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  1. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    What about an optional download? So if somebody wants to play on a Server that uses third party dlcs he can donload the free version (with adds etc.) from Steam. This way the user could decide, if he wants to use up more disc space or he wants to do without those dlc servers...
  2. banned by infistar

    Well offical servers are not connected to infistar. Any (private) server owner can decide who he wants to join and who not. Thats how it works So I recommend you to calm down, ask why you got banned and try to convince the person that you are not guilty etc. OR you continue raging in this thread and risk of getting banned again here
  3. banned by infistar

    Infistar is not official software from bohemia interactive. It's made by an external developer and server admins can pay them to use their service afaik. So to answer your question: infistar provides admin tools and extra cheating protection. (And it seems to be smarter than I could imagine, if it really detects new accounts by the same person :€))
  4. hat between legs??

    Looks like a missing model config. Make sure, that nothing else has changed since it worked.
  5. Chernarus Redux 800+ screenshots from me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055205907/screenshots/?appid=107410&sort=newestfirst&browsefilter=myfiles&view=imagewall
  6. Hellcat spotlight

    Last time I tried, it worked like this: - it has to be night - you have to be on the co pilot seat - Press "L" or use the action - searchlight faces, where you are looking at with the "spotting view"
  7. Enhanced Movement

    I guess he is tired of hearing, that something needs to be fixed, when it's just not compatible with mod XYZ... There is no way that an addon, that is changing such elemental stuff like movement can be compatible with every other mod. You could also ask the acex guys to "fix" it :P
  8. Enhanced Movement

    Remember, that you probably have 12 hours time difference
  9. Well, learn scripting arma and do it?^^ keyhandler and shop dialog.
  10. Arma Memes...

    Did this one some months ago while doing optimizations
  11. Is selling mods allowed, legally?

    "Our games and tools are licensed for non-commercial use only." "You may develop your own game content, tools, plug-ins and other utilities or services for both noncommercial and commercial use as long as it is your original creation, without using the content, tool or any other intellectual property of Bohemia Interactive." https://www.bistudio.com/community/game-content-usage-rules
  12. WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    "The exact value of the limit is not yet known, but it's somewhere around 50-60 meter from the center of origin (meaning that your object can be 100m wide/long at max if it is symmetrical to the center of origin)." - LOD I think this is a problem on your side. The GEO LOD does not exist there ingame. You could split the back part of the GEO LOD into a seperate model and then attach it.
  13. WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    I said I am going to realese a test version, so here it is: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2s61UEUJqVRQ1R6dGdrYi1mbzg changes compared to the workshop version: - cleaned up code - new functions: BW_WMO_fnc_isWMOobject, BW_WMO_fnc_collision, BW_WMO_fnc_getParent (recursively, so wow) - compatibillity with attached objects - compatibillity with objects without velocity (f.e. oneachframe setpos like ATS) - less snapping/falling speed - smoother MP sync as shown in a post above Issues: I disable collision between the player and the object that is ridden, to avoid damage and death. Thats why you are able to walk through walls of big ships etc. Its not a pretty solution, so I am experimenting with sacrifical GEO LODs, that do not have velocity. Also the attached object still have collosion so you will die when you touch a hitbox of an attached wall... Second, the current system has problems with slope climbing. I am currently looking for a solution. Feel free to give any suggestions to improve this prerelease version. It now also should work with most of your mods.
  14. Arma3 Altis Life Server idea

    https://native-network.net I think this forum is a good/better choice for german Altis Life stuff. You could try it there.
  15. I made a mini tool for exporting the heigthmap to .obj (can later be converted to something else). The detail can be adjusted as needed. It was just an experiment, so PM me if you want to take a look.