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crashing from Arma2 --> kicked of server next login

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How can I deal with this:

I used to crash from MP in arma2 every 10 minutes. Now I upgraded to Win7 beta. This has helped me quite a lot. Now I crash only once an hour or so :j:

problem: crashed to server screen, or mostly to desktop, after restarting game and trying to reenter server, I can't get into server. (message: You were kicked from the server) This is possibly because it still has my username on it, and it wont allow me to login twice or something??

But this means that after a crash, I cant get back in the server. Even if an admin could be reached (which is difficult from out of the lobby), and he/she would delete my 1st name where I could reenter, probably my scores would also be reset.

Thats quite frustrating.

Anybody got some advice/help ?


Just heard from an admin, that the crash from server/arma2 looks to have something to do with the server thinking it's an illegal program I'm having. (illegal copy degrading over time message or something). That's very frustrating after I have legally bought this game online :-(

cheers, Johny

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Yeah, it sounds like a timeout issue. The server still believes you are connected and thus refuses your attempt to connect again.

A connection attempt tend to result in the 'crashed you' getting disconnected so that you can connect again, and the whole process can be speeded up again by an admin manually kicking the old you from the server.

There isn't really any way to keep your score between sessions though, unless it is a persistant mission specifically coded to remember people's score even between disconnects (only think they can do that by name as well, and not by playerID)

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thanks for reply.

remembering the scores on servers until yesterday was very normal.

I used to crash very, very often. I kept on going because at least the scores were saved. Ok, half of the time I was busy trying to reconnect, but I could get decent weapons and such, so it kept being fun to me.

OK, now I dont crash too often, but still.... remembering scores used to be so normal, I hope it will stay that way.

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