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  1. I guess if i was in your shoes i would not be able to simply leave the mod on the workshop unattended. And that means two places and groups to attend to. Thx for the answer.
  2. hey mate, i know you mention it in the OP, but why do you refrain from distributing tpw mods via steam as an alternative again? I searched this thread but did not find a reason for that. It's your choice of course, i am just curious as to why, if you might care to elaborate. I am on an arma hiatus atm, but its great to see tpw mods stay fresh with each dlc or bigger patch comign out. Thank you.
  3. @mc in the mean time, while you wait for your paypal thing to get sorted, as you might know, VA uses the windows voice recognition. If you have not used that for something else already, you can spend a couple of hours (2 should probably suffice) i reckon, to train that voice recognition a bit. VA is great, but only as good as windows catches what you say!
  4. haha and i am lurking woofer's thread already waiting for him to drop his jazz on us. The combo C2 and woofer's VA profile so just so great....lots of weeks 'wasted' in front of the pc that will mean Yoda says!
  5. yeah i'd would rather have the C2 menu on the map toggleable with a key one can assign in the mod controls. I like the idea of having it on the map, but not on by default. I think a toggle would be the ideal solution.
  6. Hrm, the US-Airfoce mod has a F-35b, isn't that a vtol version? Maybe its possible to get their permission and port the vtol code over to the renewed F-37 mod. But i guess xxgetbuck123 rather finishes what he's embarked upon. @xxgetbuck123 ''1 post newbie. All good mate, no estimated release, I guess when I deem its ready to be released as currently awaiting a few things to be fixed and added.'' Care to elaborate what you meant by fixed and added (by bohemia i geuss)? I think it might be a viable strategy to give a small progress updates from time to time so people see where the project stands. So no etas, timelines and stuff, but everyone can draw their own conclusion of when a release might be in the cards. Extrapolation of future development time from progress speed in the past. Might give us end-users a better understanding how longs stuff takes to get into the game. Anyway, hope your not losing too much hair over this project...as always, everthing in your own pace and time, cheers mate. EDIT; obviously my brain was not properly synced just now: instead of thinking about hte vtol code of the US Airforce mod, have you taken a look at arma's native vtol implementation? Would it be hard to port that over to this mod?
  7. i was very hesitant to fly the pawnee and melb with afm all on realism for quite a while, but at some point i got the hang of it and i would never go back. No special mods or xml changes concerning the afm are necessary. For those two birds you might wanna find a sweet spot performance wise, cause you need to be able to control them pertty snappy with good fps. But you are right, you really need to 'remember' by how much you need to counter the forward pitch when lifting off, and torque and sidedrift as well of course. But everytime i go back to autotrim on just to experience how it was back in the day....i just feel its wrong or at least pertty boring. Give it another 10 hours of training only in the melb (what a rewarding aircraft!!!) and i am sure you will either have gotten on with it...or something must be bogus.
  8. i need time..... to have a go at your newest release!!! The trailer looks really promising and i can't wait to see whats now possible, especially in combo with woofer's Voice Attack profiles. Cheers mate!
  9. Looks great man...keep up the great work. Time for me to give DFS a break and get back into arma Cockpits!
  10. by the way kimi: since you seem to be in a research phase for what can be achieved for the hmds, is there any chance you might be optionally able to give full access to the copilots turret with all weapon functionality when sitting in the pilot seat for proper solo play in the attack helos?
  11. I just wanted to express my appreciation of the helicopter AFM in light of my experience over the last two days in particular. I finally own a HOTAS (Thrustmaster TWCS) system for a couple of month now and since then i spend well above 100 hours flying and enjoying arma 3's various helos. Specifically, i spend countless hours in the MELB helicopter (mod) with all AFM settings set realistic as can be. It was quite a challange to get to grips with making all those constant tiny adjustments to achieve a stable flightpath flying with the AFM enabled, but after some time i got the hang of it. So why do i write this up now? Two days back i got the DCS SA-342 Gazelle module knowing full well that it was praised for a very high fidelty flight model, albeit being a very twitchy and unfogiving aircraft at the same time. Hence i was sure to really be in for some heavy training to get anything done in that helo sim. Boy was i wrong: not that the Gazelle in dcs is easily controlled or arcady....it is a very fine module and it shows all those intricate flight characteristics dcs quality is known for. Rather, all the helo flight mechanics you need to get a grip on for such a high fidelity module like the Gazelle, i was taught flying Arma 3 AFM helos. Countering torque with left or right pedal and arresting sidedrift with cyclic when lifting off....and generally being one step ahead of the aircraft and preemting its movements with minute inputs. Arma 3's AFM does not feel to different among the helicopters...but then again, arma is not a full fidelity simulation only geared towards aircraft. But, the AFM has all the building blocks that give you the proper training you need to step up to 'almost the real thing'!
  12. kimi...great stuff seems to be coming our way from you. The colour and brightness feature will make your mod not only a incredibly useful and nice to have addition for flying in arma, but pretty much a must have mod for the aspiring pilot. Looking greatly for this improvement! And as always, do it at your own pace. Thx mate.
  13. great work on the A-10. Would you consider making the backround menu scene optional/removeable (the logo file i mean), as with your other aircraft?
  14. @hailstorm probably you've got it set up correctly, but have bound your thumbstick to mouse aim in view controls?
  15. I just retested the tgp mouse and analog/thumbstick (TM twcs hotas) speeds and i think mouse is perfect in the old CAS planes, but the analog stick which i bound to 'Mouse Aim' in armas View control settings, is way too slow. It should match mouse speed when fully maxed out. Analog speed feels good in the Blackwasp 2 for isntance, but mouse is too fast for that one. I suggest: 1. Make it equal for all planes and match max mouse speed with max analog curve. 2. Make old CAS planes mouse speed the refrence value.