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  2. Faces of War [WW2]

    Is it out!?
  3. So, this is kind of a weird thing to ask, but would it be possible (not anytime soon) to turn the static tug from the Freedom into a vehicle?
  4. United States Air Force( 2015)

    Currently there is a targeting pod and a GPS system on the F16 for you to be able to drop smart bombs
  5. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    It's so hilarious if it wasn't actually sad. What's worse is the actual randomness in how it acts even on the most basic, predictable A to B scenario. You could reinstall OPF, see the same random crap and notice it's 2017.
  6. Faces of War [WW2]

    Thanks for the update, gonna have fun with the Airborne troops!
  7. NPC Dialogue Tutorial?

    Thank you very much. This is all very helpful. I downloaded your mission and I'll check it out today.
  8. Development Branch Changelog

    20-11-2017 EXE rev. 143636 (game) EXE rev. 143636 (launcher) Size: ~4.6 GB (depends on Apex ownership) DATA Tweaked: Apex Expansion data are now decrypted and available and downloaded to all users (Content Licensing applies) Tweaked: AI audible range of wheeled vehicles, jets and helicopters has been slightly increased Added: Set up for wheel rejection angles in slow speed Tac-Ops Mission Pack (potential spoilers) Eden Editor Tweaked: It is now possible to force the Hide Terrain Objects module to operate locally ENGINE Added: A new "tankTurnForceAngMinSpd" to supplement the "tankTurnForceAngSpd" Fixed: Serialization of the allowCrewInImmobile was not working correctly Added: It is now possible to draw a straight line in maps (LCTRL+LSHIFT+RMB) Added: A new"hitPointClass" reflector parameter (when set, the "hitPoint" is ignored, "hitPointClass" will connect to an existing hitpoint in a vehicle)
  9. This isn't really a problem with the Tac Ops DLC itself, but while testing it this happened. I have heard that the Tanks DLC will bring vehicle physics improvements?
  10. Yes it too that I hear. I hope that it will be corrected.
  11. Logitech sound bug

    I might add that I'm not plugging them into USB. Plugging the small connectors directly into the sound card.
  12. 0 = [] spawn { _grpVeh = [getpos player,West,["B_T_VTOL_01_armed_F"]] call bis_fnc_spawnGroup; _grp = [position player, blufor, ["B_Soldier_lite_F", "B_Soldier_GL_F", "B_soldier_AR_F", "B_Soldier_SL_F"]] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; _grp moveInAny _grpVeh; sleep 0.5; _veh = vehicle leader _grpVeh; driver _veh setBehaviour "careless"; driver _veh disableAI "autocombat"; sleep 20; while {alive _veh} do { _veh move getpos player; sleep 0.5; if ({_veh distance2D player < 20} count allPlayers > 0) exitWith { doStop driver _veh; group driver _veh leaveVehicle _veh }; }; }; i added extra lines that spawns units and now trying to use moveinany
  13. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    @lex__1 i had noticed in the past, that (AI) squad commands don'T fade out properly. so i was able to hear AI at 2.5km distance (sound fully turned up) i did report it, but as usual BIS didn't really care to answer https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124627 i linked a video i made in the report, and i can hear the AI voice commands very quietly, if i turn my volume to the max. especailly between 0-15 sec, idk. why i made that video so long. i don't really know if that's the way you can hear it, but i think it might be related.
  14. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    This driving of AI, and such receiving damages of cars (even at a low speed) kill immersion in a game. My favourite scenario of a game - CTI suffers from lack of correction of behavior of AI and the nature of receiving damages of wheels.
  15. Hi all, I would please to tell me how do I set a waypoint or trigger ,so a jet destroy a builiding with a rocket or bomb? But I mean this to be via the Editor! Please help me! Thanks in advance! Best regards!
  16. Already did it myself, thanks anyway.
  17. In network games, I often (but sometimes) hear the distorted sound, any standard dialogue of AI. It sounds as - poorly noticeable sound, as from some parallel communication channel as radio AI negotiations. Dialogue it is heard as cyclically repeating. It is reproduced even when there is no enemy of AI in a big radius. Someone else it noticed similar sound artifacts? P.S. I don't use any sound Mods. I don't use any radio Mods.
  18. @Julie Lux are you looking for real world equations or Armaverse equations? Those two are different and create a little bit of misunderstanding from my experience but they apply to the same dynamic set of items within the game. The way to calculate bullet drop over distance is a huge calculation that is based on a 4 dimensional slope equation and in order to calculate drop you need to account for ballistic jump (rise); as well as charge of the powder, spin of the projectile, length of the barrel the projectile is coming out of and weight of the projectile as well as barometric pressure, wind (probably not needed for vanilla) and a myriad of other items.
  19. why it needs to be forced?
  20. Logitech sound bug

    I've got the G633 and no problems... A friend has same and no probs either. Make sure you have the latest software/drivers
  21. Today
  22. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Tusen takk (Thanks for the rest of you) :) Many very good observations and some sincere feedback. Some of my inspiration came from the way frontlines worked in IL-2 Sturmovik (A WWII sim, where frontlines are more relevant to the time). They way it worked was by placing map markers (flags) in red or blue colors, these would all have the same "strength/weight" and push the frontline to the "average" point between friendly and enemy flags. Like you say, some big improvements are for Multiplayer TVT game-modes where the players decide where to go or where to send AI troops (player commander). This may allow players to act as special forces (recon, sabotage, deep-strikes etc) while AI populate the "generic infantry combat" role in the background. I do notice that AI try to use cover by moving behind them and peeking (strafing sideways wile leaning) to look around corners, but it feels more random to me than consistent. One sorely missed aspect is AI recognizing specific objects as "good cover". AI would prefer hiding in a sandbag circle, rather than behind a stonewall if both are equally available to him - such things. I do like your comments about using it for setting awareness, stance etc. Finally, it would have to be a module system because it would allow future missions to be developed WITH it, and older missions to work WITHOUT it :) It would also be a drop and setup module (setup side, faction, tactic style). (Asymmetric would seek to infiltrate enemy lines to cause havoc. Defensive would simply do all it could to hold the area it is given upon mission start and offensive would seek to expand. It's easy to use your imagination and see a much better dynamic war going on when there is a frontline. Everything is "safe and calm" on friendly side, aware towards the line, and finally combat/aware/stealth if you are in enemy territory.
  23. Thanks :) 50% done with PKL road makeover. All roads east of the river are now entirely improved, completed and connected. Almost all Tanoa rocks will be replaced with this method of making bedrock for various reasons. https://imgur.com/a/0VWGm <- gallery with more pics This is ambush country.
  24. Hello! ok, a mod disturbing = "@Left Shoulder Scripted Weapon" and i place a new pbo. It's work ! :-) question : is "@AdvancedUrbanRappelling" working ?
  25. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I'm going to need the names of the textures and an example of the code. Should I put the command in init of the tents in the editor?
  26. Help for the beginner

    @blackarrow90 Welcome to Bis forums and to Arma3! Like arma2 its a similar experience, however its way more upgraded with many more options and features, for all your questions you can do anything you want. Use Armaholic for your manual downloads-----> http://www.armaholic.com/index.php Use steam if you want to do things automatically------> http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/workshop/ http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30045 or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583544987 RHS mod http://steamcommunity.com/id/rhsmods/myworkshopfiles/?appid=107410 their website http://www.rhsmods.org/ I also recommend CUP weapons which ports all A2/OA weapons into arma3 ---> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=497660133 Armaholic it would be ----> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27489 http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=107410&searchtext=&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=trend&section=readytouseitems&requiredtags[]=Scenario&requiredtags[]=Singleplayer review the mission you want, make sure you have the required mods if any, then press subscribe for Armaholic-----> http://www.armaholic.com/list.php?c=arma3_files_scenarios_spmissions same as steam workshop except the missions on armaholic will come in a form of a zip, some missions may have the option where they are on steam workshop and you can subscribe to them. =========== Installation of sp missions from a zip will go here ----> Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Missions for Steam workshop missions, you need to start the game and then choose the mission from the Singleplayer / scenarios. Hope that helps. The two Terrains that you see with arma3 is Altis, and Stratis, they are both terrains based in the Mediterranean Greece, for Tanoa if you bought the APEX expansion to Arma3, Tanoa is based off of the Fiji islands. Just keep in mind that just because the base game is more futuristic, dont mean that your limited to that, anything that you want to do or play can be done be it mods, scripts, coding, missions, ect,. Lastly I would suggest reviewing the wiki, guides, and tutorials that are on the menu of the game, if you decide to get into the editor the editor also has its own tutorial.
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