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  1. Hey guys I got reports of ACRE spamming these errors last night during a mission and ultimately it ended up bogging down the mission making the game unplayable after enough time. I can't say I've ever seen it before. Can anyone shed some light on if it is bug or if this is generated from user error?
  2. As far as I was aware the blood bags didn't go rancid after 30min they last forever on basic medical.
  3. If Ryan gives us the go head I can post it here. But technically we aren't allow as it is an edit to the mods files.
  4. You sir are a legend, and you've even added a whole bunch of other sounds. Thanks you so very much.
  5. As I'd very much like to make a couple of sound packs what exactly is "Slack"
  6. Thanks for the links and info fellas, but they aren't the sounds I'm looking for. The sounds in that video are a custom sound set not the sounds from any previous version of TFAR. I used to have them back when that video was released but his link is now broken. I was just hoping someone else might have them. For confirmation check out 0:16 of that video.
  7. Does anyone know where I can download the sound files from that video? the link the description of the video are broken. The sound files from the ArmAHolic link are ACRE 1 sounds and different from the ones in teh video.
  8. While I feel this is becoming an unnecessary argument, how much time have you put into it already? I dare say more than 30 seconds. Anyway man I believe ACRE is open source now anyway so you can do what you want with it. I was merely expressing that I found it a strange request. Anyway bud, I'll drop it there as I can't help you finding the pop up message, but good luck with it.
  9. So instead of unticking ACRE 2 from your mod playlist. Or creating a separate second mod playlist without ACRE 2 you want to spend all this time going through it files, unpboing the mod, finding all the correct scripts, repboing the mod, then testing your changes to see if there are not problems with it. I'm not saying you shouldn't remove the hint if you really want to, I just think it is one of the strangest solutions to a REALLY easily fixable problem. Also keep in mind each time ACRE get updated you're going to have to repeat the process.
  10. Guys have you considered doing what Project Opfor do? and basically make this mod an expansion to RHS. You could make this mods a dependancy on RHS US Armed Forces and use their M4s, Javelins, HK417 and reskin a bunch of their assets to suit your mod. It would save a metric tonne of time, keeps existing player bases mod packs from getting even larger by doubling or trippling up on weapons they already have in the arsenals and ensure the weapons carried by the ADF units are the highest of quality. I can already see a significant amount of items in that list there that are already present in RHS US Armed Forces you could use right off the bat. I would also be so bold enough to say the vast majority of military units out there already have RHS in their mod packs so there shouldn't be any complaints about making it a dependency. also it would easily halve the size of your mod.
  11. Hi guys I would like to look into making a custom sound pack for ACRE mostly focusing on the beeps. I'm guessing that is what Wav2B64 is for as I've unpbod the ACRE sound pbo and found the sounds themselves are an unknown sound files but every sound program I have on my PC (Adobe Audition, Winamp, VLC and more). Just wondering is there any documentation on Wav2B64 and how to use it? Everytime I try to open it it just closes immediately. Even if I try opening the ACRE .B64 sounds with it (right click open file with function) It would be awesome to make some custom "beeps" for ACRE since I believe we are allowed to now that it is open source. Thanks for the help.
  12. If you have a rented server it is probably look and operate similar to this:
  13. That's actually a very good solution, how ever if you have multiple repos in the same mod folder you can't use Exact Match which is by the best thing to use for members to make sure their mods and files are up to date and they don't have dead mods.
  14. Its because Iron Front and Unsung are optional mods, Iron Front being 9 gig and Unsung I think being about 5 ontop of our normal 30gig modset we like to say to players - If you want to play Iron Front you have the option it isn't mandatory. We also have a 4th Repo we call the a Optional Random mods repo that has mods like Dynasound, JSRS, Battle Royale, Exile and a few other random mods I like to make available for my members. As our group solely uses ArmA sync almost no one in our group uses the workshop I kind of have a mini workshop available. Anyway I'm getting off point, We have 3 main seperate repos so new users and old have the option to download these different game mode. If they are only interested in modern day games and session they only need to download the Tac Realism repo if they want to play Iron Front but not Unsung they only need Tac Realism and Unsung. So then we come full circle with me requesting being able to make events off multiple repos. If it is not possible then no problem, but it would make things easier.