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"delayed" mouse and other problems

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I havent realy played OFP in a month now and was gonna play a mission today and I have run i to 3 problems already, I have reasontly installed windows XP and the first problem I met was that I couldent run OFP in 1024x768(the screen was all strange) but I found out that OFP had set my screen to show pictures at 75hz(my old screen can only show 60) so i fixed that problem the next was that when I had windows running in 1024x768 and started OFP in the same resolution the cursor from windows stayed all the way into OFP an when I moved it the OFP cursor(whiched was the one you could activate menu's whit) moved at 2x speed, I fixed that problem by swiching to 800x600 in windows when i started OFP. Now i thort i was ready for combat and had just been airdroped whit my squad and was proceding over a hill top where we got ennemy contact, i as a good soldier got prone and pressed v, it was now i wanted to shoot the aproching enemy but found out thatr aperently my soldier was drunk cause the sight moved all over the place like this was because the aim was delayed about a half second which made it prity much imposible to aim at enything. Now this is not an unkown problwm to me as I have always had this problem whit my curent comp. but now it was 10 times worse and I don't know how to if it is posible to correct this problem.


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