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  1. I was reading on your github you were having trouble getting the channel move to work properly if the channel was passworded. Did you guy manage to get that working? I've found a simple channel move if the channel hasn't got a password kind of doesn't have the same affect.
  2. While I tend to agree, probably the weakest part of ACRE is the radio beeps. In fact in my group going from TFAR to ACRE the radio beeps have been the single biggest gripe. Even more so than no radio racks. But all of us don't mind since ACRE is a better option in every other way. If the end beeps or pop are bugging you the biggest piece of advice I can recommend is get your players to lower their POST Volume and increase their PRE Volume, this will lower the volume of the beeps and pops (along with the static and all the other good stuff with ACRE) but keep the voice volume high enough you can hear players clearly. Sadly as far as I can tell there is no way to add custom sounds without significantly modding the addons files.
  3. Hey guys I'm making a survival mission and STUI is part of our modset and I want to disable the HUD and Group Indicators. Now I've got: STGI_Enabled = false; in the init file and that works a treat. Can anyone tell me if there is a command to disable the HUD? I tried STHUD_Enabled = false; but it doesn't work. any suggestions?
  4. Excellent work ACRE team. While the TFAR crew are no where to be found and leaving the community to patch and fix its outdated mod, you guys continue to tirelessly work and bug fix your sensational mod. So we are all very thankful and continue to patiently wait for vehicle racks and other additions from your Github.
  5. If I could reach through my computer and kiss you my friend I would. Thank you so much. I was going mad trying to find a fix for this.
  6. Cheers I found a work around was changing the menu size from very small to small. I suggest if it is happening to anyone else change their menu size to one higher or smaller.
  7. So since 1.68 I'm having this significant issue with the Editor when none of my drop down menus work. It is a problem in both 32bit and 64bit. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm running mods or not all drop down menus simply won't work.
  8. Lucky you, for me it is every dingle drop down menu. It is something in the Vanilla code as I just ran the game with no mods at all got the same problem.
  9. Oh It is MCC that is causing this? I spent ages trying to figure out why the menus refused to drop down. For me it doesn't just happen with MCC module menus but all drop down menus.
  10. Ok good stuff, I just came on to see if I was the only one with this problem. ShackTac works fine in 32bit but the mission won't load in 64bit.
  11. Hey guys can anyone tell me is there a way to make the Zombie spawner modules work more than once? I'm building an in house zombie sandbox for my clan and while the spawners work wonderfully as the players move out of an area the zombies are set to despawn to save on server load. But when players re enter the area the spawnner doesn't re-spawn the zombies. The zombie spawners seem to be only a one time thing. Is there a way to make the spawners work multiple times, or more importantly retrigger after players have left the area and re enter?
  12. What is the performance like on 64bit? My group never kept Bornholm because it ran really badly. I would imagine 64bit might improve performance a little?
  13. Set the GAIA units to Defensive not Aggressive that should keep them inside their zone.
  14. Loving the ACRE version man