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Squad/Clan List - Please read the rules in first post!

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Squad name - The Players Club

Timezone/location - International, normally online around 19-24GMT (must be english speaking)

Squad gamemode preference - Mostly CTF, but also some DM and Hold

Contact email - see website for contact details

Website address - http://theplayersclub.proboards.com/index.cgi?

About TPC: We have been around since the early days of OFP and back then we participated in pretty much all leagues (CZL, TNT etc). Things have been a bit quiet for the last few years (not active in ARMA1), but now we are back with the arrival of ARMA2! See more info in the forums recruitment section!

So, if you mostly like CTF,DM and Hold -type of maps and you are more into having a relaxed fun moment with ARMA2 and international friends, rather than serious "blood-hungry must-win lol rofl camper! n00b" -type of company then you will fit in just nicely!;)

Note that we have an age-limit of 18, as most of us are 25-40 years YOUNG!

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Squad name - Hmm... Squad

Timezone/location - GMT (UK/Europe-based)

Squad gamemode preference - Co-op

Contact email - deadeye@hmm-squad.org

Website address - http://hmm-squad.org

We are focused on pursing realism in tactics (without the 'role-playing') whilst maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere.

More information in our recruiting thread or on our website.

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Squad name - 6th Sense

Timezone/location - European Based (CET)

Squad gamemode preference - Coop

Contact Email - trilton[@]gmail.com

Website address - http://6thsense.eu/

Edited by Trilton

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Squad/clan name - Angry Insects

Timezone - Based in europe but worldwide

Game mode - CTI, Warfafe

Email - mueckenmensch@hotmail.com

Website - http://angryinsects.de/

Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - PvP

What we want: Players, which have fun to kick other players :D.

Were an old OFP clan and are looking for players who are so fanatical CTI as we do.

The main feature of our clan are CTI's and our mods, especially for arma 2.

So if u want to play with us some rounds arma 2, visit us and donmt forget the beer


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Squad name - Speed Aggresion Suprise {SAS}

Timezone/location - GMT - UK based (members from UK & EU)

Squad gamemode preference - coop & pvp

Website address - www.thesasclan.co.uk

Server IP: TBA (new uber server being put together as I type!)

We play a lot of different games, we have members of all ages & nationalities, we welcome anyone onto our Team Speak & we are a friendly bunch :)

Edited by {SAS}Silentkiller

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Squad name - Red Eagle

Timezone/location - GMT +3 (Russia, Moscow)

Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - pvp

Contact email - sobsoft (dog) redeagle (dot) ru

Website address - www.redeagle.ru

Speaking only Russian.

Edited by Sobsoft

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Squad name - Brigata Dispiegamento Rapido, {BDR}

Timezone/location - GMT + 1, Italy, but we welcome international players (english speaking)

Squad gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp) - all with preference towards realism - oriented missions, large scale battles

Contact email - msn/email contact pegasus_06AThotmail.it

Website address - http://www.bdrclan.com/

We are the founders of ArmA Tactical Combat, ATC

http://www.arma-tactical-combat.com/, the ultimate war simulation for ArmA2!

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Squad name - ArmA - Theatre of War

Timezone/location - US/Europe

Squad gamemode preference- PvP

Contact email - See Website

Website address - www.arma-tow.com

* Battle-days are on Sundays

* Battle commences at 17:00 GMT

* Battle runs for 3 to 4 hours (precise time decide between UN and Generals prior to starting)

These battles are a resourced based. Meaning every vehicle/aircraft destroyed truly matters. Armies must fight and hold zones to accrue future resources.

Armies are organized into Command Central, Airwings, SpecOps, Armor Div and Infantry. A full command structure is followed during battle.

Armies fight over a series of "Zones", similar to a Advance and Secure game type.

Battles are organized events, monitored closely by the U.N.

If you're tired of chaotic public game-play, AToW is the place for you. We welcome clan members or individuals. Players normally start out in the Infantry and work there way into other divisions.

Stop by, join the fun!

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