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  1. You can already set your speeds as toggle. I use combat pace/jog as toggle. I walk by holding spacebar, sprint with SHIFT and temporarily use compat pace/jog with CTRL when I'm already moving. In controls the "temporary" controls are hold keys. For example; "optics" is toggle aim, "optics temporary" is hold key to aim, which is really efficient.
  2. Ah the Zafir optics issue. This has hurt my soul since the whole weapon was introduced.
  3. Pretty sure that is not the vanilla Grizzly. Look closer =) Amazing ideas, love the standing and FFV
  4. Helicopter camera

    You turned the FOV too high. I use 96 degree (horizontal) FOV and get some fisheye effect that I'm too used to already. Try something like 89 - 90 or even less. Download and use "Arma FOV changer" to ease the process.
  5. I found that X-15 drum mags are visible on most weapons :o Maybe you just didn't notice them first?
  6. Don't forget, the mag switching works for almost all of these babies :D I absolutely love the drum mags on AR-15's and 7.62 rifles. Big thanks to the devs!
  7. Jet's DLC Balancing REQUIRED

    My two cents: I tought the rule of thumb for air units was: If an area has or possibly has AA presence, avoid the area. Generally AA > Air units. Humming and Paw can be shot with a handgun anyway. Using those assets require more planning and precautionary measures.
  8. The Bobcat is a CRV (Combat Recovery Vehicle), It repairs, refuels and rearms other vehicles instantly . Plus unlike other factions repair/fuel/ammo trucks, it's well armored. Not sure if even soldiers can heal themselves next to it. That should be tested. I'd say that makes it's one of the most powerful assets in the game in correct hands.
  9. Ridden the exact Yamaha Grizzly that's in the game and can say that ATV physics don't exactly hold up to expectations. Arma 3 ATV lacks the torque and power that the real one has. The suspension is also too stiff and there is no rebound. It's like the thing doesn't weight much. Plus the tendency to flip and too quick steering are big problems. Few things that should be further looked into. The power, handling, weight, suspension. And some further love like working speedometer and fuel gauge. E: I forgot, driver and passenger flying off ragdolling in big collisions and first person camera "inertia"(?)
  10. I was awake at night remembering how the toggling behaves, you are right, standard behaviour should be how you described. Not really what it has been for years. It just might be a forgotten issue. Time to write a feedback ticket? E: Before, I always understood "Toggle zoom in" as in literally it only toggles the zoom in, and never out. Since this has been that way forever, it even works the same in DayZ SA.
  11. Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    Dev's already mentioned in other thread that resizing is no longer possible with the new panels. It's really a bummer. :I
  12. That's because it's literally "toggle zoom in", you'd need to use zoom out controls too. Use "Zoom in temporary" if you want the normal behaviour.
  13. Bad ArmA Trends

    Would be a dream come true to see more sway there. But the gameplay itself doesn't really seem to favor combat pace in action, but walking instead. So I guess that makes tactical pace sidestrafing truly a bad Arma trend :D There is already a solution, but many players don't use it.
  14. You can always try EUTW Warfare. After I found that game mode I've pretty much stopped other playing franchises