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I believe there is a feature that would make alliances really worth getting into. The feature can be as follows:


In the allaince building you should be able to request troops and not just supports! Troops that you will be able to use afterwards in order to attack a base or defend your base. Defense troops will be automatically deployed when somebody attacks your base. They will start scanning and attacking hostile troops. That way alliance members will be able to help each other directly and effectively!


Additionally, when an alliance member provides such troops he will get alliance points that he will be able to use to buy boosters such as 10% more resource production or shields and things like that.


Any chance for such a thing to be doable?




One thing that is unique about this game is that your activity can be like 1 minute each day without losing anything. It does not tire you or anything. It is kinda relaxing. Hopefully it will stay that way :thumbs-up:

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Hello helicopterenthusiast!


Thanks for sharing your ideas about alliances. We have plans for adding more content focused on alliances but we can't share any details yet. However we are open to ideas from our players so please feel free to share them here.

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