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  1. Strewth mate asking for a bit aren't ya haha. Nah I wont be adding that unfortunately. Maybe, just maybe once everything is done then have a version that is like that, but at the current stage, nah.
  2. Like the water is there but invisible while the 'image' of the water has lowered?
  3. Praise! I haven't been able to figure anything out since they were first introduced, this little guide just reduced that to like 10-20mins haha! Thankyou! Quick questions.. 1) Can the AileronT and AileronB be used apart from the Wipeout, as currently the F35 I'm working on uses the Ailerons, Flaps and Rudders at the same time as speed breaks, so I'm not too sure what to use or even do there. 2) Is there like a HitGear hitpoint classname or anything? Not sure how we go about doing it for the gear. Cheers!
  4. This seems too obvious but have you tried just reversing the numbers as they are in the brackets? so {3, 0.08, -0.5}... {150, -25}.
  5. Yes defintely! Even a hitHE[] = ""; hitAPCR[] = ""; hitSABOT[] = ""; hitRICOCHET[] = ""; etc etc... Cause getting hit by a HE round in a tank will sound very very different than taking an AP or SABOT round to the side or front etc..
  6. Depends on the nation that you're doing the skin for really. Some nations use a darker grey, some use a lighter grey.
  7. Sorry for double post... actually do I need to say sorry on my own thread haha. Anyway, I got a little Aircraft Carrier update for you all Catapult Gif -------------- https://gyazo.com/162067b618083f9460ad44873e20d2a6 - 1st person https://gyazo.com/9e7595831d3cb3539869f2b4d271c381 - 3rd person *Note* Still needs a tiny bit of tweaking in terms of catapult launch velocity etc.. but overall it works :) Arresting cable Gif --------------- https://gyazo.com/d5f9e9bc57523d4c58d9170d5cb86fcc *Note* Still have to tweak some settings like cable force, how fast it slows you down etc.. but overall working as intended :) The PhysX suspension is working as intended, however again it needs a bit of tweaking to make it nice and perfect, so all you nubs out there can slam it on the deck if you really have to ;) Enjoy.
  8. The BO1 guys should definitely use this mod as inspiration, I wonder if they've seen it ;)
  9. Will only be the CTOL version not VTOL. But yea as for what you said Working tgp = Already done Pulsating anti-collision lights = they work static but I'll look into pulsating good idea! Ingame loadout menu = Will be using the USAF missile box for that when its done, will probably do a FIR missilebox version as well at some point New jets sensor stuff = Already done ^^ In the MFD = Dont think its possible, but I'll look into it. As for the goodies, yea its already got some juicy stuff, I've implemented the working PhysX suspension, its compatible with the new USS Freedom including Catapult, arresting hook and I'm in the middle of implementing the new Ejection system :) Will post a proper update in the future once I have photos and gifs etc to show.
  10. Dont give em too many ideas ;) haha If we don't at least CUP might port it over to Arma 4 :)
  11. Gimmie about 1-2 hours of game updater downloading Dev Branch @ a solid shit speed and I'll see if that fixes anything haha :P
  12. That has been suggested but I'm not very familiar with changing masses so I left it. Then again the aircraft has had the same mass prior to PhysX suspension so I'm not 100% sure what would cause it to this now, I'm guessing cause its physX suspension haha
  13. Great research mate! Hopefully the Devs take this one board! Keen about the 'setFeatureType 2'! Great news
  14. Dedicated servers? Yeah I presume so