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  1. Arma 3's storyline was good-I played the campaign 2 or 3 times. I felt it was a little unrealistic to have a large guerrilla group living in the woods on a small island..The point of guerrillas is they blend with the populace-in the towns and villages. But on altis the populace is comprised of 30 year old men in shorts living in houses with no I suppose that was not possible :D
  2. Wow this is great! Especially for us city folk who never get to see the stars...All we see is an orangey pink sky :( Thanks again
  3. @Cydoemus Nice to see some pics that fit with Arma 3's canon storyline :) You said it is part of a private campaign-is it going to stay private? Looks like fun.
  4. Looks like this could be something really cool. Eager to see where it goes :)
  5. Looks great. Nice to see a CSAT campaign-they are usually just lumped into "bad guy" roles. I will definitely give this a try when i have some time :)
  6. Massi's weapons no longer show up in the game arsenal due to not being updated for some time. Dont know if this will affect you here though.
  7. Oh wow! I have wanted a Mk20 for so long. Nice work! Just took it for a few shots. It is all really nice. Only thing that is a bit off is the sound tails. The cut off very suddenly-especially when suppressed.
  8. So you are using a pirate copy of the game. Arma 3 is on version 1.74 and steam auto updates. Goodbye Your "SS" profile pic did not help matters. A pirate and a
  9. What version of arma3 are you running?
  10. 22 SAS covert Op to recover data from a downed UAV near a Russian base inside the Arctic circle. ( no photoshop or any kind of image enhancing is used in my pics. All unaltered in game pics.) Addons:Tryk, TAC Vests,RHS, CUP,NiArms,Thirsk Winter,Spec4,Design Mastery Weapons,50 shades of Mp7,BFST(unreleased),Alias snowstorm module,TPW,Hidden Identity V3
  11. It is really nice.Anyone know what anims are used there?
  12. No, it is the unreleased blackhawk from YuriPetrov . It was an arma 2 mod, but someone uploaded it to workshop without permission. A new improve version is being worked on for Arma 3 but is not out yet.
  13. Since the person has been reported, and the other topic in the thread-"how to get hold of a cheat", will not be permitted, I will lock this thread now.
  14. Well I just saw a video of someone make a 10.5km kill shot using this with ACE, so i would say it works! :D
  15. B@Co really has done amazing work. The models are top notch, and the animations are really fluid as well. When the ai is added these guys will be truly terrifying.