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  1. Which is totally fine and "natural". Everyone has a favorit playstyle and favors. And as said before, you're free to take the code, modify it and publish it. That's the spirit of open source :) Yeah, it was a huge change and quite a lot of work to implement the whole system. I agree that you've a resource overflow from midgame on with pre 0.96. That's the reason why you can only produce at factories since 0.96 and not in cities anymore. But there is still something which needs balancing. And one thing which is on the list concerning a "lower the overflow of resources" is that your resupply vehicles have a storage of "available resupply" which has to be replenished with the 3 kinds of resources. But this is in fact just a very small thing on the road to a really finished, balanced and polished mission.
  2. I encountered that also very rarely. I haven't really looked into it what may cause this, because it was not a regulary thing that happened. What mostly helped was to get outside of the FOB area and come back again. Or at least restart the server. But I'll put it on my list.
  3. Most scripts will pause when there is not at least one player online. (enemy attacks, logistic, production, etc.) Also the amount of enemy scales with the player count (if you haven't deactivated it in the parameters) Guess it wouldn't be a big treat if you're on the server to build a little bit. And if something happen, grab some AI and fight back. Or shut down the server, as the progress will be saved, but ongoing enemy attacks etc. won't be saved. Kind of cheating, but basically you're not really "playing" at that time I guess ;)
  4. No, there is no "basic way". That would need many edits in the mission code. As you've tested the system and don't like it, I guess you're aware of that there is no need for "one person has to sit and click nonstop"? If I'm wrong.... here is the explanation for a passive income replacement for smaller groups with the current logistic system: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Logistic#creating-a-passive-income But sure, you're free to combine aspects of each versions you find, as it's all under the MIT License with the only condition of License and copyright notice. And the old 0.924 version is still available. Also there are some other creators who started own derivates of Liberation. So basically no real need to stick to my version.
  5. @PSYKO_nz You're save concerning the update, yes. As there are some small tweaks at the presets you may loose a very small amount of units (if you use one of the RHS presets), but nothing "game breaking". For a better understanding concerning the versioning I recommend reading this very tiny article which will make the "system" easily understandable: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Versioning @phantagor That kind of feature was considered in the past and is still in a "pending" state. As the cities don't produce resources anymore (because at midgame you had a big resource overflow mostly) they will get also new features in the future which are connected to civil reputation and resistance etc. Concerning fortifying sectors to defend them against the enemy there is indeed planned a kind of "garrison system" which will replace the current "blufor defenders" parameter functionality, which just spawns some soldiers on a sector attack. Additional to this garrison system there could be the possibility to build some "upgrades" for the sector. Still something what I have to conceptualize in detail, but you can expect something in this direction at 0.97 (guess spring 2018) which also comes with a complete code refactoring.
  6. 0.962 Released Added: ACE carry interaction for resource crates. Thanks to veteran29 Added: Some additional debug outputs. Added: RHS AFRF Preset for the player side. Thanks to veteran29 Added: Lythium basefile. Thanks to Enigma Added: Portuguese localization. Thanks to NomadRomeo Added: BW Mod Tropentarn preset. Added: Project OPFOR Islamic State enemy preset and Project OPFOR resistance preset. Thanks to Applejakerie Updated: RHS transport configs. Updated: RHS vehicles in presets. Updated: Devkit mission.sqm. Tweaked: Wounded civilians event. Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Extended allowed items extension list with some bwmod classnames. Thanks to madpat3 Tweaked: Detection of UAVs. Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Enemy vehicle crew spawning. Ensure that they'll be on the right side (important for red vs blue). Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: If you enter the arsenal with a packed weapon or UAV backpack, it won't be identified as blacklisted anymore. Tweaked: FOB container mass now scales with the selected spartan helicopter maximum load. Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Removed clutter and AI from the USS Freedom on all maps. Tweaked: Cleaned all custom placed places on all maps some more and renamed the respawn marker from respawn_west to respawn. Tweaked: Increased the distance of the Little Bird spawnpoints on the USS Freedom and let them facing to the front. Tweaked: Some typos in the german stringtable. Thanks to gqgunhed Tweaked: The US Army woodland troops got the new OCP and were able to throw away their old UCP. Fixed: Wounded civilian animation in dedicated server environment. Thanks to veteran29 Fixed: With ACE you could take unconscious AI as POW. Fixed: You couldn't handcuff surrendered AI with ACE zipties. Fixed: Guerilla could spawn as neutral combatants. Fixed: Unloading crates from vehicles could let them sink into the ground since the last ArmA Update. New Lythium mission on the workshop Released pbos at GitHub
  7. I need an answer

    Guess you've these choices: Point out your bugs in detail, make proper bug reports to BI and offer constructive criticism Learn how to code and start working on fixes, which you can contribute to BI or the community Don't play the game Which choices you don't have (if you want that improvement will happen at least): Open a thread with a meaningless title in the Forums and just throw out undetailed phreases and comparisons Think that developers (not only BI or mod creators) have to make their content exactly as you personally wish As you don't mention details I can't say anything to your "kind of topic" here. But I had also choices..... I could've ignored your thread, laugh at you, swear at you or something...... but that wouldn't help you or the situation. So I decided to answer you in a way which could help you to improve your criticism behaviour and therefore also increase the chance that your criticism will be heard and recognized, so that you can benefit from it. I suggest you do the same and choose productive/constructive ways to provide your criticism in the forums. Currently you're doing nothing else than "throwing shit".
  8. Hey there. Glad you enjoy the mission, even if it's not finished yet :) Concerning your questions: 1. + 2. I would recommend to read the wiki on GitHub. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki There you'll find detailed explanations for the resource production and logistic system. Also informations about the config files inside the pbo where you'll have much more tweak possibilities. All commented inside the files, of course. Have a look at the "For Admins" section in the wiki for this. You've to edit the preset file to add other vehicles etc. Or you could create a new one and contribute it via pull request on GitHub for the Iraqi-Syrian Conflict mod. Would really appreciate preset contributions. In the kp_liberation_config.sqf you can select the presets than. 3. In Liberation there are no scripts or settings which affect the individual AI soldiers. So what you're experience should be the "normal ArmA behaviour".
  9. You don't need a trait to treat the civilians. Neither with or without ACE. The ace compatibility parameter is gone since 0.961. It's autodetecting ACE and disables the weather and resupply scripts from Liberation.
  10. One of my guys reported the same behaviour, yes. But we couldn't reliable reproduce it, so I've no real point to start from for investigating.
  11. If you play without ACE: Approach the civ on the ground at the map marker and treat him via the mouse wheel action. You need a first aid kit in your inventory. If you play with ACE: Same as above, but you need a basic bandage in your inventory.
  12. Crates issue is already solved for the next update: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/issues/283 You can load the mission like any other mission in the editor. I would recommend to read the following, if you don't have experience concerning pbo extracting / repacking or how to access the mission.sqm of a mission. That'll give you the basic information you need concerning extracting. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:ImportantHints
  13. The ambush is already the "bad thing happened" kind of situation. So you could leave it or recover the damaged trucks and resources (otherwise they'll despawn and the resistance will get stronger). If you recover it you don't loose the transported resources, can recycle the trucks and don't have that much costs to reestablish the logistic route. If you ignore it you loose much more. That's the intended thought about that event. And it only happens if you've a bad reputation.
  14. Making a Limited Arsenal

    Where you want it. Write a script which is executed after the "reading of your lists" and it's fine.
  15. Making a Limited Arsenal

    Have a look at these functions: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addVirtualMagazineCargo https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_addVirtualBackpackCargo As an example with weapons: 1. You maintain a list with the weapon classnames example_weapons = [ "rhs_weap_hk416d10", "rhs_weap_hk416d10_LMT", "rhs_weap_hk416d10_m320", "rhs_weap_hk416d145", "rhs_weap_hk416d145_m320", "rhs_weap_M107", "rhs_weap_M107_d", "rhs_weap_M107_w" ]; 2. And after loading your weapon (magazines/items/backpacks) list you add them to the virtual arsenal (which is empty in the beginning) // if running on every client for a box named ammobox [ammobox, example_weapons] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; // if just running on the server for a box named ammobox [ammobox, example_weapons, true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; // if running on every client for a global arsenal open action [missionNamespace, example_weapons] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; // if just running on the server for a global arsenal open action [missionNamespace, example_weapons, true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualWeaponCargo; Do steps 1 - 2 again for magazines, items and backpacks with the appropriate function from above. 3. At your desired box (named "ammobox" in this example) where the players should get an arsenal action you just add in the init or after the spawn: // via script ["AmmoboxInit",[ammobox]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; // as init line in the editor null = ["AmmoboxInit",[this]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; // if you use a action which just should open the arsenal ["Open"] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;