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OFP servers

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My problem is this.As of yesterday,I can see at anytime up to 20 active servers through gamespy.I could connect and play with no problems all day.Around 19:00 I could see the servers but when I tried to connect I got the message "connecting failed".If I hit "refresh" my P.C. locked up and I had to do a hardcore reboot.

When I returned to the server list they were all there again but could not connect.If I went downstairs and rebooted my modem then I could connect again,but only one time.When I dissconnected and tried to connect to the same server that just worked,I got "connecting failed" again,and my P.C. locked.

Tried again today but no luck.SSDD

Basicly,after every session I must reboot my P.C. and modem in order to connect to any server.

Is this normal or have I contracted something? Does anyone else have this problem?

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