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  1. For once, everything is vanilla-even the animations.
  2. Shocked? What do you mean?
  3. I use controller for commands. Some of the more complex and less often used ones I do use keyboard for, such as scan horizon, or pick up item etc. But for normal stuff like stances, regroup, hold fire I use controller.
  4. Okay, i'll post something in a little while
  5. I know this is an older thread, but just letting you know that since a recent game update, DM weapons no longer show up in the arsenal and cannot be accessed..A shame as these are really nice quality M4's . The optics-eotech's etc are still showing up however.
  6. I suppose so. What do you want to see exactly?
  7. I know you do not want to download 3rd aprty software..But Xpadder is fantastic! I have over 3000hours in arma now-all played on controller. Every control is mapped, i can switch profiles with one button for different situations-vehicles, infantry etc. Works great with my xbone controller.
  8. terrain

    Please do not ask for updates-it is against forum rules. The rules can be found on the front page-please read them. Thanks.
  9. Beautiful work Grand Admiral! I should expect nothing less from the brialliant mind of Thrawn :)
  10. I cant see Apex being reduced again in the sale..But who knows. Either way..this is quite a trivial matter to open a new topic for. And as the OP has seemed to have decided his course of action already, I will close the thread now.
  11. Awesome work. Can;t wait to give these a try :)
  12. Thanks for that. i dont use CUP CWA-it messes the lighting up on some terrains. Great to be able to keep using this now :D
  13. The Petra is really fantastic-a beautifully made weapon. Are we going to be seeing any suppressors/attachments for it?
  14. Okay, thanks Bnae. So, if I dont use all in one, what pack do i need to have the original weapons-the sniper rifles etc?
  15. So if i am using the all in one pack, will i still get all attatchments etc for this new rifle? Just wondering since all in one has not been updated for a little while?