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  1. For those enum errors, it's not missing strings, it's false positives, and they are absolutely EVERYWHERE :( .
  2. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    The AW edit version wasn't updated in a while, i'll do it with the rest in 2-3 hours from now, i'll update this post with the releases when it's done. Both altis / tanoa and the altis AW edit are up to date: Altis / Tanoa normal version: https://github.com/alganthe/Co-ops/releases/tag/1.4.368 Altis AW edit: https://github.com/alganthe/Co-ops_AW_edit/releases/tag/1.4.379 Mission.sqm wasn't changed outside of the version number, no changes to defines.hpp either, (AW edition does have big changes since the last update, make sure to not just copy paste blindly)
  3. Are you fucking kidding me R3VO, it's a mess and you know it, hell part of the function is useless (ammoboxExit), a rewrite would be nice but it's sure never gonna happen.
  4. You should check the arsenal function one day, you'll understand why adding anything to it takes ages.
  5. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    Known issue, fixed in: https://github.com/alganthe/Co-ops/commit/cc5013ad9cc939f67b7d705944250497364ee46a
  6. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    Update 1.4.350 released. https://github.com/alganthe/Co-ops/releases/tag/1.4.350 It's mostly a bunch of QOL fixes and derp revive being finalized, there's also a new side mission.
  7. WOOP WOOP! Always good to have the tools you're using get updated :P
  8. Updated main post, new release for fixing the issues that came with the apex update (1.62) https://github.com/alganthe/MFFA/releases I also pushed it to the steam workshop.
  9. I seriously thought nobody used it, I'll update it ASAP.
  10. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    No, but I expect that BIS don't expect people to be able to reload MP missions (not possible in the apex co-op campaing :( ) Saving should be disabled on the mission. new version: 1.3.294 changelog: https://github.com/alganthe/Co-ops/releases/tag/1.3.294 If you had desync issues previously those were related to remoteExec whitelisting, they should be fixed now.
  11. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    It seems to be a BIS issue that I cannot fix :/
  12. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    The mission autodetect buildings, which version of the mission, and which AO was it? it's possible that a location doesn't have buildings with interiors.
  13. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    Feel free to edit the AI precision via mission parameters :P
  14. [MP][COOP-60] Co-ops

    New version(s), changelogs here: https://github.com/alganthe/Co-ops/releases most important changes: - Revive system completely fixed - paradrop system improvement - Much easier to modify than before Mission has also been ported to tanoa.