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  1. Thanks, but what I'm asking is there a way to script it in the editor. So Blufor on missions start are on block 1 channel 1, Opfor and on Block 2 Channel 1 and on mission start indi are on block 3 channel 1 on the 343. I would like to make it all taken care of on mission start to save time.
  2. Also since I can not use the ACRE modules with this technique how do I disable Frequencies per side?? Obviously because the spy on each team will have a PRC152 to communicate with the opposing side I will need to be able to disable the frequencies unique to each side. and one last request, is there a way to Automatically set Blocks. Ideally I'd like players to log into the mission BLUEfor automatically be on BLOCK 1 Channel 1, OPFOR be on BLOCK 2 Channel 2 and INDI be on BLOCK 3 Channel 1 for the 343.
  3. Hey guys I just want some advice with setting up Babel. I am making a Team Vs Team Vs Team Spy mission. Where each faction has one spy in it from an opposing faction in it. The Spy needs to be able to speak 2 languages and they goal is to communicate the whereabouts and tactics of the other team. I just want to know is this the most efficient way to set the languages? I copied and pasted this from an old Reddit post. Pasted this in the INIT f_available_languages = [ ["en", "English"], ["ru", "Russian"], ["ar", "Arabic"] ]; { _x call acre_api_fnc_babelAddLanguageType; } forEach f_available_languages; [] spawn { if (!hasInterface) exitWith {}; if (player != player) then {waitUntil {player == player};}; if (!alive player) then {waitUntil {alive player};}; _languagesPlayerSpeaks = player getVariable ["f_languages", []]; switch (playerside) do { case west: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["en"];}; }; case east: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["ru"];}; }; case independent: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["ar"];}; }; case civilian: { if (_languagesPlayerSpeaks isEqualTo []) then {_languagesPlayerSpeaks = ["ar"];}; }; }; _languagesPlayerSpeaks call acre_api_fnc_babelSetSpokenLanguages; }; then in the INIT BOX for the SPY who will be able to speak to BLUFOR and INDI I have posted this this setVariable ["f_languages",["en", "ar"]]; The reason I ask is this code while similar to the ACRE documentation is quite different also. Is this the best way to set up 3 languages with select players able to speak 2 languages.
  4. Can someone just clarify in layman's terms what this means??
  5. I think he was suggesting that on Isla Duala (and indeed Abramia) when you set the sky to an empty sky. As in no moon at all the night is just as dark (or bright) as a Vanilla night sky on say something like Altis or Tanoa with a full moon. Ad a full moon on Duala or Abramia it is like someone is shining a flash light over the battlefield. It just comes back to my original post that the brightness it too high on these maps which makes night time too bright and day time too washed out. Again it doesn't stop your maps from being the best A3 maps period. But they are observations.
  6. If you don't want people to hear the background of your mic because people are talking or because you are eating then mute your mic. If you have a mic from the last 10 years then this usually can be achieved by lifting the boom mic up above your ears. It doesn't get much simpler than that.
  7. An amazing map with so much replayability. This definately remains as one of my favorite A3 Maps. But am I the only one who thinks the lighting is still a bit strange? Like it is too bright, or too white, or missing contrast. The colors feel too washed out and not vibrant and deep enough. When you compare it to a map like Namalsk for A3 or Chernarus Redux the atmosphere really seems a bit lacking in the lighting department only. I don't know it i s hard to put your finger on how it looks, it just looks a bit unnatural and bright especially when you compare it side by side to something like Tanoa, Namalsk, Cherno Redux or even most of CUP Terrains. I don't mean to offend, it is just an observation.
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  10. Hi guys, Can I make a small request for the next updated to ACEX. With the Headless client support. Is there anyway you guys can set it so UAVs, Drones and other remote controlled vehicles don't ever get pushed to the headless client by default? We had an issue tonight where the mission maker forgot to black list a Predator drone from going to the headless client. Once the player started the drone up and sent it into the sky, shortly afterward ACEX did its job and we believe it got pushed to one of the HCs and the player with the controls could no long control the drone. There really is no reason at all for any drone or remote controlled being getting pushed to the HC, especially if it means players are going to have a hard time controlling (or in our case simply could not control it) them.
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  12. You guys are Amazing. Thank you all for the release. Only feedback I would have with the TS Channel switching is please make the channel passworded. So you can enter a basic channel password like 123 to keep players out who aren't in game. I'm guessing by the changelog still no Vehicle Racks? or Full Virtual Zeus integration? A bit of a shame but we will wait patiently for them. Other than that the new SEM70 is sweet, as are all the fixes and updates - I'm glad to see the 148 is back to proper visual operation.
  13. Nice clips. It should be noted however for anyone considering the modded volume is too loud. I would like to hear the sounds outside of the Virtual Arsenal. As we know the VA is very quiet with no ambient noise to drown out the sound of the gear. I would like to see a clip of a player moving about on Altis or through the jungles of Tanoa, also in a fire fight and moving around vehicles and other soldiers during patrol I think the louder version would actually fit in well.
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  15. Honestly I think the footstep sounds are fine, it is the rest of the sounds your body and equipment I believe should be making. I mean when you run you quite literally only hear your footsteps.