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'Data file too short'

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When I try to start my multiplayer mission on dedicated server, I instantly get the error message <<Data file too short 'mission.pbo'>> on the dedi app. Anyone knows what might be causing this?

What have I done now? biggrin_o.gif


Reverted back to an unhacked mission.sqm, but the problem persisted. I moved out some mission.sqm backups and a readme.doc, and then it works again... Phew...

However, I'm also getting this error msg alot when trying to join my dedi server. And it's not consistent, sometimes I get in, sometimes server crashes with this msg. Anyone knows what might be the cause of this? Error msg is:

File ca\sara\data\layers\p_009-020_l02.rvmat, line 0: '.': " encountered instead of '='


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