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  1. GSTAVO's Weapons

    I'll do some camos when I have some more free time. Thx =)
  2. GSTAVO's Weapons

    Sadly the I don't have access to the souce files from RHS(required for do what you want). I'll try to improve the peephole anyway, don't worry. Thanks Not for now, sorry. Working on it! Sadly I don't have enough time to model from scratch, but if anyone can provide me the model I can consider other weapons.
  3. GSTAVO's Weapons

    Hi guys, thank you all for feedback! About the RHS question: I'll not remove the dependency because this m16a2 ia a complement for it. Also, I don't have enough time to do all the animations, sound and etc with such quality.
  4. GSTAVO's Weapons

    Updated! v1.2 -added m203 variant; -small fixes;
  5. Hi guys! Currently I'm working on some weapons that I'll release as it was finished. #M16A2: Images in-game: here #know issues: -rear iron sights not flipping properly -some texture need improvement(mainly the stanag) #Credits: -Textures and config by me -3D model by Krycek -Thanks to Georg Ravioli -Animation, muzzle Flash, sound and handgrip are from RHS #Required addons: RHSUSAF: here #Download: Google Drive: here Steam Workshop: here Armaholic: here Changelog can be found on Steam workshop. -------------------------------- #What is planned: -M16A1 and variants -Beretta ARX160 -Imbel IA2 -Other weapons can be done if you can provide me the models. All addons here are under: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)
  6. A great lost for Arma Community. Hope she came back someday.
  7. Photoshop to PAA exporter

    That's great! Save a lot of time! Thanks!
  8. Awesome job! Looking forward for this.
  9. We are returning to this project. Stay tuned, more info soon.
  10. Hi, I'm setting up a team to bring brazilian armed forces stuff with quality to Arma 3. We are looking for anyone that can help(3D,Textures,config, animations, etc). If you're interested please send a PM.
  11. Looking great!!!
  12. Help to find a good Texture Program

    Hi, I use Quixel Suite, it's a easy program to learn and it's Photoshop based so it's easy to learn if you already have some experience with image editing. Substance Paint is a good option too, you have to see with one will be best for you. If you have any question you can contact me =) Cheers =D
  13. The lite version have 512x512 texture while the FULL version(not available yet) has 2048x2048 ones.
  14. I don't think so, I will resume this project in the future. In the meantime someone interested can appear and help me with the models. Thank you
  15. This project has been stopped for now due to time limitations. The major problem is a lack of a 3d Artist to make the models, so if anyone think that can help please contact me. Thank you all.