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  1. I don't believe that this is the right place to ask such questions
  2. Right click?
  3. Are you playing alone? We found that the arming will not sync if 2 people are inside of the bird.
  4. Yeah, I assume there isn't some kind of autotrim function? It keeps diving down real fast at almost any speed.
  5. Alright it works now :) Thanks. You think you can get that WSO armament control working? I have not seen that on any other aircraft!
  6. The "texture & config v0.3" link is dead, can you reupload it?
  7. Please share them if you can!
  8. Cool, this is for multiplayer as well right?
  9. Hey! Wondering, now with the Jets DLC update, do you think you'll be able to allow the weapons officer to control both the laser designator and the weapons?
  10. More people are finding out about this amazing mod!
  11. Is it possible to create a Discord channel for this mod? That'd be really cool.
  12. Holy crap ease on guys, I can only get so erect.
  13. For me this mod has always been the example of what can be done with scripts, it'd be amazing if the team could get back on track!
  14. AFAIK they're busy in real life, so they don't have much time to work on the mod.