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  1. I was awake at night remembering how the toggling behaves, you are right, standard behaviour should be how you described. Not really what it has been for years. It just might be a forgotten issue. Time to write a feedback ticket? E: Before, I always understood "Toggle zoom in" as in literally it only toggles the zoom in, and never out. Since this has been that way forever, it even works the same in DayZ SA.
  2. Dev's already mentioned in other thread that resizing is no longer possible with the new panels. It's really a bummer. :I
  3. That's because it's literally "toggle zoom in", you'd need to use zoom out controls too. Use "Zoom in temporary" if you want the normal behaviour.
  4. Would be a dream come true to see more sway there. But the gameplay itself doesn't really seem to favor combat pace in action, but walking instead. So I guess that makes tactical pace sidestrafing truly a bad Arma trend :D There is already a solution, but many players don't use it.
  5. You can always try EUTW Warfare. After I found that game mode I've pretty much stopped other playing franchises
  6. I'll be damned. For all my life I've read it all wrong. I had to double and triple check, feeling like an idiot :D
  7. Hey! I reckon Tigris uses "lase range" control like tanks and rangefinders. If I remember this right the default key is "T" There is also proper QA and Troubleshooting forums in case you find similiar trouble in future. =)
  8. Maybe you have autohover turned on? Time to check you helicopter controls maybe?
  9. I'm not upset, they just look absolutely ridiculous. Your high defense mode tells me otherwise :D
  10. Uh, I wouldn't care. Spec-Op fantasies aren't my thing. They are completely unecessary and hey look horrible. Ridiculous blob attached to face. Why wouldn't I have access to those mods? I keep my beard in my own face. The only good looking beards are the vanilla faces that have one already textured. Found it funny that you got so upset about the fancy beards as if I wasn't lucky enough to have them in my game :D
  11. The beards. Those ugly "tacticool" beards. The screenshot thread is flooded by them Wookies using vehicles and AT launchers... The players that use crew vehicles alone... :C
  12. I had the same issue. If I remember this correctly, the problem was in my profile folder (under Documents) Open your profile folder and check that all ARMAPROFILE files aren't set as "read only" from their attributes. If it wasn't that, then check the same thing for Arma3 CFG file.
  13. While I agree that Arma is not a milsim (but somewhere in between sim and shooter as vanilla game, very unique), but those numbers seem like you just pulled if out of your hat.
  14. Wait, wait... Isn't the helicopter camera already reverted back?
  15. Should be possible to mod.