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  2. Focus on gameplay not games, please.

    I'm just saying that if I were to choose a DLC I would be willing to pay for the ability to move normally over a story about war, I dont think we should have to pay for it, but I totally would at this point.
  3. It's been awhile since I played ARMA 3, but I used to be able to control a helicopter pretty good using a mouse. Now, for some reason the helicopter controls don't work for me anymore. When I try to bank the helicopter using mouse left, it moves very very slow, almost no strafe movement at all. I have tried turn left, cyclic left, and same thing for right, it's not working. It's like the mouse is stuck at super low sensitivity. I tried turning up the sensitivity to high, it still doesn't work. If I turn on mouse smoothing high, then I get my helicopter controls back pretty good, although super sensitive, however it messes up my infantry controls. I've searched for others with my problem and I couldn't find any topics. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I fix this?
  4. Earthquake Script

    Zargabad after the earthquake
  5. Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I've been wondering. Does this mod allow "infection scenario"? With that I mean that you spawn a zombie somewhere (1-3 guys) and they attack a population living in villages and towns. When they kill the civilian, body gets deleted and script spawns a new zombie from that dead civilian? And they continue to roam around the map until the QRF units doesn't contain the outbreak and eliminate all of the infected on the map.
  6. addons used: CUP Terrains complete
  7. Try getHit or probably getHitPointDamage for the second issue.
  8. Hello i was playing with friends then all of a sudden my name was my computer name and i was lvl -1 i dont know why i got banned but it sayed i was temporal banned by automated ban for less than 1 hour. if u can fix this i would love for u to fix. Username is kornfedkillaz. thnxs
  9. user temporarily banned?

    this happening to me right now i got banned for no reason it says automated ban
  10. Today
  11. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I do like the idea of this but think the current plan is innately flawed with the (plenty mentioned) "optional installation" requirement. First off, I'll say that this would be great for singleplayer only players. However, for all of the community that plays multiplayer, it is less so. Very very few public servers would consider running missions with a "third party DLC" if it resulted in the majority of their player base not being able to join at all. Even on our private server with the "official DLC", while most players own Apex, much less own the smaller DLCs. However, this is less of a problem because if we choose to play a mission with those premium assets in them, those with the DLC and use them and those without can do something else. It was mentioned that the third-party modders could release a free version of their DLC on the workshop. This has its own problems Unless BI implemented some kind of condition to ensure this, it is completely reliant on the modders to release this "free" version to the workshop. And I'd imagine it's hard to find a pull for doing this outside of good will, when you ask someone if they want to release something and get money for it or release something and not get money for it, you can imagine which option is more likely. This is still reliant on the player actually downloading and loading the mod from the workshop, this is fine for most players who play regularly on one server, but for someone new or who goes through many servers this might be a lot to ask. For server admins, the risk is still there that the player won't download the mod and it's likely they'd just choose not to run anything with the DLC. Kinda harking back to the first part, what would a "free" version even be? Low res textures like Arma 2 days? Doesn't that kind of go against the approach that Arma 3's content licensing set out to change? Finally, with this whole thing comes the question of how it would actually work in some situations. The one I see most possible is if a player who owns a Third party "Weapons" DLC uses the virtual arsenal in a server and equips one of the weapons. What if someone wasn't running with the DLC? We can assume that these DLCs will be signed with the official keys (if they weren't this would be a whole other problem) so it's not like the first player would be kicked for having the DLC, and in this same situation with a mod currently, the player would be seen carrying an invisible weapon. I'd assume this is something BI do not want. A solution to this would be to change how addons were checked against the server, being able to restrict use to a player that has it loaded if the mission does not have them as "required". This is likely more work than it is worth though. So yeah, just some thoughts. I still wanna say I think this is a good idea overall but I just think the policies need a bit of refinement.
  12. I get this error: https://gyazo.com/50e30bfd0b40594350c3ddb1c140cf00 EVERY time I use pboproject. Addon Builder has worked up until now.
  13. ALiVE Tasking ALiVE Mod has some fantastic features from basic map population, troop transport and CAS support to the more complex Asymmetric AI Commander with IED factories and Civilian recruitment modules. The reason for this post is to get some info or more so give some feedback to the ALiVE tasking system (auto tasking). Which one of the talented Devs works on the tasking (I did look at the tasks PBO files and realized that I would not be able to add my own simple tasks to this array). Thoughts: Destroy Civilian Building - there is never any enemy at this task, why? Transport the troops - often a little buggy with not knowing how many troops we are supposed to transport. Task not completing even with all troops in transit......grrrr If we (the ALiVE community) could create or at least suggest a few simple tasks (for variety) would they be considered? Ideas: 1. Steal an Enemy Vehicle (return it to base)? 2. Secure Intel (Briefcase or Laptop)? 3. Transport and Deploy an F.O.B. (logistics mission)? 4. Dive to sunken plane or boat wreck to retrieve Intel etc (showcase some of Arma's water features)? 5. Transport a supply truck from point A to point B (if destroyed - mission failed)? 6. Ambush a convoy that has a designated start and end point? 7. Mark a building for CAS attack (strobe mark a building)? 8. Capture and Hold - secure 2 or more military locations at the same time (alive profile triggers needed)? 9. Destroy Missile Supplies (new objects available in the editor now available - missile trolley)? 10. Combine some of the above in some sort of mini-story mode or parent task fashion? Again - just my idea of ALiVE utopia as I reminisce about the old ARMA 2 days of MSO with the squad leader having a Backpack to call in tasks :) REAPER
  14. The image leads to wikimedia. It says he's an Iraqi soldier.
  15. Ravage Mod

    When it comes to firearms, you field whatever you can get your hands on, as long as it shoots reliably, and won't kill you in the process of firing it...a little rust isn't too bad, especially on the outside, the internals are the ones you don't want rusted....best way I know of currently for storing weapons for years, is to put them in trashbags, or barrels full of axle grease, and it will preserve the metal finish, and the internals...but is a pain to clean out, this is the same idea as the Russian guns found today, they are put in boxes with Cosmoline, which requires you to go ahead and do a full break down of the weapon, such as Mosins...every piece must be removed and cleaned, all the way to the bolt
  16. Yo, can someone ID The armor or at least the nationality of the soldier? Looks like something that Arma could use.
  17. Hello o7, I have a question: I have a script for my arma group where every player can send me a .png file that will be shown as their unit insignia. But I fear that, when I get more players in the group, the mission files will be pretty big as I'm currently having all the pictures and the script in the missions themselves. Now I got the Idea to make a little mod with all the common scripts and other files I use in my missions, that way the mission download at the start of the mission won't take ages. So now the Question(s): Does this even make sense, or is there a better way to achieve this? How would I do that? I hope someone can help me! -Dj
  18. I was not so impressed with the fact of server hacking, it sometimes happens on servers. But the act itself, to demonstrate symbols in such actions. This symbol punishes those who use it, in a contradictory symbol meaning. There was in history one military organization that placed this symbol on its banners. Not realizing that they are going to contradict this symbol, in their actions. In bad deeds, this symbol does not help, but punishes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swastika
  19. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    I'm a big fan of your vehicles, but there are two major issues that I can't get past, and so I never use them. 1) The vehicles, for some reason, do not show in any sort of vehicle spawn lists, like those in Battlezone or Proving Ground. I'm not sure if I'm just not seeing them, or if they're not in the list at all. 2) The commander of the Marder has no way to open the ramp at all, and has to switch to the driver's seat to let infantry aboard. It would be nice if the commander could also control the ramp, or if he could "order" the driver to open it for him. I hope you will address these issues to make the vehicles more usable for people who aren't in German milsim groups. Thanks for the update! EDIT: I found the Marder. Still can't find the Fuchs though.
  20. Nope, no new updates yet. From what I've seen, kaleun is very good about updating the mod on the workshop when a new update is released, so don't worry about being late to a new version.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Is there a chance you could make a US Navy Texture for the Osprey?
  23. Have you tried using the ammo containers? I think they're under props/supplies in the editor
  24. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Currently working on some new stuff right now. Fishing Motorboat and the MV-22 Osprey primarily. MV-22 Osprey V/STOL, will be used by NATO. RHIBs for CSAT, with an AAF version to come soon. Less important, Tropic textures for backpacks, caps, and other items added by Aegis were improved. And a new Bandana (Tropic)! Also, M9s are now part of Aegis. :) And finally, some new backpacks! (Blue backpacks and orange backpack aren't new) The rest of what I've worked on has consisted of minor texture work, organization, localization, and a few minor bug fixes.
  25. Ravage Mod

    Keep in mind i'm using a bit of artistic license on the guns... No self respecting gun owner would field one of the rusty ones LOL ;) Eventually i would like to have as many rusty guns as Bis guns and maybe even get permission to add a few from some mods... I may try the silver worn look on the black spar...
  26. Player Loaded into Game

    I use waitUntil { sleep 1; (!isNull player && time > 0) }; and it seems to work well.
  27. Redd'n'Tank Vehicles

    Here are some pictures of the next fothcoming versions. The Infantry-Milan version and the Medic version The interiour of the Medic version.
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