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  1. Hi guys, Can I make a small request for the next updated to ACEX. With the Headless client support. Is there anyway you guys can set it so UAVs, Drones and other remote controlled vehicles don't ever get pushed to the headless client by default? We had an issue tonight where the mission maker forgot to black list a Predator drone from going to the headless client. Once the player started the drone up and sent it into the sky, shortly afterward ACEX did its job and we believe it got pushed to one of the HCs and the player with the controls could no long control the drone. There really is no reason at all for any drone or remote controlled being getting pushed to the HC, especially if it means players are going to have a hard time controlling (or in our case simply could not control it) them.
  2. Arma3 Videos

  3. You guys are Amazing. Thank you all for the release. Only feedback I would have with the TS Channel switching is please make the channel passworded. So you can enter a basic channel password like 123 to keep players out who aren't in game. I'm guessing by the changelog still no Vehicle Racks? or Full Virtual Zeus integration? A bit of a shame but we will wait patiently for them. Other than that the new SEM70 is sweet, as are all the fixes and updates - I'm glad to see the 148 is back to proper visual operation.
  4. Nice clips. It should be noted however for anyone considering the modded volume is too loud. I would like to hear the sounds outside of the Virtual Arsenal. As we know the VA is very quiet with no ambient noise to drown out the sound of the gear. I would like to see a clip of a player moving about on Altis or through the jungles of Tanoa, also in a fire fight and moving around vehicles and other soldiers during patrol I think the louder version would actually fit in well.
  5. Arma3 Videos

  6. Honestly I think the footstep sounds are fine, it is the rest of the sounds your body and equipment I believe should be making. I mean when you run you quite literally only hear your footsteps.
  7. Arma3 Videos

  8. This might be a bit late as the sound overhaul happened many many months ago. But while BI keep improving and developing ArmA 3s soundscape they have never really included proper infantry movement sounds. This is particularly obvious when using 3rd party maps, or even many of the previous ArmA maps in CUP Terrains. Infantry movement for so much of the time is almost silent. Now I'm not going to argue that it is BIs responsibility to have sounds working in mods or maps that were never designed for the vanilla game. And while on maps like Altis and Tanoa you have decent movement sounds and interaction with the world around it the sounds mostly have to do the terrain your walking on. Let me explain. basically the only infantry movement sounds present in the game are footsteps on different surfaces and movement through trees and bushes. A good example of a fully flushed out soundscape is that of JSRS mod. With JSRS you can hear the players clothing, little pieces of metal clanking about on your uniform and the material grinding against each other. The sounds totally simulate an entire body moving through the world, not just your feet hitting the ground. DayZ standalone is another good example as you move you hear your gun clanking around, the different materials interacting with each other. Your players actually sounds like his whole body is simulated. Considering in ArmA you are geared up far greater than in DayZ one would expect there would be more detailed sounds. Anyway what is everyone's thoughts on this? Should BI considering improving the infantry movement sounds? Or are they perfect the way they are?
  9. Disable Battleye. I'm assuming you are using ACE on a private milsim server. There is no reason at all to be running battleye on a private server, unless your friends are A$$HOLES and want to hack, in which case you need new friends.
  10. Arma3 Videos

  11. So I'm in the process of making a Night time Team vs Team mission. One team is vastly outnumbers but has superior gear including night vision. The other team has greater numbers and only flash lights. As all of you probably know one of the greatest ways to circumvent the affects of a dark night is to just turn your gamma all the way up. Does anyone know of a way to either prevent players from simply doing that. Or negate the affects just turning the gamma up? Cheers.
  12. Cyprus Push-toHear

    works fine for me, I used it just tonight.
  13. Nope respawn on start -1 doesn't fix that. We get the same problem. It appears to be a bug in the current ACRE plug in. Any respawning players have to restart their plug in (typically the easiest way of doing that is restarting TS). We haven't found a way around it yet.
  14. NIArms Release Thread

    Thanks for that I'll wait until the website gets updated then. Cheers.