part Deux This is a hotfix for a few errors that slipped in the latest patch. As usual, if you find any more issues with the mod please report them in our feedback tracker below: Sorry for the inconvenience! Bye for now! Weapons changelog: Vehicles changelog: Download links:
  9. CUPREP #0002: APEX Update The long awaited APEX expansion is finally out, and along with it some new tech! As we showed the previous days all our vehicles are now compatible with the new Vehicle In Vehicle technology. Despite not being as fancy as the old one we made in terms of immersiveness, it is a lot more reliable, is AI / Zeus / EDEN compatible, allows airdrops, and has the direct support of BI. So we think all in all this is a trade for the better! Like it? Don't like it? Found weird combinations of vehicles loaded and space available? Let us know in the feedback tracker! This being said, this is more or less a maintenance update. Less RPT spam, less config errors, visual tweaks, a lot of weapons now have soundshaders (special thanks to LAxemann for most of the heavy lifting!), APEX compatibility, ride-on-top FFV seats, you can read all about it in the changelog below. Finally, we added some new vehicles (AC-47D Spooky, MTVR, V3S, L-39ZA) and some new retextures and liveries of existing content. We'll be linking the files from google drive below, the website is currently under maintenance and should be up and running with the new patch as well this evening. Updates are also being pushed to the other usual places as well (PWS, Steam WS, Armaholic, etc). Bye for now! Weapons changelog: Units changelog: Vehicles changelog: ACE Compat changelogs: Download links:
  10. Google Drive, PWS and SteamWS are updated. You can find the links here: Armaholic mirror will follow shortly. Here are the changelogs: CUP Terrains 1.2.0 Core: + ADDED: New CWA buildings, objects and associated data + ADDED: Animations for the sliding doors on stodola_open.p3d @ FIXED: Materials in fire geometry of stodola_open.p3d and stodola_old_open.p3d @ FIXED: RPT errors from view geometry of stodola_old_open.p3d not being convex @ FIXED: updating base class RPT errors for Fuelstation, Land_Houpacka, and Land_piskoviste @ FIXED: updating base class RPT errors from ThirskW inheriting CAWorld and Utes in different places @ FIXED: RPT errors and ladders on panelak2.p3d and panelak3.p3d - Fixes 1419 @ IMPROVED: Tweaked desert lighting @ IMPROVED: Tweaked Utes, Chernarus, Bukovina, Bystrica grass CUP Terrains 1.2.0 Maps: + ADDED: 5 New terrains from Arma: Cold War Rearmed, originally made by CWR2 Team + ADDED: Everon + ADDED: Malden + ADDED: Kolgujev + ADDED: Nogova + ADDED: Desert Island @ FIXED: #CRTarmac parallax issue on Chernarus @ IMPROVED: Various fixes and improvements on the CWR2 terrains Kudos to the CWR2 Team for allowing us to port the iconic OFP terrains from Arma2 to Arma3. For the full list of people that worked on those terrains, please see their website.
  11. It all began today 15 years ago with Everon, Malden and Kolgujev. Want to go back? More infos coming soonâ„¢.
  12. CUP Terrains update 1.1.0 released:
  13. CUPREP #0001 : It's CUPDATE time! The Community Upgrade Project is proud to announce another happy little accident in the form of our new Website and the rollout of a new update for the Weapons, Vehicles and Units packs. Head over to our new website and check our downloads page for links to the new stuff. Download mirrors might take a while to get the updates. And since you all have been such good boys and girls, here's a gallery of goodies that are in the new update. Enjoy!
  14. After another happy little accident was discovered, the team decided to realease a second hotfix for the CUP Unit pack. Among the fixes: - Correct mod.cpp icon - Fixed: Issue with Taik Autorifleman backpack - Fixed: Wrong hitpoint selections and hitpoint LOD in all uniforms - Fixed: Some clipping issues on Taki vests - Added: More civilian units - and more... Check the first post for downloads and more info on changes. As of now, workshop is not yet updated..