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  1. Ahoj pe_pe1431, ty jsi dělal češtinu na CrowdInu? Nebo je to čistě tvoje iniciativa a v CrowdInu jsi nebyl veden? Znamenalo by to, že tvá čeština je druhá verze mimo CrowdIn... (což tak předpokládám je...)
  2. Hi, thank you for your interest, but the localization project is closed for now, as we do not seek any more languages to get localized. The TKOM team is now working to get the existing translations in-game, but that's it.
  3. Ahoj, bohužel zatím se jedná o starou verzi, update lokalizace ještě neproběhl. Bude to brzy, upozorníme na to. :)
  4. Thanks, will fix this as soon as possible.
  5. Localized languages should be released in the next patch. Sorry for making you waiting but we had to take care of some other updates first.
  6. Thanks for the reports. We are currently busy with preparing Arma 3 Jets localization, we will try to take a look at your reports as soon as we can. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Hi. Sorry, this might have slipped through the cracks. Can you please PM me the Feedback Tracker issue link? I will check it personally. For more reports, please check this forum thread. Thank you.
  8. Hello everybody. Thank you very much for this valuable feedback. This is definitely something to take into serious consideration. Truth be told, we are aware of issues with the legacy Arma 3 texts and we are fixing anything reported by the community. Currently we are focusing on fine-tuning the new content primarily and to offer the best localization of new content as possible. Fixing the legacy content is a result of fixes of the new content (like UI, weapon descriptions, strings shared across DLCs, etc.). You have correctly observed Apex localization is of higher quality - the reason for this is we have recognized the shortcomings some time after the Marksmen DLC and we have been improving our processes ever since - and implemented a higher-quality team of translators, proofreaders and we have ramped up our localization testing procedures. There is not many resources to fully fix bugs which have remained in the legacy texts, but you are right we should do something to improve at least the first impression areas of the game for Japanese and Korean players, especially when the new content is already in good quality. I will see what I can do about that. Last but not least, it probably did not help that back in the day, Japanese and Korean localization of the base Arma 3 was done by our Japanese and Korean distribution partners, out of control of Bohemia Interactive. Which is something which has changed after the Marksmen DLC, we are working on all languages by ourselves, managed in-house in cooperation with external reliable partners. In any case, we will be happy for any report you can make in case you see a bug or a linguistic error. I will fix it personally based on such reports. Just report this in Feedback Tracker (and assign to falagor if you can). How to structure reports in Feedback Tracker? Use the following checklist: 1) State the language version (Japanese, Korean...) 2) Clearly state what is wrong 3) State where the issue is, how to locate it (reproduction steps) 4) Mention the wrong text (if any) 5) Mention the correct text or correct solution to the issue (what you suggest as the correct version) 6) Attach a screenshot clearly showing the bug (you can highlight it by coloured frame or underline it in red) - very important, otherwise we are blind without this We have established an Arma 3 Apex thread for localization bugs, so that is an alternative for you as well. But we really prefer if you report it in the Feedback Tracker - easier for you and for us. :) Thank you!
  9. All the aforementioned fixed were implemented with exception of the last one, I do not see any obvious mistake there. Thank you for the reports!
  10. Please check my post above. Now that the game is released, we should move on with Czech and Polish (and others) community localization soon. Please stay tuned for more info. No more information are available at this time. :)
  11. No additional help needed at the present time, thank you.
  12. Hello. Now that the game is released, we should move on with Czech and Polish (and others) community localization soon. Please stay tuned for more info.
  13. Thanks for that. We will do our best to process this before the 1.68 update.
  14. Hello classic. Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of the fact that unfortunately the localization of the basic Arma 3 might have some issues, and we have taken certain steps to increase quality in the Apex expansion. If you wish to let us know some things to correct, feel free to report it here or in Feedback Tracker. Thank you!