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  1. New to modding

    Huh...i was totally oblivious to this. When i come to think of it, i can't really recall a mod that ''really touches'' a current arma vehicle concerning the actual model. So all this stuff like a turret added to the Hunter or a refueling boom i have seen for the Ghosthawk are additions made from scratch for these arma 3 assets? These are then probably not 'baked' into the vanilla asset but standalone and when you load the addon, it is 'placed or attached' to the vanilla asset via config i reckon? Is that the way its mostly done?
  2. New to modding

    Along the same lines. I always wished Arma 3's gunships internal cockpits were of higher quality for instance. Exporting these to blender and enhancing these (polys and textures) without rebuilding the entire module from scratch, is that even possible? I read in another post that we don't have the proper p3d files to work with. Is that why you referred the op to arma II assets sample files? I am just trying to gauge whether one has to start from scratch or simply can de-pbo a vanilla arma 3 vehicle and touch things up a bit. Adding proper nuts and bolts and 3d switches and stuff with higher res. textures for the Kajman and Blackfoot for instance.
  3. Got ya. Could easily be solved with a mark as hostile keybinding i reckon. Which of course means you better have no bums on your team falsly marking greens as reds of course!
  4. thx mate. And identifying a unit with a tgp will not 'confirm it as hostile' for me and all datalinked parties? So the script command is the only way i would ever see a read enemy confirmation? Kinda makes not a lot of sense to me. I think its fine that stuff is not automatically confirmed, but if you look at it directly and visually identify it, then there should at least be a keybinding to mark it as hostile.
  5. So i finally read the 'Sensor Overhaul OPREP' and was noticing that i never get those red 'confirmed hostile' symbols on the radar in game. In January Oukej mentioned that ''...IDing targets gameplay was something we tried to emphasize. We've actually got rid of the automatic enemy confirmation.'' and went on to state that ''...Allied (green) are only contacts from the same side. Contacts from a friendly side will still be shown white. Red contacts - and this is still just a plan - are only those that have been "confirmed as hostile" by a script command. This is to allow scenario creators come up with either pre-determined scenario setting and ROE or to come up with a dynamic system for confirmation of enemies.'' So, even if i visually identify an enemy vehicle close up, it is still shown as white atm. Is that the behaviour you guys experience as well or is somehting up with my install? I've looked but did not find the script command to unambigously identify a unit as hostile on the wiki, could someone kindly point me to it?
  6. Thats it, cheers mate. I sure thought it was really called ''slackin'', no idea why google did not reveal to me that its called slack and not slackin.
  7. Hey guys, my slackin access was lost with a complete browser wipe, but now i can't join again. When i try to join with my email address it just says : ''Please Wait!'' but nothing ever happens. No email, nothing. Any idea? Tried it with chrome and firefox.
  8. The laser has been broken for quite some time. If i recall correctly, i got it to lock and track targets a couple of times, but nothing i could reproduce or know why and how. So, it seems to be broken in vanilla as well as with ace. Been really quite around the stand alone, so i wouldn't hold my breath for the time being. Hope this will be fixed some day, cause it is an awesome addon.
  9. @oukej Is this still planned for arma 3, and if so, will it be added with one of the last two BIS dlcs, or is it something that might slip in indepently? For the Macers, manual guidance like the DAGR and Scalpel missiles would be fine to get on cold targets. Its a pity you cannot target cold, imobile targets anymore. No ''magic lock anything'' is great, but limiting the macers to IR only is kinda a waste and not true to the real thing. Hope this is still on the agenda. The locking mechanic is already in the game via 'manual guidance' as with afore mentioned DAGRs and Scapels.
  10. I sure hope this is gospel :) Guys excuse me asking so bluntly, i have checked in here from time to time, but i am not really clear about what is planned for this module at this point in time. So a while back the MELB was included into the RHS bundle. The standalone version seems to have been updated last time in 2015. Are you guys (diesel and sykocrazy) working with the RHS guys, or part of that team? If someone in the know could give me an update on what is coming and who is doing what on the standalone MELB it'll be much appreciated.
  11. When time permits and my arma addiction strikes again....i will sure give your guys new package a go.
  12. just gave version 4.0 a go tonight.....i gotta say.....YOU ARE THE MAN!
  13. I guess if i was in your shoes i would not be able to simply leave the mod on the workshop unattended. And that means two places and groups to attend to. Thx for the answer.
  14. hey mate, i know you mention it in the OP, but why do you refrain from distributing tpw mods via steam as an alternative again? I searched this thread but did not find a reason for that. It's your choice of course, i am just curious as to why, if you might care to elaborate. I am on an arma hiatus atm, but its great to see tpw mods stay fresh with each dlc or bigger patch comign out. Thank you.
  15. @mc in the mean time, while you wait for your paypal thing to get sorted, as you might know, VA uses the windows voice recognition. If you have not used that for something else already, you can spend a couple of hours (2 should probably suffice) i reckon, to train that voice recognition a bit. VA is great, but only as good as windows catches what you say!