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mission test <<<support in Rahmadi>>>

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me created a mission of helicopters apaches and infantry of defense in Rahmadi Required Addons: MAPFACT_AIR_1.0 and MAP_Misc_1.02 addons sorry briefing this in Spanish.

Options of game:

In case of appearing in Rahmadi you will be of infantry where you will be able to appreciate the horde of enemies approaching, you have arsenal in the sufficient Garage like resisting spear that arrives the support.

In case of appearing of pilot of an apache, truely to start off immediately to Rahmadi and to eliminate the enemies, in a part of an island you have news article the ammunition and hospital.

Options to lose the mission:

1. to kill to the jailed official whom this

2. that the official escapes and arrives at a safe zone of escape

3. that they eliminate your companions who are in the town of rahmadi

Options to win:

to eliminate the enemy is most basic, but the others will leave it in incognito so that he is more interesting to play.


My language is not the English so I request understanding if it does not understand to you well, and any suggestion of some change in the mission will be corrected.

mission download

This is a simple image to appreciate the helicopters apaches.


It is for MPMissions

cya smile_o.gif

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hi, here is the english briefing:


- Leave immediately for Rahmadi and provide support.

- Eliminate any enemy incursion.

- Officer must survive.

Soldier we have been informed that an enemy high rank officer has been captured at Rahmadi, but there are rumours that is going to be rescued by his regiment. By order of the Intelligence Services, support troops have been sent but we are afraid they wont be enough.

Our air attack squadron is far from the San Tomas island, so you will have to leave now to provide support at Rahmadi.

We have set a zone for replenishment.

Check the notes.

PS: check PM Krog.

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