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  1. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    Adding the possibility for aircraft to dominate even further. Count me in
  2. Cant wait for the Toyotas with Dshkas on the back to throw their rounds all over the place
  3. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Correct. I believe the damage texture is one big whole texture that covers the vehicle, thus when you take enough damage the 'damage stickers' if you wanna call them that are placed in already pre-determined locations and not where the round actually impacted. (As per War Thunder and World of Tanks), of which their damage stickers are related to the actual round, thus when you shoot and enemy tank with say a 105mm, the game notices the calibre, then pull out a damage sticker relating to that calibre and places it on the hit location. Rather than Arma 3 style of just slapping a whole new damaged texture over the vehicle.
  4. General Discussion (dev branch)

    War Thunder do their hit decals extremely well and it may not seem like much at first glance, but after a battle you look at your tank and notice its got ricochets and holes in it from enemy rounds, it gives a bit of story to the vehicle and make you feel like you've been in some rough shit. I support this endeavour 100%
  5. Global Mobilization

    Looks fuckin mint cant wait to give it a shot!
  6. Allows communities to field more armoured vehicles onto the map, which in turns allows for bigger battles and overall more variety in mission layout + objectives due to the higher number of armoured vehicles. I love it.
  7. Tanks - Fire-control system

    I believe it was discussed a fair bit during the Dev Branch stages of the tank FCS that most tank combat doesn't really exceed 3k range, thus you don't really need the BC to calculate that range for you. Though it is dodgy having the AI be able to engage at those massive ranges without any consequence. Off topic but also on topic - How did you get the AI the target exactly what you're looking at without going through mountains of action menu like I have to :( ?
  8. Since DayZ already as the majority of the Enfusion engine down pat, its up to BI to add the Arma 3 specific additions such as 1) Tank support + Physics 2) Rocket/Bomb support + Physics 3) Fixed wing support + Physics 4) etc etc In other words, the shit DayZ wouldn't have, BI would most likely need to add since obviously you don't need Main Battle Tanls, FLIR pods and JDAMs on DayZ haha I reckon maybe 1 year to 1 1/2 years from announcement before maybe Alpha/Beta if BI go down that road.
  9. Does that mean technically you can animate the tracks so they wobble around like tracks usually do?
  10. The reason I brought up the stance solution was because this never happens to me when I command. I just put my gunner into combat and he never ever turns out. Doesnt matter whether were actually in combat or not.
  11. Is the gunner in Combat mode? Crew will only turn out when in Aware or Safe if I'm correct.
  12. Added: Vehicle commander can now control his vehicle directly by the WASD keys without AI responsibility delay (there should be no difference by driving from driver or commander position, AI crew still needs to be present) Gorgeous! Added: Using the 'hasDriver = -1' parameter will now create a vehicle without a driver and commander can drive the vehicle directly by the WASD keys. Beautiful! However does the above 'hasDriver = -1' work for the gunner or ultimately can it be applied to the gunners position? Just thinking of the possibility of some Battlefield/War Thunder/World of Tanks style games modes being made.
  13. Mods ---> RHS AFRF / RHS USAF / RHS SAF / RHS GREF
  14. This is a beautiful change! Sometimes the AI cant drive for shit when humans command. As a suggestion, is it possible to add a speed limiter of somesort [Kinda like the Forward Slow command we currently have for the AI]? Allows for the Human commander to crest ridgelines at a suitable cresting speed and also when it comes to driving through the city streets at stable speed rather than +-5/10km due to the vehicle slowing down and resulting speeding up etc,
  15. General Discussion (dev branch)

    You'd think though that it would work with every drone then? Send a UGV drone or whatever it is packed with Meds/Ammo or whatever to the AO. Why does it have to be exclusive to IDAP stuff? The above is providing you're right about the intentions of the waypoint.