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AAN - ArmA Naval Units

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ArmA Naval Units

Several Unit released - Scroll down to see all

Submarine Pack

Beta 1 by Gnat




** Sub Features **

- AI auto-dive when in danger

- Manual dive to 100 meters

- Command and cargo space

- Walkable hull

- Working Missiles and Torpedoes

- Big explosion FX for missiles

- 1 working compass on Bridge !

- Demo Single Player Mission included: "Silent Sub Hunter"

- READ README in Download for more details.


DOWNLOAD Mando Missle Addon HERE;


(Use the PBO version, not the mission file version)


Submarine Pack - Beta 1 - Apr 09


ArmedAssault.info Mirror and News:


Frigate Pack

Beta 3 by Gnat



... gotta get this monkey off me back!


** Ship Features **

- Multiple working Turrets

- Missiles, Cannons and CIWS

- Walkable Helideck

- Land and Attach Choppers;

* either stationary or moving

- Working rear cargo area

- Long Range missiles

- Big explosion FX for missiles

- Improved water effects

- Attachable support zodiacs

- Damage animations

** Kamov Ka-27 Feature **

- Transport 9 soldiers

- Damage Textures

README <--Click and READ IT !! (A condition of usage)

BETA 3 Release - Feb 2009

With betas 1 & 2 only in OFP, finally released beta3 for ArmA.

They are far far from perfect, but I believe very usable.

May be an update before ArmAII, hope to have the ArmAII versions released MUCH faster.


- 2x Frigates, 1x OPFOR 1x BLUFOR

- 1x Chopper, Kamov Ka-27

- 1x OPFOR Zodiac

- Some weapons like Mu90 torpedo

* * (used for Mando Missiles)

- 3 Demo missions

* * 1x using (older version) Mando Missiles

* * 1x using just natural Weapons

* * 1x cool night fireworks version with natural Weapons


* Launch RHIB (or Zodiacs)

* Dock RHIB (or Zodiacs)

* Raise or Lower Deck Fence

* Open or Close Hangar doors

* Land-All Exit

* Lands/attaches chopper and places everyone

* into the hanger area

* Board Me Only

* Exit a vehicle and enter hangar/cargo

* area of ship.

* Group Launch RHIB/Zodiac/Chopper

* Board vehicle and launch with everyone from

* cargo/hangar area.

* Me Launch RHIB/Zodiac/Chopper

* Just you board vehicle and launch


Frigate Pack - Beta 3 - Feb 09


ArmAholic Mirror

Armed Assault.info

Edited by [APS]Gnat

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Sparviero - Fast Attack Hydrofoil

Beta 1 by Gnat




- 1 pilot, 1 gunner and 2 cargo

- Working hydrofoils

- High rate 76mm gun with working recoil

- Otomat Missiles

- Damage Textures

- etc

README <--Click

I've used some pretty funky animation to keep this unit straight and level at high speed as well as the hydrofoil effects. There are some small downsides (slow targeting at speed) but I think it works quite well.

It will attack all land, air and water targets.

The SSM missiles turned out better than I hoped as well, you and the AI can target enmy at long range and at odd angles. The missiles will launch forward and will track around to the target, I've even seen a complete loop over the top with a vertical hit!

Future Work

to be added to this page;

- A matching Hydrofoil for OFPOR (Sarancha class)

- Couple conventional Patrol craft & Missile Boats like SpicaII, Combattante, Rauma etc

Notes on the other Naval units

Due to technical difficulties with the larger Frigates, Destroyers and Subs, these are on a slow development cycle.

I'm not happy releasing them with the querky bugs.

I hope a couple new tricks may yet save them.

.... not dead but having health problems.

Sorry for the delay. Worst case they should be hot ports to ArmAII


Sparviero - Beta 1 - Nov 08


Mirrir - OFP2-ArmA2.com (Need Reg.)

Mirror - Armaholic

Mirror - Armedassault.info

Mirror - Armabase.de




Edited by [APS]Gnat

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Nice work there Gnat..

Is the Gun the "76 mm OTO MELARA ""SUPER RAPID""" ??

it looks like it.. the best 76 MM ever made smile_o.gif

keep up the great work..

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Congratulations Gnat!

you finally found time between answering all my stupid questions in the modelling section to finish up!

Great work! and thanks for being a community minded fella.

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One thing I have noticed. Once you switch places from the drivers seat to the gunners one you cannot switch places again.

Is that a bug or is it just intentional?

Anyway, as always, outstanding job!!!!

Keep up the good work

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Holy frigates!  wow_o.gif

Wow, great to finally have some real action out at sea. Have the same problem switching seats but overall these things are great fun.

Off for more Air/Sea battles  pistols.gif

Ps.-Great explosions running with ECS/XAM 1.16

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Super addon Gnat! smile_o.gif

Also noticed that you cant switch back to driver seat when going to gunner. And the textures maybe need a tweak. Small things on a really fun and powerful addon. wink_o.gif

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Thanks guys smile_o.gif


Yeh .... I'm not an eddyD unfortunately.

@mankyle n froggy

Yeh, bummer, forgot about that. Thanks. I'll see how quick I can fix that.

Updated mirror on first post. Thanks to the Fan-Site support guys!

..... this addon really needs another enmy sea-going unit of size to see the true power of naval warefare. See what I can do asap.

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Awesome stuff. Yeah definitely an enemy adversary would be excellent. One idea aside from an SLA type ship would be to make a crude somali type speedboat with a DShK MG mounted on it and a freighter as a mothership. But I guess BIS RHIB's could be used to simulate that.

Overall, excellent work.

Chris G.

aka-Miles Teg<GD>

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lol a cargo ship is out...and the small boats like the pbx or rhib

i can see hours of fun making a pirate mission lmao

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There was a cargo ship released?  I must have missed that.  

EDIT- Oops nevermind. I just saw Sigma-Six's freighter that was just released. Very nice. Time for some freighter ship escort missions to take down some pirates!

Chris G.

aka-Miles Teg<GD>

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This may be a dumb question but do the 3 hydrofoils actually fold up like that? I thought that they are under water at low speeds and only raise the ship when the ship reaches higher speeds. I really don't know, that's why I asked. icon_redface.gif

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In the real life, the foils are down as soon as there is enough water under the keel, not to have those wings in the middle ...

So even stopped in the middle of the sea, foils are down, and the boat will "fly" only if it has gained enough speed, it's a man operation.

In ArmA, for some practical reasons Gnat can explained he had made this operation automated when speed is slow.

Have a look at this YouTube video about

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