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    • Hello. So i wanted to make custom faces. i used m_asian_01_co.paa as the template. So i have these:   manny2.paa   (yes it looks horrible oh well)   manny2_nohq.paa  (made using Crazybump)   For the RVMAT, i just copied the original (m_asian_01.rvmat) and renamed it to manny.rvmat (i dont know how to make the rvmat manually)   this is the config entry:           class afp_manny8: AsianHead_A3_01
              };       My problem is, ingame it shows up like this:     Its as if the edit i made only shows up as a transparent overlay on top of the original one. (especially noticeable in the bangs/forehead).   What may be causing this and how do i fix it? 
    • maybe you could try my release from my signature. Sarogahtyps Spawn Script Creator - SSSC Script exporting is a planned feature but actually not done. but u can control spawning and deletion with it.   Feel free to ask in the related thread if u ve question how to implement it in ur mission.
    •   Thanks, but I already checked this one out several times.  What I am doing is setting a little barrier wall on the VR map.  I am selecting unit (using voice command "Unit Two").  Then, I use the HUD to send the unit next to wall and I set a EM formation.  Then I hold ctrl and press the RMB.   The unit goes to the wall and just says "standing by" and does not climb the wall.   The only problem I see is that the direction the unit is facing is away from the wall, but I cannot set a EM formation that is looking at the wall.
    • Walsh, your gonna want to see this wiki article.  For the most part your list seems accurate. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/2D_Editor:_Waypoints#Combat_Mode   Edit: I just noticed the link you had is almost the same as this one.  In the cases of drones, targeting will be getting ready to set a laser lock.  Firing is using that laser.   Once a laser lock on is made, it will attempt to use its payload (drop a bomb) on it if it has one.
    • Hi, I want to place some unit/group on map, and export it's config to script, so I can use .sqf file to spawn AI, and control server performance. I want to export Unit/Group classname, their loadout, waypoint, and any I write down in unit/waypoint's init script. (It can say I want to export 100% same thing like I place on editor.)   I find out a tool it's name Silent Map Converter(Link), but it can't work. I also find this, M3Editor - 3DEN(Link), still not work.   Do you have any can work tool or convert script can help me ? Thanks