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  1. An empty chopper will not blow up-there is no issue there. It is only if you stand on one with someone in the pilot seat etc -so yes it does make sense :D
  2. Thread is locked at OP's request.
  3. What about Irish DPM? Quite different and a rather nice looking camo, if i say so myself :)
  4. Wow...what an odd change...I wonder if it is intentional or not? Maybe you should post this on the Dev branch discussion thread? Might be worth getting some Dev feedback. Thanks for the fix-I'll be using it now :D
  5. This topic is just descending into name calling and trolling. OP-there are several threads already dedicated to all aspects of the recently released game updates, as well as KOTH specific topics. These will probably be more beneficial to you. I am locking this thread now, for the reasons stated above.
  6. Just want to say thanks for making the modelling tutorial burnes. Learning to mod arma is a stressful process full of obscure methods and outdated guides. It is wonderful to see you making this straightforward and easy to follow guide. I hope I will have time to learn to use it soon :D
  7. Closing at thread starter's request. (Having tested this map, i can say-You folks are in for a real treat. It is amazing! Tiny paths and dry river beds wandering through thick jungle, a huge muddy brown river snaking through the whole map overlooked by high rocky bluffs and cliff faces, flooded rice paddie fields and plantations....Simply fantastic.
  8. @Venger_ BI developers are active on this forum, to answer your question. And debate about issues such as this is encouraged on the forums-and that debate can get heated-no problems there. However, referring to people's responses to threads you start as "useless" is not an advisable, or acceptable way to behave here. I would also ask that you read our forum rules, as you have managed to break several already. Bumping topics is not permitted, and you have created 2 separate topics discussing exactly the same issue within days of each other. As others have pointed out-there are valid reasons why vehicle turrets do not have sensitivity sliders-it would allow turrets to move far too quickly-thereby breaking the realism of the game that you previously mentioned. It has nothing to do with the type of mouse used. if a large amount of the community decide something should be changed/added, then dev's will look at this. However deciding you alone are right and everyone else's opinion is wrong is not the way to achieve this.
  9. And the BDU! I love DPM and there is not enough good versions out there
  10. As far as I know, the CUP Chinook does not hold vehicles-except for quad bikes i believe. Only CUP birds that can hold anything larger are the CH-53 and also the Osprey.
  11. Nice! Thanks man! I had an eagle spawn over me when testing the new carrier the other day-don't know how or why, but i wanted it again. This is great thanks! Is there any way to specifically spawn an eagle in a certain place at a certain time? like for screenshots etc?
  12. There certainly are forum rules regarding release dates. There are also forum rules regarding spam posts-and there has been a lot of both recently here. The next post not directly related to the development of this addon will be removed and a penalty will be issued to the poster.
  13. Just testing how high I could put view distance and still have usable framerate. (30km) CUP.
  14. Hi...If you had read even a couple of posts above your own, you would see me telling another new member that 1-asking for updates is against the forum rules, and 2-the mod is working well but not released yet. B@Co- Take your time mate. I took the fishies out for a swim yesterday-everything seems to still be working fine.