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Private Plowjoy

Router port forwarding for Arma2 Dedicated Server

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Hey all,

I only seem able to get my Arma2 dedicated server onto 'the web' by placing the PC it's hosted on into the routers DMZ.

I've messed about with port forwarding for what seems like hours, without success.

From what I can tell, all I really need to do is open UDP 2032-2035 for all the PCs on my network. I realise that I can specify which of my PCs but just as a baseline I wanted to keep things very simple but its just not working at all.

LAN lookups are obviously ok and thanks to the Arma2 client being 'clever' I can also see the server whilst on the Internet server lookup page (thanks for that, BIS....so handy when troubleshooting). However, when I perform a direct server hookup via IP address and port, nothing is returned.

When I stick the PC into the DMZ, its definitely reporting to Gamespy as my ping goes up between LAN and direct IP lookups.

Any ideas? My router is a D-Link DI-524 and the only firewall options I have beyond Enabled and Allow/Deny are...

Source Interface: *, LAN or WAN. I assume * is all? I've tried both that and LAN.

Destination Interface: As above but i'd assume for a server this isn't used at all.

Protocol: *, TCP or UDP. I've tried both * and UDP

Port Range: Ive tried just 2302 and 2302-2305

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