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  1. Bohemia Interactive & NVIDIA present the #Armachinima Awards Create the best cinematic Arma 3 video ever, win a top-tier NVIDIA graphics card Channel your inner-Spielberg, get your Scott on, and unleash the Bayhem. Welcome to the #Armachinima Awards! In this new contest, we’re inviting you to deliver the best Arma 3 cinematic video ever created – to entertain the troops, and to win a top-tier NVIDIA graphics card! What’s a machinima? The dictionary suggests: machinima / məˈʃɪnɪmə / noun: the practice or technique of producing animated films through the manipulation of video game graphics. For the purpose of this contest, an ‘armachinima’ is a directed cinematic video using Arma 3 game graphics. Whether it’s long or short, a full-length feature film, a documentary, a trailer, or even just an ‘experience’ – every type of video is welcome, as long as they have cinematic qualities. So prepare your storyboards, get ready to capture, enlist friends and family for (voice-)acting, and put the Eden Editor to use! But even if you’re not competing, you can participate by voting for the 10 nominees starting from February 14th. Afterwards, the Arma 3 development team will select 3 winners from the nominees, which will be announced in the beginning of March. Aside from glory, 1st place will be awarded a beastly NVIDIA GTX 1080, while 2nd and 3rd place will receive a magnificent NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card. The perfect prizes for those who are into gaming and video production! Additionally, all 10 nominees will receive an Arma 3 t-shirt. To enter the contest, you simply need to send an e-mail to with a YouTube link to your entry AND a download link to the video file itself. Be sure to also include your contact details. The submission deadline is February 13th 09:00 CET (GMT+1). For more info on the #Armachinima Awards, as well as the full set of contest rules, be sure to check our website at We’ll also be updating this page with the latest entries, so check back regularly and prepare to vote from February 14th. Good luck filmmakers, and for those watching, enjoy the show! “If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed” – Stanley Kubrick
  2. Thread has been moved and other threads/posts have been merged.
  3. Hello, Sorry to hear you are having an issue. It would be helpful and it would be appreciated if you could put the details of your issue into feedback tracker: You may need to create an account on the feedback tracker to submit a report. Here is a short guide on how to submit a crash report: For any crash that occurs, including an RPT file would be especially helpful to try to figure out what is going on. You should be able to find the RPT files in your user local directory: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\ Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  4. Is there an advanced editing, option for posting? or is it built into the normal mode now? There is not yet an advanced editing option. The current editor is the default editor for the forums software with only a re-order of the interface based on the previous forums. It has been identified since before the update that it has less advanced features. The web team will be reviewing adding in advanced features to match or similar to what the previous forums had. Terminology use, it says on our profile content count, should that not be post count, and then when you see"create new content" should that not be create a new thread? The Terminology is meant to be consistent, however the interface and display of content per user is quite different now with the new forums update. Inconsistencies will be investigated and the web team will be looking to resolve any issues. Tapatalk seems to be broken now Tapatalk did not officially work on the previous forums, for at least a year(however it did somehow work for a few people). It is the intention of the web team to get Tapatalk working with this new forums and some actions have already been taken. There is not an ETA at this time, but it is planned. Not sure how to post videos now... For Youtube, just paste the URL into the post and it will automatically embed, and while you are still editing a tool tip will appear allowing you to "Display as link instead" Some other sites, like a video posted to reddit, will also embed with a video player.(for example, on Reddit, click on the comments link to view the Reddit video post with the title and comments, use that page's URL when posting to the forums here, and it will embed the Title from Reddit along with the embedded video player.) Embedding with straight iframe code is not supported. Embed support of other video sources will be reviewed and may be implemented in the future, depending on the format and embed option based on the source. I'm missing the old "Content I follow" system When the forums were updated the follow system was updated/changed to a new system. You may find that you will need to re-follow content you previously were following. Cover photos on the profiles. Come on, please let us upload fotos there. Its one of the features, that make a users profile worth to visits. This will be considered and reviewed. want to add that I hope to see the E-Mail notifications working again as they did before the update, e.g, one e-mail for each new post. The new forums does not have the same email notification setting options, but it does offer other additional control/options for email notifications. Click on the gear icon, go to account settings, to the right under "Other settings", click on "Notification Settings" noticed if you post in a thread, then try to make another post from the link at the bottom of the thread, it auto pulls up the last post as if you actually intended to make an edit. The forums software will attempt to merge two separate posts that are made within a short amount of time in the same thread into one post. This is meant to consolidate multiple short post contents into one post. If you give it some time, posting a separate reply post is possible. there's absolutely no progress on the anti spam front. Oh, and the forum ranking system is still broken There is progress, but it is behind the scenes. The efforts continue, but it is not completely solved yet. I am having issues where i don't always get a notification of threads i follow, it shows new posts from some people who post there, but from all of them, for instance i got a notification that 2 people posted on the SMA chat, while when i was on the thread, about 5 different people posted, is this something that is still being worked on or is this just a bug?? Double check your email notification settings When the forums were being updated, there was a large back end process queue that was gradually making progress. During this process, there was some inconsistencies with the email notifications that were being sent out. Most of these issues should now be resolved, but if you continue to have issues with email notifications, please send me a private message @BohemiaBeck and we will look into it. Is there any hope of autosave feature coming back? The new forums will save a draft of post content before it is posted within the same session. Lack of manual BBCode, Code seems to work yet manually doing Quote I have just had half a post disappear when I went to submit it. The new forums software does handle it differently. The advanced features of post creation and edit will continue to be reviewed. No post number # which are handy for referring back to a particular post with in a thread The web team will review the change to the UI look of adding back in the post #. Clicking on the share link of the post provides a direct url link to the post in a thread and within the url the post ID is included: (example) /topic/200071-forums-upgrade/?do=findComment&comment=3132520 This is just the forums ID for the specific post and not the post number within the thread. No Autosave on replies, which was a handy feature The new forums will save a draft of post content before it is posted within the same session. admins should check ofther posts and see if other extended chars or other kind of chars in utf8 (Russian etc) are broken ins some kind too. I don't mind fixing my post but I think it broke many many old posts, that used that kind of chars for nice formatting. Immediately after the forums update, the forums system was still working on a backlog queue to process and resolve the mis-converted characters. It appears this process did not catch all cases so the web team will review and attempt to resolve the outstanding cases. Forum software wastes so much screen space Future refinements to the white space and UI design may occur, however there is not an ETA at this time. No overview about what's hot currently A small list of the latest threads and latest posts appears on the forums home page, as well as the most recent post in a sub-forum on the sub-forum list. If you have ideas or examples of other options for an overview about what's hot currently feel free to provide some feedback here in the thread or send me a private message: Superscripts in forum "ranks" are borked. The forums ranks are automatically assigned with a rank based on post count. This issue only affects a few cases (customized rank was something that was enabled in the past, for a short amount of time). However, it will eventually be fixed for those cases. offer an additional entry point without all the Bohemia Corporate Identity things which I do not need. Yes, we are customers, but I already know that. It does not have to be told to me every time. I prefer usable pages. The presentation of a simple thread supject and thread starter (Here "Forums Update", "Started by BohemiaBeck") is ridiculously huge. Maybe it's different on a 50000x30000 screen. There will not likely be a separate or custom version of the forums. However, the UI and white-space design will be reviewed. On mobile, the back page button built into the operating system still teleports us back to the old site. This really needs to be fixed ASAP. This is not occurring in our tests. It may have been a symtom/issue that occurred soon after the forums update occurred. If this is still an issue, please send me a private message with more specific details that include Mobile OS, browser type, example page/thread that is occurs on, etc: @BohemiaBeck the announcement sticky takes up so much space Agree that it is large in size, however there are some constraints to how the announcement is displayed and when it is important information that needs to be relayed to all members. There are currently no plans to change the format as it is currently used, when it is used. But changes to make it a bit more streamlined with the interface, while remaining clearly visible for important announcements, will be considered and reviewed. Cant delete any of notification There was an issue that existed for a while shortly after the forums update where it was not possible to turn on or off some of the specific email notifications settings. This should now be resolved. "mark all read" "mark all unread" functions on notification page are not really working There was an issue that existed for a while shortly after the forums update. This should now be resolved. If you are continuing to have this issue, please send me a private message. Need the option to return formatted text to the default format, the button/key what have you, is missing for that. It used to be to the left of B for bold. The post content creation functionality is new with this forums update and quite different from the previous forums. It does not currently include functionality to hide/un-hide BBcode formatting features and not all previous BBcode are supported. More advanced features for post content creation will be looked into and considered in the near future. need the break link button. When editing the post, highlight the link and choose "remove link" How to input a clickable banner in the signature without the above function ? There appears to be an issue setting a link on an image / banner image and this will be looked into. Is there a way to resize YouTube videos ? There are too big in my opinion. There is not currently a option for users to change the video size, but having the option to change the size and changing the size of the default embedded player itself will be looked into. Opening a thread from an e-mail notification makes it impossible to log in. It may have been a symptom/issue that occurred soon after the forums update occurred. If this is still an issue, please send me a private message with more specific details that include OS, browser type, etc: @BohemiaBeck could we have the absolute post time of a particular post come back instead of having to hover over the relative time of the post to reveal the absolute post time? also absolute post time should respect the particular timezone user has selected in profile settings. This will be looked into. Please add an undo button, when something gets messed up i have to redo it instead of undo the changes The advanced features of post creation and edit will continue to be reviewed. add a clear format button like you had before as any formatted text you want to return to normal text you would highlight the word, sentence, or paragraph and press that button and all format was removed and returned to the default font, size and color. While not as convenient, it is possible to remove the basic formatted feature applied to the text one at a time, by highlighting the text in question and hitting B, I or Underline once again, to remove that formatting. The advanced features of post creation and edit will continue to be reviewed. Pasted internet adresses are not automatically recognized When a normal web link is pasted within the post it will automatically be converted to a web link. However, there may be some cases, depending on the type of link and what characters are in the URL where the forums software does not recognize the whole link properly. This issue will be investigated further. Formatted text, or text with links will only show as text when pasted from another forum, thread, or post, the link and any format is lost when transferred in a reply here, or in a new thread to be posted, please fix Investigating. The "thread starter" label is also gone. Can we have it back ? This will more than likely be implemented as it was before. Please give us a desktop view on mobile. Investigating. can we have something working as alternative to the WYSIWYG editor? that one is unusable for complex formatted posts like many mods and mission are using to introduce their work.. The advanced features of post creation and edit will continue to be reviewed. BB Code (editor) seems sadly given up by the IPB team ... It is the case that not all previous BBcode will be supported moving forward. However there is likely room for some customization for our forums and the advanced features of post creation and edit will continue to be reviewed. Could we please have C as default syntax highlighting in in the forums? You currently do have to manually select C highlighting after selecting the code brackets to paste in highlighted code, but at post creation the option is there. The web team should be able to change it so the default selected syntax highlighting is set to C instead of HTML. However, old posts and the highlighting that is displayed, there may be cases where it was not properly set/converted with the proper syntax highlighting when the forums was updated. Please send me a private message on any specific case so that I might help the web team investigate these issues: @BohemiaBeck how to create red tags next to subjects? When you are creating your thread, after you have put in some Tags, just below that field select Item Prefix and select the tag to be displayed in red before the title. That is it for now. As @R0adki11 mentioned it is holiday break for most people at BI this week. Thank you for your patience and understanding and as we move into the new year, we look forward to your continued feedback, it is always appreciated! Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  5. Yes it is planned. The web team will perform an update specifically for Tapatalk. There is not an ETA yet for the update, but it is planned to occur.
  6. Hello, The web team will be performing a maintenance today between 13:00 - 14:00 UTC in attempts to resolve some of the login issues. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  7. Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback so far, it is appreciated so keep it coming. Also thank you to everyone for your patience and understanding as the web team tackles some of the issues and concerns after the forums upgrade. They are working hard to improve the forums and to resolve any issues. As a note, with the forums upgrade there are now additional notification settings. Please check your notifications in your settings: To make any changes to your possible email notifications. Best regards, BohemniaBeck
  8. With the forums upgrade there are now additional notification settings. Please check your notifications in your settings: For consitancey, please use this other thread for forums feedback: Locking this thread so that any new feedback will be placed in the one thread. Thank you for understanding. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  9. All username's / Nickname's are handled by going to
  10. Hello everyone, As you may have noticed, the forums have now been upgraded. Please use this thread to provide any feedback you might have. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  11. Hello Bohemia Interactive forums members and community. The web team will be performing a forums update starting tomorrow. The update process will take about one week. The forums will be offline in maintenance, but should still be accessible as read only. In this read only state you should be able to browse and read posts, but you will not be able to create new posts or content. Why will it take a whole week? We are giving a conservative time frame to ensure proper backend testing and migration can occur. Why such a short notice? This forums update is long overdue and has been in planning for quite a while, but had be rescheduled several times. A window of opportunity is now available for the web team, so it will now proceed. What will change? For the most part just the front landing page and the backend core software is changing along with some of the look and feel. After the main landing page, most of the sub-forum's order and structure is intended to remain the same or as close as possible to what you have been used to. Best regards, BohemiaBeck
  12. imgur changed how they allow album embed's. I updated the forums bbcode for the new style so it will at least work for now, but we will probably want to look at a balance of having larger image size, etc. ... Make sure to use the special bbcode media tag when putting in the url (the button just to the left of "font" when composing a post.
  13. Adding poll (while I look into why you were not able to)
  14. Yes, many separate feedback threads are now in this one thread. Some of the first few pages may be a little tough to read in the correct order, however moving forward it will be more clear/focused.
  15. Hello AV8R_Six_One, We did manage to get it resolved for voodoo.shogun, there was indeed something a miss in his original image file format even though it was listed as PNG. I grabbed his original image which was in PNG but at an odd small file size, used an image editor (, created a transparency layer and saved it out as a new file in PNG, optimized it with and it worked fine after that. Thank you for suggesting that it might have been JPG then saved as PNG, that might very well be what was going on and I will be looking into it a bit more now based on that theory. Also, thank you for the feedback suggestions you have made, it is appreciated! BohemiaBeck