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  1. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I did not understand why @oukej, said that it only works in danger/stealth, he does not know how this works in fact? Anyone can make a simple test with completion radius for AI and you will see, that the AI mode does not affect on this
  2. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    @oukej I checked what you are saying. You are wrong, what you say does not happen. Try my two test missions. Repro mission for joined AI-group here - https://yadi.sk/d/m3xtBifD3M3eKG Repro mission for moving AI-group here. - https://yadi.sk/d/VPphaavg3Nqnjv In both cases, I set the "danger-mode" for the AI group. According to your words AI-group should complete own current waypoint, but this is not will work! AI just does not understand this at any mode
  3. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    What's the news! Since when did this happen? I've been using Arma for a very long time, before it worked steadily, in aware-mode inclusive
  4. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Unfortunately I have to agree... AI in fully oblivion. I think, 50% of the declared things in the game (ai-waypoints, ai-special command) in ArmA3 simply do not work. This only creates the appearance of the fact that the game has such details, but in fact it deceives the player ... AI-Feedback == 0
  5. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Hey hello. I noticed that any AI-unit has ceased to understand the completion radius in the waypoint settings. Now any settings of completion radius are ignored. This is very unfortunate. Something was broken and it seems the @BIS is not in a hurry to fix it. I have feedback and two repro-missions - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T126472 Can someone confirm this problem?
  6. ASR AI 3

    Can confirm this problem since v1.1.3 I was hoping that the problem with grenade spam would be solved, but reports of this continue to flow
  7. ASR AI 3

    @Nakken thank you
  8. ASR AI 3

    What is the latest version of ASR AI3?
  9. Of course this is also unlikely, although it is physically possible. Especially if the situation is critical. For example, when the driver or gunner is killed and the commander is under fire in a tank! I dream about the moment when the @BIS will make the time spenting for change the positions of Driver / Gunner / Commander! It can always be realized. At the very least for changing positions, the @BIS can add movement sound in the cockpit, make a black screen and create a status-bar for moving between positions. Thus each movement between positions of Driver / Gunner / Commander could have a personal time for changing positions. It is also necessary to add the status bar for entering and exiting the tank. That's when everything I said will be realistic! PS: What we see now in the game (changing positions without the spenting time, entering / leaving the tank without the spenting time) is not a good part of the Arma gameplay
  10. Of course, I understand that the new control of the tank is directly more convenient, but as seems to me, the old control was more realistic. In this case, the inaccuracy of the AI driver, demonstrates the fact, that the tank is managed by another person and he can not understand the accuracy of movement with the help of telepathy! This is how it should be in real life. Earlier, on the commander's place, if I needed accuracy for driving a tank, then I used the Ctr + W (Slow move command) or sat in the driver's seat and drove the tank myself. No problems! Now, If I could influence the game, for more precise tank-control on the commander position, I would add additional voice-commands for the AI-driver and would remove contlol directly. Thus, the player-commander could have not only Ctrl + W (slow foward voice command), but also more accurate - Ctrl + D(slow right), Ctrl + A(slow left), Ctrl + S(slow backward), which would mean more fine control of the tank through the AI driver. I really hope, that the new control(directly) of the tank will remain only a test.
  11. Good news. @BIS, Thanks for tank-updates. All updates please the my soul, except the last - "player tank commanding changed to direct control over the vehicle" Hmm. Maybe I do not understand this correctly!? Does it mean, the player operate the tank without voice commands, as if he was sitting on the driver's seat? If the commander turned into a driver, then it's not good. If the player is on the commander's place, he must control the tank only by means voice commands, as it was before IMHO. Otherwise, the feeling of controlling the tank from the Driver / Commander position will not have a difference.
  12. Make heli land under fire

    None of the proposed methods will not work.
  13. Laws of War DLC Mines

    I very much like Arma3, but I think that the animation part of the game is weak side. For example Look at reloading RPG-7 in other games: Medal of Honor Squad Call of Duty Black Ops FAR CRY Battlefield Call of Duty Modern Warfare Now, look at recharging RPG-7 in ArmA3... Any adequate person will understand that Arma3, lags behind in animation issues from other games of genre. @ lexx There are a lot of animations in the editor, yes! However, most of them are garbage, of poor quality. I think, unfortunatelly the BIS developers are rather lazy (I speak only about animations area!), because they spent twelve years to realize the elementery rotation of the helm in the game! (2001-2013) However, I talked about the idea of @esfumato. I've already thought about this before. Unfortunately, I'm sure that this will not be realized in Arma3, never. This is the subject of conversation, so do not go deep into the possibilities of BIS, because it has its strengths and weaknesses simultaneously...
  14. Laws of War DLC Mines

    Yes, you will see the "endless list of animations for anything", but there is nothing for which it really is needed. There were no usefull additions after the life of the game for more than 4 years.
  15. Laws of War DLC Mines

    I think this could be the best addition to working with mines! But But this did not happen... it seems to me that this will not happen in Arma3 :( Unfortunately, BIS is very lazy when it comes to new animations and simulations from player of first person. I can draw such a conclusion, because the game does not even have some elementary main animations (on/off NVS, change between sights view (Example How it should be!), repair anim, placement of weapons, blah, blah, blah - this list can be infinite)