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    • Check out this link...    
    • Hey there,   Having frequent error messages since the last update, in particular this one, mainly appearing when i use a good number of AIs. Way less on small scenarios. I'm used to play through editor SP scenarios. I could use some help, don't hesitate to ask if some more informations are needed. Thanks.  
    • 24-03-2017
      EXE rev. 141058
      EXE rev. 141058
      Size: ~493 MB (depends on Apex ownership)   DATA Tweaked: End Game scenarios now use the updated Revive feature. It can be customized in the server settings. By default it requires a First Aid Kit or a Medikit and uses the 'Basic' incapacitation mode. Added: Animations for wheels of locomotives and railroad cars, and lever and switch blades of railroad switches, for use by scripts (mainly the animateSource command). The names of animation sources can be found in config viewer (available in context menu in Eden Editor). Tweaked: The flame of various missiles now starts in a more splendid way and properly disappears after the motor burns out Added: The screen texture of mobile phones (Land_MobilePhone_smart_F and Land_MobilePhone_old_F) can now be adjusted in the Eden Editor attributes   ENGINE Added: New vehicle config vector parameter "headGforceLeaningFactor" Fixed: "User" and "Reload" actions for AI are once again available through the player's commanding menu (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123863 / https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123981)
    • The distance command requires its parameters to be of the type ARRAY or OBJECT. Squad1 and the enemy groups have the type GROUP so you need to calculate their position before you can calculate the distance. This can be done by either taking the mean position of all the units in the group or by taking the position of the leader of the group. The latter can be done by using:
        _pos = getPosASL leader GROUP This can be used in the following to return an array of groups which are within 100m of the group squad1:
        while {true} do { _enemyGroups = allGroups select { side _x isEqualTo EAST && { private _group = _x; {(_group knowsAbout _x) > 2} count (units squad1) > 0 } }; if (count _enemyGroups > 0) then { hint "they know"; }; _closeGroups = _enemyGroups select {((getPosASL leader _x) distance (getPosASL leader squad1))<= 100}; sleep 0.025; }; You can then select the groups from the _closeGroups array and add waypoints to them as you wish.
    • You can go into your server.cfg file on your server and set "persistent = 1;"..no quotations. This will keep the server from restarting..but you'll want to restart it every few days anyway to keep it fresh..I also think (someone else may know this for sure) there is a Mod/script that does data saves on the server. If I find the link I'll post it.     Diesel