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Missile Cam From any Air vehicle?

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Hi, When any type of missile is launched from a hind or any other aircraft, what camera script would i use ?..

I want the Camera to follow the missile  all the way to it's target.

I tried searching.

please help.


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Use a fired eventhandler to get the missile object and then execute this, for example:

<table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">



; Object to follow

; Horizontal camera distance to object

; Angle from where the camera tracks the object (0 = same dir as object, 90 right, 180 back, 270 left)

; Vertical camera distance to object

; Maximum time to keep the camera ON in seconds

; Return to previous camera true/false



;Follow plane1, and try to keep the camera 10 meters back to the object and 2 meters higher:

;[plane1, 10, 180, 2]exec"mando_predicam.sqs"

_unit = _this select 0

_rangex = _this select 1

_ang = _this select 2

_rangey = _this select 3

_maxtime = _this select 4

_return = _this select 5

_ground = "logic" createVehicle [0,0,0]

_delay = 0.05

_posu = getPos _unit

showCinemaBorder false

_angf = (getDir _unit)+_ang

_pos = [(_posu select 0)+sin(_angf)*_rangex, (_posu select 1)+cos(_angf)*_rangex, (_posu select 2)+_rangey]

_cam = "camera" camcreate [0, 0, 0]

_cam cameraeffect ["internal", "back"]

_cam camSetPos _pos

_cam camSetTarget _unit

_cam camSetFov 1.0

_cam camCommit 0

mando_predicam = true

_timecur = 0.0


_posu = getPos _unit

_asl1 = getPosASL _unit select 2

_vel = velocity _unit

_asl2 = _asl1+(_vel select 2)*_delay + _rangey

_angf = (getDir _unit)+_ang

_posc = [(_posu select 0)+(_vel select 0)*_delay+sin(_angf)*_rangex, (_posu select 1)+(_vel select 1)*_delay+cos(_angf)*_rangex,_asl2]

_ground setPos [_posc select 0, _posc select 1, 0]

_asl3 = getPosASL _ground select 2

_alt = _asl2 - _asl3

_posc = [_posc select 0, _posc select 1, _alt]

_cam camSetPos _posc

_cam camCommit (_delay+0.5)


_timecur = _timecur + _delay

?(_timecur < _maxtime) && mando_predicam && (!isNull _unit):goto "follow"



?_return:_cam cameraeffect ["terminate", "back"]

camDestroy _cam

deleteVehicle _ground


mando_predicam = false


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woah.. Sorry for being noobish.

I've never edited a mission in that kind of style. Only using the in-game editor.

You'll have to tell how to do it, by embedding it into the mission file using notepad?..


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