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  1. I think this is the successor of it.
  2. Is there a way to try the mission, without being on dev?
  3. I wish there was a arma2 like version of wasteland, in arma3 so much!
  4. I just wanted to sign me up for it :(
  5. Wow nice work Neo! How does it to actually be in zagrabad? :O Do you thinks this is something that would be working for multiplayer (framedrops, ect.) ?
  6. Is there any news about the server hopping?
  7. You can create a discord channel for it? Or open up your AT discord if you have on.
  8. Hi Urbanski11, So this is what the flow is: - Begin in the "prison". - Kill a guard and take his weapon. - Raid some squads (Hint: get to a main road). - When you get a map of a enemy body, go to a ?. - If the ? is a Comm center, you have to hack the communication box. - You'll now see a LZ point on the map. - When you arived the LZ, make sure there are no enemy nearby. (for evacuation purpose) - If it's all clear, you have to THROW A SMOKE and wait for the helicopters. - If the LZ isn't clear, the choppers will be shot down. - When that happened, you have to sure for a second Comm center. I hoped this helped you :D Please invite me if you do another run (A) Greatz, Darkfurby1
  9. REQ JOIN - Darkfurby1 - TD REQ JOIN - Bert - TD REQ JOIN - Tuinhekdeurtje - TD
  10. Will this be a mission on Tanoa? Are there any mods involved?
  11. Is there a reason to upgrade your second office? Because I already the Heavy team.
  12. Hey Neo, Is it possible to only get the "new" weapons and vehicles into escape? I meant by changing some parameters. Your mission i awesome! Grtz,
  13. Still no discord? :ph34r: I'll try to come to your party! :D
  14. First sorry for my bad English. Yesterday I was reading XML that appeared yesterday on the Internet and found something to which no one has yet seen "I think". It is about the squad radar! When I told a friend of mine, he said it might be the shacktac HUD they are going to implement. When I asked Dwarden, he said: Wait and see;). I'm pretty hyped about it! What did your thoughts about it?
  15. Is steam workshop up-to-date?