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  1. Hmm I can't get on your server I think... The buildings addon has a wrong signature, but downloaded it a minute ago on your site. There is no key in the folder, maybe that's the problem.
  2. Guys do you run the server with TADST? cusss I don't know how to handle the server mods only on TADST :(
  3. My only question about TADST is, when you have a server only mod, how do you implement this? IniDBi2 is needed for a mission...
  4. Sure! Find the folder that Steam saves the workshop mods to (should be something like Steam/SteamApps/Workshop/Content/105480 Inside that folder with the weird number (105480 in my case) theres a TON of folders with random numbers on them. Go to the webpage for the desired workshop mod on Steam. If you look at the URL it will end in the number that corresponds to the folder on your computer. Manually add the folders to TADST that correspond to the workshop mods you want. ALSO! Use the sim-link in the Arma 3 root directory (!workshop). Make sure you have Show Hidden Folders enabled in Windows. It contains shortcuts to the mod folders without having to use the Steam Workshop UID.
  5. I think this is the successor of it.
  6. Is there a way to try the mission, without being on dev?
  7. I wish there was a arma2 like version of wasteland, in arma3 so much!
  8. I just wanted to sign me up for it :(
  9. Wow nice work Neo! How does it to actually be in zagrabad? :O Do you thinks this is something that would be working for multiplayer (framedrops, ect.) ?
  10. Is there any news about the server hopping?
  11. You can create a discord channel for it? Or open up your AT discord if you have on.
  12. Hi Urbanski11, So this is what the flow is: - Begin in the "prison". - Kill a guard and take his weapon. - Raid some squads (Hint: get to a main road). - When you get a map of a enemy body, go to a ?. - If the ? is a Comm center, you have to hack the communication box. - You'll now see a LZ point on the map. - When you arived the LZ, make sure there are no enemy nearby. (for evacuation purpose) - If it's all clear, you have to THROW A SMOKE and wait for the helicopters. - If the LZ isn't clear, the choppers will be shot down. - When that happened, you have to sure for a second Comm center. I hoped this helped you :D Please invite me if you do another run (A) Greatz, Darkfurby1
  13. REQ JOIN - Darkfurby1 - TD REQ JOIN - Bert - TD REQ JOIN - Tuinhekdeurtje - TD
  14. Will this be a mission on Tanoa? Are there any mods involved?
  15. Is there a reason to upgrade your second office? Because I already the Heavy team.