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  1. Thats awesome! So the vehicles can actually feel the force behind the cannon shooting now! Fuck yeah
  2. I would like the change that part of the aircraft, i.e, the EOTS glass to actual glass or a nice reflective surface however I dont know how to do that, so its what it is for the time being. She's pretty hot if you know what to add haha. I hated the look for the X35 with a passion, but the current F35 gives me chub everynow and then haha
  3. If they're inheriting off of a BI jet with no changes to the flight model, then yes they'll have that aircrafts flight model. Obviously modders can adjust these values themselves, however we don't have any documentation or anything on the new config stuff for flight models that I presume BI have added. I'm sure there are some people out there who have no idea what certain values do etc.. @oukej @reyhard
  4. From what I know you cant have/do muffled interior audio has they haven't added, well, they did in 1.62 or someshit but then removed it again.
  5. I thought most of the Airbourne stuff was custom/newly made independantly, thus high res textures should be allowed or at least up to the creator of them and not up to the original creators of Iron Front.
  6. I don't think the tank FCS needs to be 10km as when are you going to see an enemy tank 10km, most tank engagements are like 500m-3km most, firstly you need your render up that high which a lot of people can't handle. But I do think the FLIR pod needs to range up to at least 10km. The current 5km ranging means you have to get a bit too close to the enemy, especially when AA can find you easily at that range. Overall FLIR pod could see an increase in range finding up to 10km, while FCS could maybe go up to 5km.
  7. I tried it out just to have a classic feel, quality mod as per usual but damn its literally incompatible with the current version of Arma haha. Instantly blows up on the carrier, new sensor stuff is on the piss, great aircraft still, but yea not very compatible.
  8. Yea I've always wondered that as well. The interior tank weapon sounds are the same as the exterior. So that fuckin high pitch 7.62 coax most of them have destroys you ears when it should be a muffled thud due to the sound getting blocked, same with the .50s. They have interior engine sounds, so I'm not 100% sure why interior sounds haven't been implemented for vehicles.
  9. You can already make your own compositions in the editor and save them for later use? If thats what you're talking about?
  10. I think what we first need before adding vehicles (of which they're already doing anyway), but it more the physics and overall driving of tanks. 1) Proper gearing for tanks 2) Proper engine performance parameters 2) PhysX based tracks (if possible, instead of just moving textures)
  11. foldable wings

    Would be wayyy too big for a carrier. GhostHawk and Huron are what I seem Army, or land based Helis, so they wont get folded rotors.
  12. Problem 1: https://gyazo.com/3d5943ae3f6f501b96d5d3f27fa3f8cb (Happens on ALL the US Tankist outfits) Problem 2: The US/Indep groups don't seem to be working in the editor, I can select them but nothing to place down. Love the textures though! The HD, everything about em! Mint mate mint Also what are the chances of eventually uploading each faction as its own mod? I'm keen to use the US Gear for some loadouts, but I don't think everyone wants to download 4gb of textures just for the US gear. Just thinking of how this mod can be more accessible to community and people who might be put off by the massive size. Cheers