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Line Drawing (custom UI with RscMapControl)

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Couldn't find anything on Wiki or on Google. Basically, is it possible to enable line drawing on a custom "user-made" map control (RscMapControl) or no? If so, how? :)

If not... What about manipulating the real map? I saw in the Laws of War campaign they changed (mostly hidden elements) the map a little (spoiler? lol :P). Can that map be positioned elsewhere and re-sized?

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Do not know about the actual line drawing that BI introduced but it is possible to create your own via map drawline and onKeyDown for example.

Check the examples link in my signature there should be something called example_drawOnDisplay or something like that, it demonstrates three different examples (all at the same time :smile_o: so you may need to pick apart what you need ) of drawing on a custom RscMapControlEmpty. May help you out :shrug:


EDIT: Definately example_drawOnDisplay.VR.zip just updated it to fix old baseDefines.

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