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  1. New experimental missionfile The production system is "finished", so here is the next experimental missionfile for testing purpose. I've tested it on my side and everything work as intended. But sure I can't test all possible situations. So I would really appreciate your help again for testing and reporting of any encountered bugs or strange behaviours. If you use this missionfile you need to wipe your save! Intended behaviour: The commander can open the production setting menu, when he is at a FOB and at least one factory or city (not capital) is captured. In the menu you see some informations and can choose what kind of resource should be produced (changing this will reset the production timer). The "Facilities available" area is already functional at displaying the informations, but the functionality behind this information isn't implemented yet. You can adjust the production time in the kp_liberation_config.sqf and it will also be affected by the resource multiplier parameter. The production starts only, when you've build a storage area at the sector. You can build the storage area when: You've build permission, you're inside a radius of 125m around the sector marker and if there is not already a storage area at the sector. At the moment the area will be build directly where you stay. The direction is set to the direction you're looking at (so if you unload crates they will be placed in that direction you're looking). This will be changed later. Military sectors won't spawn crates anymore. Factory and city sectors will spawn a random amount of crates, each with a random resource, once. (1 - 3, also affected by resource multiplier) Download the missionfile
  2. @Veren Sure, already done. I always write english and german strings for the stringtable. But as I play and work in german, I don't change the language just for one picture. And I suppose, that everybody can get the basic idea about the menu and which informations are provided. @sowens If you've finished your implementation, you can let me have a look, sure.
  3. A small preview of the upcoming production settings for captured sectors. This menu is available for the commander. He can change which resources should be produced in each city or factory sector.
  4. Which map do you play? And maybe you attacked a city, which is more often defended by milita forces then by regular military. This behaviour was "always" part of Liberation, no changes there.
  5. Small Dev Update with an updated Changelog for 0.95 so far Added: New resource system Added: Italian localization. Thanks to kaso2mod Added: Action to change alignment (up or terrain aligned) during placement of buildings Added: Action to reassign the commander to the zeus module (only shows if the commander has no access to zeus) Added: Paradrop of a resource package when first FOB is built Added: Action to switch between displaying global or local FOB resources Added: Air vehicle slot system (need a Flight Control to build helipads, hangars and air vehicles) Added: Blacklist / Whitelist filtering for saved loadouts Added: Recycling of enemy vehicles Added: Recycle value now depends on vehicle damage, remaining ammo and fuel. Removed: Resource caps system Removed: Old vanilla unit preset (custom.sqf already provides a vanilla setting) Removed: Passive Income (due to new resource system) Removed: Ammo Bounties (due to new resource system) Removed: Civilian Penalties (due to new resource system) Removed: Overwrite functionality for classnames.sqf, as it is no longer needed due to the preset system Removed: gameplay_constants.sqf Merged: gameplay_constants.sqf settings into kp_liberation_config.sqf and added descriptions to the variables Updated: Spanish localization. Thanks to regiregi22 Replaced: Manpower icon with supplies icon. Thanks to jus61 Replaced: Every deprecated BIS_fnc_MP with remoteExec Tweaked: Arsenal blacklist filtering. Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Initialization of the arsenal, which should increase the performance for blacklist using Tweaked: Save manager -> helicopters from the LHD or Chimera won't be saved, as they spawn on every mission start/load Tweaked: Name for savegame namespace -> adapts automaticly to worldName Tweaked: Revive settings: BI Revive is enabled by default. Disable it, when you use ACE Tweaked: Config, as some apex classnames were missing. Thanks to Applejakerie Fixed: UAV unconnectable after player death. Thanks to veteran29 Fixed: Missing batteries with Apex laser designators. Thanks to veteran29 Fixed: Enemy weapon dance. Thanks to kaso2mod Fixed: Non vanilla paratroopers don't have a parachute Fixed: Enemy jets sometimes spawn on the ground instead flying Fixed: Empty ACE medical crate was empty and couldn't be recycled I'm very confident, that I'll implement all the other planned features till planned release of 0.95 in the second half of May. You can have a look in the new features with the experimental missionfile (link below), or if you join the public server from @jus61: Name: KP Liberation by www.killahpotatoes.de IP: Port: 2302 Needed Mods: None Admin: jus61 I would very appreciate feedback, suggestions, contributions, bug reports, etc. Experimental 0.95 Missionfile
  6. @kerozen
  7. I thinking more about preventing it to happen, then a further feature implementation to create a "workaround".
  8. open: \scripts\client\build\do_build_fob.sqf change _minsectordist = GRLIB_capture_size + GRLIB_fob_range; to (for example) _minsectordist = 100;
  9. @sowens Hey there and thanks for the Feedback. To First: I also thought about some methods to prevent the starter package beeing unreachable. Nothing really suitable till now, but I'll keep thinking. To Second: The mission is basicly provided as a MP mission. So I decided to "optimize" new features etc. for this kind of game. And as you say, changing prices or edit something for the personal needs isn't very hard if you want to have a better SP experience. Maybe I'll start to implement some things to make it more SP friendly in the future, but this won't happen with release of 0.95. To Third: At the moment the crates are placed the same way as ammo crates where placed at military sectors before. As I work on a "you can choose which resources factories produce and build resource buildings in towns", I'll implement a more immersive way to spawn the crates at the sectors. I also thought about storage areas there, but at the moment this should be something the players have to build there (also prevents a storage area to be random placed on very strange places). But this is something I'll work on when I reach the selectable resource production and AI logistics features. To Fourth: As one crate is worth 100 resources, I thought the price of for example 8 fuel isn't very balanced anymore. Before you had maybe a fuel cap of 100 or something near. Then 8 fuel for a truck was already a kind of "higher price". But as you get already 200 fuel as starter package, and I hadn't adjust the prices, you won't have any motivation to capture factories and carry the fuel home, as you maybe never need more as the starter value. And I only provide kind of "suggestions", as the pricelist is something really easy to edit :). To Fifth: Thanks man, me and some of the guys at discord talked about anything "nicer" and more suitable then "Dismantling Building" without naming it like "Recycling Centre". I'll change the name in the next commit :) One drop only: This is intended. The airdrop should only provide you with a starter package of supplies.
  10. if (!isNil "_code") then { // code }; With this you check if the variable "_code" is defined.
  11. Thanks @Larrow for the direct answer. And yeah, I've seen it in the arsenal code. Well, then it's as I thought it is. But I just wanted to be sure that I really don't miss anything. The hiding is a method, sure. I'll think about the workarounds, but at the moment I should also be fine without preloading the arsenal. Have to wait which reports reach me concerning the deleted preload. Many thanks again. :)
  12. As the resource system is basicly finished, I just packed a experimental pbo with the current changes. It's really not polished or ready to be played public. (and this is only one feature of the planned ones till releasing 0.95) Also the prices for the units don't go through a "balancing phase" or something. They are just a kind of "first adaption" at the moment. But if someone want's to have a look at the resource system (and maybe can report some bugs, sure), I really like to give you the opportunity to do so: Experimental 0.95 .pbo
  13. As the resources now are stored as crates in the FOBs, there can't be a "add amount X to magic global ammo storage each Y minutes". There will be the functionality to use AI logistic trucks to carry resources from sectors or other FOBs to a FOB and store it there, so smaller groups just can let the AI do the work. Also with a waypoint system for the commander, so the AI won't drive through enemy territory, etc. But a passive income like it was before don't fit in the new resource system.
  14. Hey there, that error don't really affect the game and everything is running as intended, but the script error is some kind of annoying and just wanted to know if someone knows a workaround to use the Preload and "fix" the script error. ["Preload"] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; causes this script error: Error in expression <, ["put", 23] ]; private _ctrlList = _display displayctrl ( 960 + 26); { > Error position: <_display displayctrl ( 960 + 26); { > Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _display File A3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_arsenal.sqf [BIS_fnc_arsenal], line 2122 I had a look in the fn_arsenal.sqf, as I've thought I've missed a param or something, but in the appropriate switch case branch the _display variable really don't get defined. So the basic question is, if there is a way to fix the script error and if the Preload is really that kind of "performance improving" to use it. But as I say, everything working fine, it's just the error which show's up (but don't interrupt anything obvious or really needed).