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Santa and Grandfather Frost pack

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Version 0.9

This is pack Santa Claus and Father Frost where you can find the following:

West - USA - Santa Pack

* Santa Claus

* Santa Claus (M4)

East - Russia - Santa Pack

* Ded Moroz

* Ded Moroz (AKS)

In the culture of the Slavs the traditional character Ded Moroz (Russian: Дед Мороз) plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus. The literal translation of the name would be Grandfather Frost. However, English-speakers traditionally translate his name as the alliterative Father Frost.


I know.

This addon is horrible, low-poly, low-quality, and low low low ...

but ..

It's funny :yay:


Download : http://www.fileshost.com/download.php?id=E5CEA38D1

Armaholic mirror:

- Santa and Grandfather Frost

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Since it's only a week till Christmas - here's an ultrabasic replacement config for this excellent and FUN Festive Addon...

Download: Bush_BadSanta


All it does is replace all Russian Soldiers with - Bad Santas... Spetznaz are of course, Very Bad Santas...

Just for a little fun over Christmas... should work with any mission that uses stock Russian OPFORS... requires this SantaPack of course...

Merry Xmas


*edit* - Download updated to include sign & key files to allow MP use (should be clientside only)...

Edited by Bushlurker
updated download

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Do not dig up such old threads for no reason, please.

SenChi - if you wish for this thread to be unlocked in the future for any reason, don't hesitate to contact either myself or another moderator.

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