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  1. As an Aussie I don't give a fuck what anyone calls me... As long as its not Kiwi, I aint got time for that shit <3 Love ya ANZAC
  2. Has a ticket been made for this? Black MX looks so whack without all the markings haha
  3. Probably got the flag sitting in the cup holder or someshit. Good form
  4. Men are expendable thus no one cares when us blokes get wiped out in the masses, but women getting wiped out on the masses... yeah good luck with that. Children, yea good luck with that also, practically 0 chance of that every happening EDIT: If Women are happy to get slaughtered as much as men do, then by all means add then. But if they just want to get added for the sake of equality, but don't like the sight of piles of dead women, then just go back to men only.
  5. @Admin/Moderator. Yea you can close/lock this. This was purely here for the intermission between the Dev Branch Update and the Dev Threads, as I wasn't too sure how long they would take to get them all up. Cheers.
  6. G'day @DnA Still trying to wrap my head around how to get the Mine Dispenser to work, I've tried triggers and I can't find any modules or anything for them. I'm missing something and its in plane sight, mind sharing how to get these working? Cheers.
  7. Lol look at this guy, acting all high and mighty haha. I'm a passionate Arma supporter and thought I'd made a feedback thread for the community seeing as though I was on the forums like 30mins after it dropped and I saw no BI thread in the meantime.... I'm hoping you can read as well, as I did state I was in the middle of downloading the Dev Build update so I was unable to provide feedback, however, in the case that someone else had gotten to test things out earlier there was a thread for them to give feedback on, until of course the BI devs do their threads. Also, I'm hoping you can read for a 2nd time now, that I did state that if the BI Devs wanted to use their threads then that is fine by me. This was just another alternative for people to give feedback. Nothing more, nothing less. Jumping to conclusions is a bad thing my friend, you expect too much, with too little insight.
  8. G'day Thought I'd quickly create this for people to provide feedback for the DLC if you're trying it on the Dev Branch, also as other DLCs have had their feedback threads. I'm downloading the update now, but just reading that there is cluster bombs has gotten me a chub, so I'm keen! EDIT: Unless a Dev of course wants to do their own official DLC feedback thread, that go ahead and do that! All good :)
  9. I used it with IFA3, hand down the best MG emplacement system I've seen! Should be in base game! So should RHS at this rate
  10. Crikey you blokes really want the F35B haha. To be blunt I probably wont do it, I MIGHT... MIGHT do Chortles F35B if he gives me permission, even then can't guarantee it. Fuller is making an F35B for his USAF Pack, so you'll be getting that, plus his F35A and F35C...........But you wont be getting the F35E ;) haha As for updates and progress, >Working on the HUD/HMD/MFD. >Exhaust nozzle animations >Fixing Ejection seats >Some other stuff that I've genuinely forgot, until I see it of course then I'll remember.
  11. 1 post newbie. All good mate, no estimated release, I guess when I deem its ready to be released as currently awaiting a few things to be fixed and added. Cheers, hopefully the answer I gave was close enough ;) haha Blown away by his F16 HMD, wait until you see the work he's done on this. Dude is doing Gods work. I've already jumped on the hype train and its my damn mod haha
  12. Shocking joke to say the least. There is literally no reason to ask that unless of course you are running 1.40, of which now you are trying to palm it off as a joke.
  13. @oukej Just curious. Is this normal? https://gyazo.com/53629358eeb1005552d2257dd75ac82c This is me flying a Milsim OP my community just played. However I've noticed from myself and fellow aviation dudes in my community that the AI jets absolutely love to do this, while us humans can't do this on a dime like the AI or it can be done however it has to be pre-meditated mid dogfight and what dogfight ever goes to plan? Just thought I'd share cause this is some typical Grade A, AI bullshit haha.
  14. Yea mate, probably cause I get so carried away trying to perfect the one model I'm doing I forget about the rest haha. I've got quite a bit of work to do though
  15. G'day I've already got a talented person working on the HUD at the moment. However Kimi could definitely share some insight on what can and could be done as currently from what I've seen he's going through a testing phase seeing what shit works and doesnt. So who knows, would be great to hear his knowledge. There should be a HUD/HMD/MFD update in the future anyway. Cheers.