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So at lvl 222 things are starting to get really boring!


I have completed all campaign missions.

I have figured out that for battles only helicopter drones and supports are worth being produced.

I have understood that whenever a player attacks me with helicopter drones I will surely lose.

I have not found anything interesting in alliances since there are no battles or anything.

I have found out that I need days to collect the res needed to upgrade 1 building.

I have started avoiding the Flames vs Clouds wars since you lose troops while gaining nearly nothing.

I have stopped attacking other players since the res looted are not even enough to repair used troops.



So anything new coming up? 

Alliance battles maybe? A way and a reason to communicate with other players? A new res? New buildings? Anything?


I really like the fact that this game is not a pay to win game but it is starting to get really boring :)




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Hello helicopterenthusiast!


The long story short - we know about all things you mentioned and we are definitely working on some new stuff and adjustments for things already in the game. But to share some details:


We're working on rebalancing units so helicopter drone isn't the only way to play as we so often see now and players can discover another ways. Will be released soon. We're also working on some new interesting stuff to do in alliances and the same applies to Faction Wars. We're still open for feedback and suggestions - gathering it for some time now and looking if and how we can incorporate those ideas in our game. If we find a way that might work and can create something interesting we try it. Next updates will bring some more interesting stuff to do and while it might be getting a little longer than we would like we're still working on it and we're listening and reading all posts and messages. ;-)

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