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  1. Members of CAG and SBS boarding a CIA operated Mi-8. Northern Afghanistan, October 2001 Addons:LTF US Smock retextures, Tryk, RHS,FATA,RH M4, Tac Vests,AV_IndUS,VSM
  2. Wolfpack likes to travel fast sir.. Tryk,Hazar Kot,CUP, RH m4, VSM, MilGear,TAC,Animation by ShiftyZ
  3. I'm reading this in a Rodney Dangerfield voice No respect I tell her.
  4. I'm always impressed by the pics posted by the 3CB guys. Anyone know what the filter/ style used in these pics is?-Makes them look very real.
  5. A nice long holiday..
  6. It has affected several mods-Irish Armed Forces and Massis as well as others. Nothing to be done unless the mod maker updates. It is due to inheriting from vanilla-as the above post says. So if you are using , say an M4 from massi-it inherits from vanilla MX, and will default to it.
  7. Can I ask why? MCC is one of the mods I simply couldnt live without-not just for it's mission editor, but it also has so many other feautres, even for SP players like m.e Ability to change time of day, weather, spawn vehicles, full arsenal, teleport, call CAS ,reinforcements, evac choppers and artillery..It's fantastic!
  8. This issue has affected one or two other mods also-I had the same problem with the Irish Armed Forces mod. Spawning units would be carrying Styer Aug's, but when I go to arsenal the default to vanilla weapns. Same issue in weapon crates.
  9. Please keep on topic..And if you can;t say anything useful or constructive, then don't.
  10. Nice work-this is very welcome! :D
  11. Thats because the mod requires CUP weapons to run.
  12. Apache Longbow,Chernarus Winter
  13. Please don't make your first post here be a rule breaking one..Thanks :) I would recommend this for some good airframes-
  14. It wont. I've been using 64 bit on Dev branch for weeks now with no issues. Only mods affected were ACE and a couple of others-those issues have mostly been resolved.
  15. Why not the Irish Armed Forces? And not to be too pedantic...but 3CB is not really a good fit, considering there has not been British troops in my country since the war of independence 100 years ago...I suppose you could say the map is over the border in Northern Ireland for your scenarios :) @Savage_Donkey: Thanks for releasing this. To any people wondering about permissions etc, Bushlurker had stated that nanyone who wished to patch and share this map was free to do so whenever they liked.