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  3. [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Just bog standard arma revive from the editor. Works a treat
  4. WeaponSights Zoom

    Great. :) Just to make the principle here as clear, as possible: The class after ":" is the class, from which the class before ":" inherits all its values except those, you are changing for it (zoom values in this case). The class after ":" is/should be a class just one step higher in the hierarchy, that the class before ":". An example: Let's some "classA" is: classA { valA = 1; valB = 2; valC = 3; }; Now, if you do this: classB: classA { valC = 4; valD = 5; }; The resulting config of "classB" will become: classB { valA = 1; valB = 2; valC = 4; valD = 5; }; (you changed one of inherited entries (valC) and added one new (valD), the rest (valA, valB) is inherited not changed from classA). That's what I know. In your case, you needed to inherit the class, you was editing, from the class, where entry defining magazines was defined, but instead it was inherited from the other, few steps higher class, where such magazines list wasn't yet defined.
  5. Making an addon

    C# is easier. --- On 8-12-2017 at 4:00 PM, Matthijs said: C#, is fairly easy to learn from Bob Taylor's series. Probably also a nice step-up to C++. I never tried to compile on Linux using Mono (http://www.mono-project.com) and have not heard of it. Trying to compile a C# library using Mono would be a nice contribution to the community if you figure out if it can be done. If it does not work, your newly acquired C# experience is probably a nice basis to get into C++.
  6. Sounds obvious but make sure you have the .pbo loaded (usually server side only). You may get this error if you load the mission locally on a client.
  7. WeaponSights Zoom

    Update - RHS WIP Ok guys i got some great news, i have been slowly figuring out the classnames and inheritances, using the RHS wiki of course, and heres what i have accomplished so far after an hour of trial and error, lol I have the following RHS weapons working: HK rifles - (all of them) M16A4 rifles - (all of them) M240B M240B (Cap) M249 PIP (solid Stock) - apparently i have to add each of the weapon classnames for this, so far the m249 itself isn't working as i didn't add the classname for it. M4 rifles - (all of them) M4a1 - (all of them) M590A1 - (Long & short barrel shotguns) Still need to be added are the following: Mk11 mod - ( i think they work and they act like they are zooming but then dont, so i dont think Mk11 mod weapons are going to work, idk what to do here) M249 PIP varients & M249 itself - (as seen above only the solid stock works atm) M240G Weapon site Attachments Aside the above needed to be added, I still need to add the weapon site attachments, right now there are a few that work already without me doing anything. Attachments will take a bit more to do because there are alot of them but im only going to add the non scope varients. Sniper rifles/rifles I will not be adding the sniper rifles because they all use scopes. USAF - Completed Once the USA is completed i will move onto the Russians, then go from there. RHS Config I think what im going to do is once i get the weapons finished here, im going to use the current config as a template, remove all the vanilla assets except the attachments, and basically have an addon for RHS itself, im 50/50 on this only because 1. i think it will be more efficient, and less cluttered in the config, clean code and not mixed 2. a ton of classnames might effect performance? hmm idk i cant say, and it probably wont, coders, scripters, can anyone give me some insight on this? 3. RHS is independent, making it modular, because i plan to do SMA weapons after this. Alright guys, all the time i have for today, i accomplished alot thanks to Rydygier's insight, and now i learned some things, dont mean im a coder now, lol
  8. A vacation on Altis - or - To Limnos and back again.

    Altis and Lemnos compared LEMNOS - The magic island - 2 min project Limnos DOCUMENTARY
  9. A2ATA3 | UPDATE 0.6.2 - READY! CURRENT VERSION: 0.6.2
  10. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    how is that good for Bohemia Interactive?
  11. Sorry for the late reply: this mod supposed to change animations, not to add new features. There’s a lot of mods (like Enhanced Movement) that adds new functionality to movement system, so i dont think about this features right now.
  12. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    I'll retract it. Won't add functionality because it doesn't exist in vanilla anyways.
  13. Ending Mission

    That's strange. I just tried it and it works well (me as a colonel, a trigger linked to me, fired as 'vehicle' or 'group leader', a group that joins me through a 'join and lead' WP before we all go into the trigger).
  14. Ghost Missions

    We are playing the Tanoa mission V3.3. It does not seem to have Arsenal on the ammo drop. I will take a look at the Altis files and may be able to find what I need.
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  16. Ghost Missions

    Welcome to Bis forums RickRack! If your playing with latest version of Enemy Assault on Altis, ammo drop called via support menu does have arsenal, at least the last time i played it, it does.
  17. hi blackheart_six, i tried other mission with ace and no problem. I added on po3 other faction and ace with advanced medical system but i have this problem with map interaction. Yes i tried new po4 :D Thanks a lot, trying a search po3 + ace :D thanks
  18. 0.14.0 has just been released. It fixes some bugs related to workers teleportation, actions availability and animations.
  19. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Well, I plan to release them as a full campaign of course. But I also wondered if you guys wanted me to also create a collection on the workshop with all the missions available as SP missions.
  20. Dude, remember: Don't drink and code. Don't drink and post. Lessons the old JDawg had to learn the hard way...
  21. Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    All missions should be packed in one campaign. Missions alone will easily disappear in every Scenario folder with tons of other user missions. And because your missions are great, it would be a shame.
  22. That's a shame, but you can script your own limits if its important enough for your particular mission. As always, more work....no rest for the wicked.
  23. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    dont worry about the community. If you want to play on a server with 3rdPrtyDLC then buy it. I wonder just who this "splitting community" is... the average pub player? Server owners with empty servers....so who cares, this is an advanced game that takes effort just to play.... less spoon fed freebee types is good to split off. Since I like this game, and until an A4 is out, I will purchase DLC, I am a grown man with income for my fav game.... spilt off the looters, and the kids. 3rd party or Bis its a non-issue to me. Actually hurry already with some 3rdparty DLC so i can buy it.
  24. Vehicle cargo capacity

    That's how the numbers are. If transportMaxWeapons is 64, then you can put up to 64 small arms weapons into the truck. It doesn't matter how the 3d model looks, whether it is already a "box" loaded.
  25. Too much [ ] ! _this refers to a single unit (here) No need to wrap it in [ ] then ask for _this select 0 (first element of the array) [_this] is useless, because _this is always the whole parameter(s) (unique or array) . As you can see in workable example: _this is OK. this (without underscore) is a "magic" variable referring to the object/unit and wrote in its init field. _x is also a specific variable inside a forEach loop. You can: { _x spawn {some code with _myLocalThing = _this (as passed parameter) ... } } forEach (an array);
  26. The problem is that vehicles have "maximumLoad" config but the values BIS has put there don't make much sense. All the HEMTT have same value (3000) and tempest too. And hatchback for example has 2000 which is way too much. And lot of the different size vehicles just have it at 3000...
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