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  1. @DruidicRifleman have a look at: scripts\server\base\startvehicle_spawn.sqf You can place another cluttercutter in the deck for example and spawn on this a new startvehicle with extending the code. Or just place the vehicle you want on the deck in the editor.
  2. There may be a way, I guess. But personally I don't know a "very good" method for it. Copy, open new file, right click, edit and something like "paste at exact same position". And in the end adjusting everything by hand, yeah ^^
  3. Glad you found the values, so that you can tweak them to be suitable for your playstyle. Recommend to take notice of the messages in the chat during play, where you can read a message if a civilian was killed or the population are complaining about destroyed buildings. The penalties are exactly that value which you see in the config, no change in the game.
  4. No changes to them, but if you've edited your custom.sqf, you've to do it again or copy over your edited one from before the hotfix, yeah
  5. With which changes? This one? Tweaked: Preset system split to select blufor, opfor, resistance and civilians independently. The presets are basically still the same as before, just split currently, to provide the possibility of easier compositions of which factions are playing together (custom Vanilla vs. russians, USAF vs. CSAT, etc.)
  6. What's wrong with the current system? kp_liberation_config.sqf /* Which arsenal preset should be used? 0 = Use the default blacklist method (defined below). 1 = Custom arsenal preset (edit the custom.sqf in the arsenal_presets\ folder to change things for your own versions and tweaks). 2 = Killah Potatoes Gaming Community arsenal preset. 3 = RHS USAF arsenal preset. 4 = RHS USAF arsenal preset with ACE. 5 = RHS USAF arsenal preset with ACE and ACRE. 6 = 3cbBAF and RHS USAF arsenal preset. */ KP_liberation_arsenal = 0; Example of the RHSUSAF+ACE arsenal preset: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/blob/master/Missionframework/arsenal_presets/rhsusaf_ace.sqf
  7. 0.96 Hotfix Updated: RHS GREF resistance preset. Thanks to FatRefrigerator Fixed: Sort function for storage areas. Fixed: HC Sector spawn issue. Download at GitHub
  8. You can edit all penalty values and spawn chance percentages in the kp_liberation_config.sqf of your missionfile. So you could also set the penalties to 0. @DruidicRifleman You should have a look at the devkit instructions. https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Devkit
  9. 0.96 Release Download via GitHub Workshop versions will be updated in the next couple of minutes. Use a fresh save/campaign for 0.96. Using an old 0.955 save could cause issues. If you need the old missionfile to finish your campaign first, you can still download it at the GitHub releases tab. Changelog: Added: BI Support System functionality. (Currently deactivated, as there are still issues in MP) Added: Parameter for access to the Support System -> Disabled, Commander, Whitelist, Everyone. Added: BI Artillery support for artillery vehicles and mortars (if built manned or AI ordered to get in as crew). Added: Players can request artillery support from players (generates task). Added: Civil Reputation. Added: Config variables in kp_liberation_config.sqf. Added: Reputation penalty for killing civilians. Added: Reputation penalty for killing allied resistance fighters. Added: Reputation penalty for seizing civil vehicles. Added: Reputation penalty for destroyed/damaged civil buildings. (evaluated only on capture a sector event) Added: Mission parameter to choose building penalty for damaged or only destroyed buildings. Added: Reputation gain for liberated sectors. Added: After capturing a sector you might find wounded civilians. You can also gain reputation for offering medical support. Added: Civil informant. Added: If you've a good reputation, a civil informant can rarely spawn at blufor sectors. Added: Intel increase, if you capture the informant and bring him back to a FOB. Added: There is a chance that an informant will reveal a time critical task to kill a HVT. Added: Asymmetric Threats. Added: Possibility of IEDs in blufor sectors, if you have a bad civil reputation. Added: Own logistic convoys can be ambushed by guerilla forces. Added: Value for guerilla strength which will be affected by the events connected to guerilla forces. Added: Guerilla forces presets. Added: Dynamic guerilla forces equipment depending on their strength value. Added: Chance that guerilla forces will join the fight at a sector as friend or foe. (depends on reputation) Added: Possibility of a guerilla ambush in blufor sectors (additional to IEDs). Added: Chinese Simplified localization. Thanks to nercon Added: Automatic server restart script for dedicated servers. Thanks to k4s0 Added: Settings in the mission parameters for particular debug messages. Added: Factory map markers now indicate which production facilities are available there. Added: LoW Civilians. Added: LoW UAV backpacks to the default blacklist. Added: LoW AL-6 Pelican UAV. Added: Some of the new RHS vehicles. Added: Turkish localization. Thanks to Carbneth Added: Parameter to set a cooldown for using mobile respawns. Updated: English ingame tutorial texts in stringtable. Thanks to FatRefrigerator Removed: Liberation skill handling of AI units, as BI do this good enough now concerning wounds, etc. Removed: Vehicle explosion chance script for convoy ambush. Removed: Old debug messages. Tweaked: Terrain alignment will be persistent during repeat building of objects (like walls). Thanks to veteran29 Tweaked: Some reordering of UI elements. Tweaked: Localization support for the extended options menu. Thanks to nercon Tweaked: Highlight color in production list changed to blue instead of misleading green. Tweaked: Amounts of resources on each FOB and production site is now visible in logistic dropdown menu as (Supplies/Ammo/Fuel). Tweaked: Removed the logistic convoy cap of 26 (which was due to the alphabet). Tweaked: Captured enemy vehicles are now also listed in the commanders zeus interface. Tweaked: Cities won't be able to produce resources anymore. Tweaked: IED count in cities, capitals and factories is now dependend on the civil reputation. Tweaked: Corrected some strings in the stringtable. Tweaked: Factories don't have all facilities from the start anymore. The facility they start with is set at campaign start. Tweaked: Replaced all deprecated BIS_fnc_selectRandom with the engine solution selectRandom. Tweaked: Server log will now contain the [STATS] message of all clients. (players and HCs) Tweaked: Preset system split to select blufor, opfor, resistance and civilians independently. Thanks to Applejakerie Tweaked: Capitals, cities and factories are now basically guarded by "militia" forces. Switching to regular army if the enemy combat readiness is increased. Tweaked: Static weapons array missed some weapons. Tweaked: Civil vehicles are now saved at a FOB after they were seized by players. Tweaked: Some small code optimizations and format corrections. Fixed: Player got custom recoil and aiming coefficients on respawn. Fixed: Rare script error on closing respawn screen directly after joining the mission. Fixed: Players could deploy multiple FOBs when they selected deploy fast enough on the same container. Fixed: It was possible to disassemble a mortar in preview. Fixed: Preview vehicles could get saved if you shut down the mission right after canceling the build process or if you'd still the preview in front you. Fixed: Small issues due to the default "hold fire" combat mode for AI. Fixed: Single Infantry units weren't saved sometimes. Fixed: Paratroopers got sometimes an attack helicopter instead of a transport helicopter. Fixed: Rescue helipad blocked building in their near vicinity. Fixed: MPKill Eventhandler issue when using ACE. Fixed: Function to buy a logistic truck worked but caused an error in dedicated server environment. Fixed: Couldn't build under powerlines. Fixed: Items in backpack weren't checked by arsenal blacklist crawler.
  10. The participating server admins are just testing the release candidate of 0.96
  11. You're welcome. And you asked a normal question. Also you provided basically all information which are needed directly without need for asking for it. So it's all fine and the best way to ask questions I guess :)
  12. You've obviously do a mistake in editing the mission_params.hpp. This can't work at all, because you've entered no valid values for the default value. Example: class ReviveRequiredItems { title = $STR_A3_RequiredItems; isGlobal = 1; values[] = {-100,0,1,2}; texts[] = {$STR_A3_MissionDefault,$STR_A3_None,$STR_A3_Medikit,$STR_A3_FirstAidKitOrMedikit}; default = 3; function = "bis_fnc_paramReviveRequiredItems"; }; You set default to 3. But 3 is no valid value (look at the values array). First entry in the texts array is connected to the first value in the values array etc. Please have a look at the wiki entry where the changing of mission parameter default values is explained: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:ConfigFiles#uimission_paramshpp And to disable the cinematics, you've to edit the default value to 0. And concerning the BI Revive, you should have a look at this: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:FAQ#parameters-set-correctly-but-non-medics-cant-revive-with-medikit
  13. Concerning experimental missionfiles As it seems that the experimental missionfiles I provide here aren't used (or nobody reports back, which is basically the same), I'll hand these out only on our discord in a closed server admin channel in the future. So if you're interested in these missionfiles, join the discord and mention that you run a server which regularly host the Liberation mission and you're the admin there. Then you'll gain access to the mentioned channel and will be notified if there is something new to test. Currently the testing is very important, as the release of 0.96 isn't far.
  14. @Darkhound7 I'll provide an own Lythium mission.sqm with 0.96 or the first patch after 0.96, because we want to play that map in our community, after we've finished Chernarus. @GEORGE FLOROS GR Guess you seached for: https://github.com/Wyqer/kp_liberation/wiki/EN:Devkit