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Danbat danish army mod

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My project is allso allready started and now whit Oxygen (when i learn to use it) there will be many Exiting models and i must say that i agree whie Vipersheart in sharing weapons and i allso think that we shall share the other models we make, after all we are all in the same boat on this one, so as long as we remember to say where we get the models from i think thats a greath ida!

So if you like my models feel free to use them as long as you rember to say where you got them from

"Okay, it's me Vipersheart from the LostBrothers mod.

Our main project is the creation of an middle east conflict simulation where we try to concentrate on the historiacal wars like Yom Kippur and Peace for Galilee. Both, arab and israeli, sides will have their own campaign.

Besides the main project I'm the creator of the Heckler&Koch addons - which will be updated (with real new models and better textures.).

Because most of the H&K weapons I made are used by lots of armies around the world, I think we should share the weapons so that the teams can concentrate on their main goals, instead of creating the 10th or 20th G3 rifle.

So if anybody needs H&K weapons, feel free to use mine (if you like them). Frandsen and I talked about such things in the past already

What do you think of this idea??? "

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