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RCT 7 - ArmA1/ ArmA2 realism unit

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RCT 7 (Regimental Combat Team) is an Armed Assault & ArmA 2 realism unit founded by H. Kimmerich and K. Isaacsson in March 2009.

Our main focus is to create a unit that utilized modern military tactics and strategy balanced by logistical and game play concerns.

Before you begin reading about our unit, ask yourself if you are prepared to become a part of RCT 7.

Our core values are traits which are a part of every member, not something trained or instilled

Honor: Honor is the guiding principle behind each and every member within RCT 7. Respect is not something that will be handed to you on a

silver platter, like everything within the unit you will EARN it. We expect members to act with maturity;

self respect is nearly as important as respecting others.

Courage: The essential moral, mental and physical strength that allows us to overcome obstacles of any shape or size, internal or external, rain or shine.

This innate quality we look for is what allows us to persevere where others have failed.

Commitment: The dedication not to the unit or self but to the members who rely you. Commitment encompasses the deliberate decisions to put forth the time and effort during fair and foul times for the good of everyone.

What we do

RCT 7 performs various operations and deployments from expeditionary operations in the tropics to gritty MOUT combat in desert heat. We regularly train during the week

and perform unit wide exercises to keep our skills sharp. We also hold various different courses, a few of them being:

Team Leader’s course

Basic / Adv Air Assault

Convoy Operations

Expeditionary Warfare


Close Air Support

Within the GCE and ACE (Ground / Air Combat Element) you may select one of the many MOS’s.

0311 Infantry

0331 Machine Gunner (secondary)

0351 Infantry Assaultman (secondary)

0313 LAV Crewman

8404 Corpsman

7523 Aviation Attack

7556 Aviation Assault

We also have secondary billets for those into other aspects of Armed Assault

S2 – Mission & Campaign ideas.

S4 – Mission makers, Scripters and addons.

S5 – Public relations, moviemakers.

Our unit environment is mature but at the same time we know how to have fun. Most of our members are 21 or over, and you can expect a good deal of them to be veterans from different services.

What we DON’T do

We are not a force composed of Sergeants Major and Colonels. We strive to maintain realism in as many facets as reasonable.

We don’t play promotion games. The unit staff reviews candidates based on their abilities and performance, not how long they have been in the unit or how much they donate.

We don’t do drama. Certain people simply are unable to operate as part of a team and we have come to understand this.

We don’t care if you can hit a target 2km away or thread an AH1Z through a needle’s head, none of it matters if you are an individual.

Who you are

We prefer our members to be 21 years of age or older, however our absolute minimum is 18.

You must be fluent in English and have a legal copy of ArmA I and Queens Gambit.

Be able to at a minimum, participate during evenings (CST) on Mondays, Saturday and Sundays.

A microphone and ventrilo are a must.

Veterans are preferred.

Some clarification on the status of our unit.

Currently we are preparing and training for operations playing Armed Assault 1.

Either when ACE 2 arrives or when technology has advanced enough that ArmA 2 can be played reasonably well by most the player base our unit will transition.

If this appeals to you, we would like to have you aboard with us.

You can visit our website, and fill out an application in the forum or contact us via our Ventrilo server,


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