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[ISE] International Security Executive

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ISE is a small unit specialising in unconventional warfare and special forces operations.

Our current members have experience in both Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault as both former members of other units or as independent operators.

We believe in utilising every member's abilities to their full potential to result in successful mission outcome and everyone having as much fun as possible doing so.

We play a large range of game types: Warfare, Zombie missions and Sahrani Life however we are a Co-Op unit and expect our members to put more time into co-op game play than into other game play types.

Age limits?

At the present we have no age restrictions on membership however we do expect all members to act maturely and show respect to their team-mates, leaders and the members of other ArmA units.


We do not use a set structure for training members as we believe a training course does not fully prepare some one for combat.

Our members will be expected to play as much as possible with the other members of their squad in as many different missions as possible so that they both learn the teamwork and skills required in a large range of operations.

This does not mean we will not provide training to members who are newer to the game,

Squad leaders and their fire team leaders will be expected to help members who show that they require extra training or request it, set training will be done on a training map that incorporates all ISE operation types and areas to practise their skills.

Rank Structure

Our ranks are those used by the Army of the United Kingdom.

Members of the rank Sergeant to Lieutenant make up the 12 man detachments used in Joint Ops with other units and will be expected to perform various administrative tasks and the training of newer members.

Members bellow the rank of Sergeant are expected to operate as part of a selection squad for a maximum of two weeks.

(More information regarding the selection process will be given at a later date)

Current Members

Our current roster:

Sierra Bravo 3

Fire Team One

AT & Demolitions - JynX||ToadBall (CO)

Rifleman/Medic - Faith

Automatic Rifleman - TrevorOfCrete

Trooper - [Open]

Fire Team Two

Designated Marksman/Sniper - Mark||HH (XO)

Machine Gunner - Martin

Grenadier - Zipper5

Trooper - [Open]

Fire Team Three

Rifleman - BlackScorpion

Trooper - [Open]

Trooper - [Open]

Trooper - [Open]

CO - Commanding Officer

XO - Executing Officer (2-IC)

Future Plans

We plan on expanding our numbers and getting both Teamspeak and game servers as at the moment financial issues prevent us getting them. Along with these we hope to upgrade the web hosting we have at present and improve the website (Currently under construction, a link will be provided at a later date).


We are currently recruiting...

if you are interested in joining please send an email to with the Subject "Application <your name>"

and with the following information:

Quote[/b] ]In-Game Name/Callsign


Nationality & Time Zone

Preffered role (please list in order of prefferance)

Have you had any clan/unit experience before? If so what?

A short paragraph about yourself and what you can bring to the unit.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact myself by the email provided above, by MSN (see member profile) , by Xfire (asms) or by my personal email.

We look forward to hearing from potential recruits and any other ArmA units who are looking for joint operations.


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Hi all,

ISE have now procured a TeamSpeak server.


You should be able to find one of us there depending on when you visit (most of us are GMT+0).

Look forward to seeing people there.

ISE is still recruiting, so if your interested please send an application form as shown in the first post to and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are primarily looking for European members however there is no stopping US or other players joining us.



ISE Sierra Bravo 3 Fire Team 1 CO

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After a few technical issues (resolved with the help of the tech support at Cybernetic Servers) ISE have now got a game server and new TS.

Game Server IP: IP: Port: 2302

Team speak IP:

hope to see you around!

Remember, ISE is still recruiting, see above posts for details.


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Following a few technical issues the ISE servers have had a little change around.

Our game server can now be found at IP: Port: 2302

and our teamspeak server at IP:

The game server is currently locked to allow us to finish uploading ACE and our addons however following the selection session today we will have it open for use by the public.

ISE is still recruiting, details regarding how to apply and the recruitment process can be found in the first post of this thread.




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I enjoyed that friendly game of Warfare using ACE I took part in with a few of your guys the other night Toadball, was a good laugh, with serious tactical moments involved too (namely, "how many doses of morphine are considered too many?", and "where is the nearest pub?"). All in all a good group of guys (and gals -> Mark), and I look forward to jumping in on a few other friendly games with you lot.

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