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AI interaction with objects

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Would it be possible to make it so the AI can walk on the surface of objects that have been elevated such as the dams, concrete harbor docks and other objects that seem to force the AI around. This would be appreciated for any object whether it is at ground level or setpositioned in the air so folks can customize areas of a city and be confident that the AI will atleast walk on top of the same objects that the player unit is able to?

While I am speaking of objects; How about unlocking ALL in game objects in patch 1.05 without having to require an addon?

We can create burned wrecks oursleves by adjusting the damage of the object but we can not replicate the scattered galss and debris on the ground easily. Could you either, make the shattered glass and debris a seperate object or include more wrecks that are similar to the humvee(it is not burned but just shot up with lots of damage)

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