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OFP photography - No images over 100kb - Pictures only, NO comments

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As per first post of last OFPCP thread:


  • Hotlinked images must be no larger than 100kb (102600 bytes) larger images are fine, simply post a link only.
  • Pic Posters - list the addons you use, be as precise as possible (but if you can only be vague you won't be lynched).
  • Replies must contain images, if you want to praise/grumble/comment only then feel free to use the Flashpoint Photography - Questions & Comments thread.
  • When quoting a post containing hotlinked images please remove the image tags so that only a link is displayed.
  • Do not post one image at a time, if you have four images you wish to share, put them all in one post, not in individual posts smile_o.gif
  • Images must be of Operation Flashpoint or VBS1 only and must be your own work (unless permission to post has been granted by someone else). The images must be original (ie not previously posted on these forums), anyone found to be reposting images runs the risk of WL+ and/or PR.

Free Image Hosting:

If you need somewhere to host your images then try a free host such as ImageShack or Photobucket those two are perhaps the most popular but there are plenty more should you require, try this Image hosting review website which currently lists 6 pages of free image hosts (there can no longer be any excuse for people asking for hosting).

Free Image capture tools:

The most popular tool for capturing images is probably Fraps.

Another popular free tool is GrabClipSave. Using an image capture tool is easier than the manual method of pressing the "print scrn" key, alt+tabbing and then pasting the image into a photo editing program. Of course there are many more you can find doing a Google search.

How to post an image:

Capture the image, edit it so it is less than 100kb in size, upload it to webspace, click the big image button (see below pic) type/paste the url of the image in the box that comes up click ok.


For reference here are the previous three "Opf Combat Photography" threads.....

Thread One.

Thread Two.

Thread Three.

Thread Four.

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Hot barrel in a snow storm...

23rd Pvt Joe poses for a picture with his GPMG.

UKF Infantry, NIM Dynamic Weather, CAS_Faces

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BAS birds, HYK us troops, Blb's UK troops, UKF landies (WMIK), Llaumas sky pack, CAT afghanistan, Lasers pilots notworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gif

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EDF AT team in the hills of Nogova with their PV-1110 AT gun.



- Everon Defence Forces (unreleased)

- Llaumax

- DMA animations

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