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  1. ok, time for all sides to stop with the back and forth of anything that is not directly on topic to the thread or it will be locked and possibly removed. Received quite a few reports on this thread from all sides. You do not need to one up the other guy and get back at him. If it is not directly on topic, just stop please. Thank you.
  2. @Schatten Krieger actually, @Brady_The is correct, you need to remove the period "." from the end of your clan tag in Arma 3 Units. Change this: Echo Sect. to: Echo Sect And give it another try.
  3. No name calling, flame-baiting or offtopic. Users that do will continue to get warnings and possible restrictions or suspension from the forums.
  4. @P.PI was informed the issue in this case is due to the specific high port number that is being used. IT needs to make some changes to Units reporting server to allow for higher port numbers to be used. There is not currently an ETA of when this configuration change will occur. For the time being, if you are willing and able to do it, you can change the port number to the default Arma 3 server port numbers(or very close to the default range) it should allow for the server status to work properly on Arma 3 Units page. @Walrusking sending you a private message.
  5. Please keep all posts in English as per the forums rules. Thank you.
  6. sending you a PM to help troubleshoot. Edit: For anyone that might still have an issue not seeing your Unit logo, check and make sure your clan tag ends with a regular letter and does not end with a . Period or a | or any other type of symbol.
  7. Some servers can be set(configured) to not show Arma 3 Unit or Squad XML logo images. Some also might have other issues preventing it from showing, and I think there is still an issue with Linux servers on the display of the logos.
  8. Thread now locked.
  9. Some thread cleanup has occurred here. Remember the forums rules about not asking for updates or if it is available, etc. This is not allowed.
  10. Moved and changed title.
  11. Indeed there was an issue with the permissions. @Tankbuster thank you for reporting this. Issue is now resolved.
  12. Hello, could you try again? IT found an issue and made a small change to your account. If there are any others who find they have this same or similar issue where connecting your BI account to Steam is not working for you, please send me a private message so that it can be looked into.
  13. Thread cleanup removing offtopic. Locked. Edit: Re-opening this so discussion can continue. Please keep it on topic.
  14. What is the name of Unit? or send me a PM. Make sure there is no . (period) or other non letter or number ending your clan tag for the unit.
  15. This should now be resolved. Looks like it was a setting for another section that was accidentally applied during a maintenance to the Arma 3 News sub-forum.