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  1. Disable Battleye. I'm assuming you are using ACE on a private milsim server. There is no reason at all to be running battleye on a private server, unless your friends are A$$HOLES and want to hack, in which case you need new friends.
  2. So I'm in the process of making a Night time Team vs Team mission. One team is vastly outnumbers but has superior gear including night vision. The other team has greater numbers and only flash lights. As all of you probably know one of the greatest ways to circumvent the affects of a dark night is to just turn your gamma all the way up. Does anyone know of a way to either prevent players from simply doing that. Or negate the affects just turning the gamma up? Cheers.
  3. works fine for me, I used it just tonight.
  4. Nope respawn on start -1 doesn't fix that. We get the same problem. It appears to be a bug in the current ACRE plug in. Any respawning players have to restart their plug in (typically the easiest way of doing that is restarting TS). We haven't found a way around it yet.
  5. smallarms

    Thanks for that I'll wait until the website gets updated then. Cheers.
  6. smallarms

    Yeah cheers, I can read you know. I was merely asking for the all in one to uploaded to the main website so server owners and those of us who use ArmA sync could download the AIO and make our repos. As you can see on main link for the AIO there are no dates on the releases.So I can't tell if V7 is the current build or the previous build.
  7. smallarms

    Can anyone point out where I can download the AIO? I checked the front page, but I'm not sure if that link is the latest download as there is no date. I'd rather not armahoilc or steam. If there is an official link that would be great or a Mega.
  8. Change them yourself in your CBA settings.
  9. Ok good to know, at least I know I'm not imagining things. Any chance on getting an update to remove the dependencies lappihuan?
  10. Hey everyone, is anyone getting a dependancy in missions if you have Namalsk loaded? I made a mission the other day on Bystrica and when I tried loading it I was getting a missing addon "NS_A2" or something like that which was connected to Namalsk Map. I'm not sure if Namalsk assets are available in the editor and I accidentally used them or if the map itself does put dependencies in missions. Also any plans to upload this map to the workshop, it is literally the only map in our modset that isn't on the workshop.
  11. opfor

    Lovin it Keeway, I can't wait until RC.
  12. If they won't make it compatible with Discord I don't think they are going to make it not requite TS. Anyway what's wrong with TS it is amazing.
  13. Played the iron front version last night. Lots of fun, a good challenge. I would like a US escaping German forces instead of Russian escaping German however for that "Great Escape Feel" Any intention of using the Iron Front Maps?
  14. Hey guys, just a quick question. What do many of you have your server side CBA settings set to in regards to Terrain Loss Coefficient? The single biggest complaint I get from ACRE is that all a player has to do is duck behind a hill and their 343 stops working altogether. It isn't as though it breaks up and distorts it simply just doesn't work anymore. And for this to happen all the player has to do is duck behind a hill, sometimes even as little as less than 1 foot of terrain cover the line of sight and no signal will be received. Now I don't want to nerf one of the more interesting features of ACRE by turning the TLC to 0 and essentially making it Task Force Radio. But even when it is set to .50 it still isn't very reliable. Anyway I'm just keen to to see what other users have their server side TLC settings set to. Also as a request for later updates perhaps could we see an adjustment to this feature to be more linear rather than what feels like a on or off.